The World is Getting Closer to Killing the Death Penalty

Amnesty International recently released its annual report about capital punishment in the world, entitled Death Sentences and Executions in 2008 (PDF). While the report contains some reasons for concern, it shows that the world is continuing to reject the death penalty.

Last year, countries around the world abolished the death penalty, including Uzbekistan and Argentina. The report states that “Europe and Central Asia is now virtually a death penalty free zone…” The only shameful example left is Belarus, which still has the death penalty and still executes people.

In addition, countries that have the death penalty used it less in 2008. Amnesty International found that out of 59 countries that still use capital punishment, only 25 executed anyone. Not all countries, however, demonstrated such restraint. According to the report, China executed about 1,718 people, Iran executed about 346 and Saudi Arabia killed about 102 people.

Unfortunately the United States placed fourth on the list with 37 people killed in death chambers throughout the country. There is, however, hope for the United States. The number of U.S. executions is declining. Death sentences are also declining.

This year has also brought some good news. Italy has abolished its death penalty. New Mexico will no longer use its death chamber. Several states had abolition legislation this year. New Hampshire’s House of Representatives recently voted to repeal the death penalty. There is even proposed federal legislation to abolish the federal death penalty.

Let’s all work to make sure that the progress away from this barbaric punishment continues both here and abroad.

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John Kim

So I guess only the murderers and rapists will be our judge jury and executioners. The government does nothing to protect it's citizens these days.


China is not only death penalty centre - it also human organs (parts) trafficer.

THey have minivans where they wxwcute people and split it in parts that are delivered to the Beijing and Shangai for sale to Japanese and rich Chinese.


whats the point of keeping some one so dangerous say guns kill people so you want to be rid of them.murderers kill people so why not get rid of them.the only thing your going to achieve by keeping a homicidal nut job around is that nut job is going to have a chance to escape and kill more people.ted bundy escaped twice and went back to killing people.


One tough question remains: how to encourage China to abolish the death penalty. After all, it controls 20% of the world population, and executes several times more than the result of the world combined.


I wonder if many of the pro death penalty folks ever wondered how easy it is for someone to be wrongly accused of a crime?


"Let’s all work to make sure that the progress away from this barbaric punishment continues both here and abroad."

I'm curious if these are Miss Ito's words......and what her stance on Abortion is???

Thats right....ABORTION!!

Here you Joyously orate how the Death penalty should be diminished for RAPISTS....SERIAL KILLERS....PEDIPHILES(sp)...and so on.

It cracks me the hell up how backwards your brainhousing works lady.

People who deserve to die...are kept alive for years at the expense of taxpayers......yet the pure spirited and blessed gifts of Babies are Ripped right out of life every day!!

Whats you take on this there Suzie??


I wonder how many people still awaiting their execution deserve the punishment imposed by the laws of humans for punishment of crimes against humans?

Humans invented the law, and continue to change and enforce it. However, all humans are diffeent, and one opinion may not agree with another...yet neither is wrong.

American Person

First of all, how can you sit there and believe that criminals who make the choice to brutally kill innocent people deserve to live?
Second: How can you believe this and call yourself a human being?

I just don't understand why I hear so much about how cruel and unusual it is to execute a person whose victim(s) probably suffered a fate far more inhumane. No one on the anti-death penalty side seems to consider the cruel and unusual punishment that is inflicted upon the victims of murderers.


So....the ACLU prevents free speech when the speech doesn't support their biased view?

My response was deleted but is still on the WWW in original form including this article.

it can be viewed here

how come your moderator doesn't like opposing views?


I know Roy Brown personally since I was a kid.

Look up his name....


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