The ACLU’s Next Endeavor: Organizing the People’s Power to Resist

In the weeks following President Donald Trump’s inauguration, we have seen the harms that his policies cause people around the world and the danger his actions represent for our civil liberties. Trump’s use of executive power has prompted the protest and defiance of millions, echoing the voices of many who know that our basic American values are being tested by our president. 

The ACLU will continue to defend our basic freedoms and hold this administration accountable for every unlawful or unconstitutional measure they propose. We will use the courts as one avenue to aggressively advance our agenda, but we cannot do it alone. 

That is why the ACLU is launching a major new grassroots mobilization platform,, in response to the growing number of people who believe that Trump’s actions cannot go unchallenged.

We’ve hired a group of digital organizers who have worked with activist groups, the White House, and Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign to help build and launch With this platform, we hope to help organize the mass resistance to President Trump’s bankrupt policies. With a nationwide presence through our 50-plus state affiliates, the ACLU is well-positioned to take on the incredible responsibility of grassroots organizing coast to coast. This type of program is new for us at ACLU, but it is necessary if we are going to overcome the Trump administration’s attempts to curtail civil rights and eventually advance a 21st century civil liberties agenda.

On March 11, the ACLU will hold a “Resistance Training” town hall in Miami, Florida. An email ask went out today to the organization’s over 2.5 million members to organize thousands of grassroots events in communities across the country to watch the ACLU town hall. Full details on the training are forthcoming. will use digital tools to communicate with and help train volunteers to resist President Trump’s unlawful policies across the country. The ACLU will promote ideas for action to defend sanctuary cities, resist deportation raids, oppose the Muslim Ban, maintain Planned Parenthood funding, and support other priorities. But the program will also seek to amplify organic, bottom-up grassroots actions. will be a one-stop hub for everyone looking to influence the national debate.

We ask you to join us as we build communities ready to resist Trump’s agenda and to protect our constitutional rights. The fight may not be easy, but it will be worth it. 

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Gee, writer of "brown shirts" and of"communism", surely you at least got your GED!
I wrote the piece below, which covers students' study of the rise and fall of HITLER, and of the horror the Jews and "rolled-over" German people (who did not approve of Hitler, but by then, were powerless to stop his vile actions). WERE YOU SLEEPING IN CLASS??? TSK-TSK!!
Perhaps YOU would be better served by logging onto an ALT-RIGHT website. Bless your little heart, and happy trails!


You should go to your master and ask for your next trolling assignment, you are done here. Nice try though. Bye!!!


Ever so sorry for not finishing one of my sentences of rebuttal, "brown shirt" fellow. You riled a few of us up!
I truly regret that error; and to think I hold a Degree in Biology, with a concentration in Microbiology, Magna Cum Laude (with a 3.98 GPA, and a class ranking of of third out of 800 students).!!! Shame on me!
Between YOUR inspiring me and my not finishing that sentence, I am convinced the only remedy is to INCREASE the amount of my ACLU DONATION! I'M GOING TO MAKE THE DONATION IN YOUR HONOR, TOO........SO YOU ARE inadvertantly making a donation to the ACLU, for being on this sight and making your comments, which resulted in OUR GREATER UNITY!


Key word: civil
Citizens: it's what we do.
You should too.


More reality-inversion from the regressive right. The "brown-shirts" are the ones in WH, sunshine, not the people trying to use THE LAW and THE CONSTITUTION to keep them from ripping away everyone's civil rights.


Says the moron.


Hmmm. The brownshirts (Nazis) hated the Communists. Fail.




It's curious, but not surprising, that the Bush Administration, used the Cold War era "Stasi" (the communists) as it's domestic spying model. Conservatives were silent!

Clayton Muirhead

Fact. The ACLU are the last group on Earth to support Civil Rights. They openly support violating someone's freedom of religion in favor of other imaginary or non-imaginary rights being violated. They actually search out cases to do so. Which means they are intentionally seeking out cases to discriminate against Christians.

Here is the thing though. No one right trumps another. What is true however is that the first amendment RESTRICTS the federal government from making any law or ruling regarding religion whatsoever. The seperation of church state myth is just that a myth.

Every single case any US court has ever ruled on that involved religion was illegal for them to rule on.

The ACLU search for this kinds of cases.


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