Mr. Rove: Nobody is Above the Law

(Originally posted on Huffington Post.)

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers has subpoenaed former presidential advisor Karl Rove to testify twice on his role in the Bush administration’s politicization of the Department of Justice. Now, if Mr. Rove’s message on the Fox TV show The O’Reilly Factor is to be believed, he plans to once again ignore Congress by failing to appear and testify under oath.

Last year in response to his first subpoena, Rove claimed that Congress cannot compel a former presidential adviser to testify. In a letter from then White House Counsel Fred Fielding, the Bush White House called this “absolute immunity.”


That sounds ominously like that famous Nixon quote “when the president does something, it is not illegal.” Rove should probably see Frost/Nixon, so he is reminded how badly this approach usually ends.

One of the fastest ways to restore a meaningful check on executive authority is for Congress and the President to speak with one voice and compel Rove’s testimony.

A recent New York Times editorial, “A New Subpoena for Karl Rove,” is right when it notes, “Americans deserves a full accounting.”

As the hiring scandals of 2007-2008 revealed (and Mr. Rove oversaw), the Department of Justice has become overly politicized in the past eight years. Politics has been allowed to trump fidelity to the law.

The newly confirmed attorney general should create a blue-ribbon commission to study and make recommendations on remedying the politicization of the Department of Justice under the Bush administration. The commission should report on its recommendations within 90 days.

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George Adkisson

It seems common anymore for people to stop short of fullfilling the commitment to continually improve, correct, or rivise government to evidence anything similar to an environment that is good or virtuous. This only proves that government does not operate upon wholesome grounds.

Hawaiian style

Congress sounds like some parents I know.

"I'm going to count to ten, and if you're not here to testify by then You're really going to get it."

"Did you hear me?"

"Now I'm really mad..."

It is truly shameful how Congress has abdicated its Constitutional duties in exchange for politics.

Hawaiian style

As much as I dislike Rove, if I was him I might be tempted to say to the President, "Well you swore to uphold and defend the law and the Constitution, and you have not prosecuted those that authorized and tortured. They certainly broke the law. So you are doing what you accused us of, namely ignoring the law and doing what you think is best."

Of course If I was Rove I might also not want to embarrass the President as he might then have to fulfill his own words, namely, "No man is above the law." And, we will prosecute those that break the law.

Art Widdows

Why don't you useless people at ACLU just dry up and die, instead of taking peoples money. You're of no help to anyone!

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