Misdirection: The House Intelligence Committee’s Misleading Patriot Act Talking Points


This week the House Intelligence Committee circulated nine talking points to its members explaining why the dragnet collection of innocent Americans’ call records is both legal and effective at stopping terrorism. After reviewing the document, the ACLU has gone point-by-point, making notes that either refute or raise serious doubts about almost every assertion in the one-pager. Just click on the document below and hover on the red dots to see our comments.

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Who tells the House Intelligence committee what information to print and put out as the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth???

Who or what group would use the peoples representatives against them, by passing misinformation as the truth and informing the Congress that the document is in fact the truth and should be regarded as such.

This will be the undoing of the U.S.A..


They must be one BORED-ass committee to collect call records of every single American.
They might as well give it up. Nothing they do is going to rectify the fact that when someone warned them of a coming terrorist attack, they did NOTHING AT ALL. All this overcompensating does nothing to endear them to me.
IDK about the rest of the country, but it does nothing for me to know that they're overreacting to what they under-reacted to when it mattered most.

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