CIA Withholding List of 3,000 Documents Related to Tape Destruction

Today we were expecting a list of documents pertaining to the contents of the interrogation tapes destroyed by the CIA. We've been waiting for it all day, and at 5:20 p.m., we got zilch, save a letter from the DOJ telling the Judge presiding over the case that they won't turn over anything.

These 3,000 documents include summaries, transcripts, reconstructions and memoranda relating to the destruction of the tapes. Also withheld: the list of witnesses who may have viewed the tapes or had custody of the tapes before their destruction.

Amrit Singh, staff attorney with the ACLU, said in a statement:

"The government is still needlessly withholding information about these tapes from the public, despite the fact that the CIA's use of torture is well known,” said. “Full disclosure of the CIA's illegal interrogation methods is long overdue and the agency must be held accountable for flouting the rule of law."

The CIA will provide these lists to the Court for in camera review on March 26, 2009.

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Vic Lvingston



Consider, for a moment, what might be termed "the larceny of distraction."

While the manufactured economic crisis effectuates the fleecing of the middle class by the clever plotting of the power elite, and manufactured controversies distract the masses from the root causes of this global transfer of wealth...

...freedom also is being stolen from the people; but the mainstream media "watchdogs" are too busy chasing the manufactured tale of the day to notice who's making off out the back door with the coin of liberty.





* Silent, covert microwave radiation weapons (D.E.W.) assaults on innocent but "targeted" U.S. citizens;

* Terroristic vigilante community gang stalking, surreptitious home entry, police-tolerated vandalism;

* Secret federal "programs of personal financial destruction" that have used the IRS as an ideological tool of "social cleansing."

OR (if links are corrupted / disabled):


Why does this renind me of a dog trying to cover it's doo doo?

Seana Sperling

Mob Rule in the Community
By Seana Sperling

There has been a growing paranoia in this country that has people watching for terrorists, drug dealers, thieves, etc. via Community Policing via Neighborhood Watch groups. These Watch groups are viewed as a necessary and positive thing and many people I have spoken to on this subject agree. However, when I asked people in the Capitol Hill neighborhood how much proof they would need to believe that a certain neighbor was a drug dealer, prostitute, thief, pedophile, nazi, etc. most paused. A few were very honest and said they would probably react rather than seeking proof.

I have been guilty of reacting. In the late 1980’s I was in Idaho working at a record store. One day a coworker of mine whispered to me that a person who had entered the store was a nazi. Without any proof, I instantly hated this person and gave him my best glare. I didn’t question it. Frankly, I didn’t know this coworker very well, but I believed her on this hot button issue because I was in Idaho. Reactions like this lead to Community Mobbing (a ganging up by a group against an individual).

In another case, two of my friends were driving around Lynnwood looking for housing in May 2007. According to my friends they saw a white van with the word Rapist spray-painted across the entire side. My friends were shocked and we all commented later that whether it were true or not, the damage had been done. In this age of propaganda an accusation works as well as a verdict and I can only suppose that there was some reaction from the neighborhood.

The week of June 15, 2007, The Stranger Newspaper ran a short piece in the I, Anonymous column, titled, “He’s No Pedophile and You Know It.” It was about a Teacher who had been falsely accused by a jilted girlfriend. Teachers are especially vulnerable to this type of accusation because of the influence they have over the young. As stated in the piece, this Teacher’s career is over even if he is cleared of all charges. Was the jilted girlfriend ever given a lie detector test? For that matter, what about the mainstream TV Media that showed up on the doorstep for an impromptu interview with the accused? (The TV media has been used constantly in these witch-hunts and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of evidence or fact checking. Since most people believe whatever they see on the nightly news, I’m sure his community is at least regarding him with suspicion.)

Sadly, this is happening globally. With such advances in technology comes convenience, but also new problems can arise, such as anonymous slander on the Internet (cyber mobbing). A satellite of The New York Times, The Herald Times, ran an article about Community Mobbing in China. A man suspected that his wife was having an affair with a University student they had met at a gaming party just because she had exchanged some emails with the student. Even though the husband had no real evidence and the wife denied it, he wrote a lengthy blog on a widely read message board accusing the student of adultery. In response, hundreds of people were recruited and began to stalk and harass the poor student who ended up dropping out of school and hiding at home with his family. From: Mob Rule on China’s Internet: The Keyboard as Weapon. Howard French, The Herald Times, 06/01/2006.

If rumor and innuendo via message boards can provoke such community harassment, then what do we do when we have “proof,” i.e. a photograph, video, a voice-over tape-recording? In this age of PhotoShop, digital imagery, cell phone cameras, etc. much can be distorted. While a picture is worth a thousand words, a photo-shopped image might be worth one life ruining statement and no one questions the accuser. There is no accountability or lie detector test required especially if it is posted anonymously.

It’s quite possible that one vengeance stalker could recruit an entire community with a digitally enhanced image or video of their victim. The Community would then view the targeted victim as an undesirable, someone that needed to be driven out, punished or at the very least watched. Police condone surveillance of suspected wrongdoers by Neighborhood Watch groups and there is no legislation yet for this kind of vigilantism.

Community Policing can turn into Community Mobbing very swiftly. Innocent people can be slandered, then bullied and harassed with little or no proof of their guilt. According to the article: Mob Rule on China’s Internet, there were responses on that message board demanding that everyone, including every store worker or business person harass the student.

I’ve experienced ongoing harassment in a variety of forms over the past few years. In December of 2007, I found multiple postings accusing me of everything from prostitution to racism on a site called under my full name. I immediately contacted the webmaster through the site and alerted him to the slander. The posts were gone the following day, but the webmaster didn’t acknowledge my request for information on the postings. The most recent smear was a series of libelous blogs on the May 27, 2008 The Stranger Newspaper’s SLOG message board under the title, Modern Warfare. I only discovered this particular smear because Chris Daniels, one of the reporters at King 5 called me to ask about it. I wrote to Dan Savage, asking why The Stranger would want to make any kind of “warfare,” against me. Tim Keck responded on Savage’s behalf, writing that he didn’t t think the postings were that bad and the worst of the blogs had been redacted. (The blogs saying I should be “Put down, “ or accusing me of being a crack whore. I printed the originals out however.) These are only a couple of episodes in a long and consistent history of smears.

There is nothing new about Mobbing and the KKK, the Nazi’s and other groups used this to eliminate people they felt were a threat. During McCarthyism, similar tactics were used to destroy people that had been accused of being Communists. Slander campaigns, harassment at work, blacklists, and surveillance were employed. Throughout history activists, educators and writers have suffered the same abuses and there is still no accountability for a whisper or surveillance campaign.

In 2002, Ashcroft unveiled Bush’s plan for community action groups, originally charged with watching for terrorist activity, community action groups are watching for any real or imagined infraction and will mete out punishment vigilante style to anyone that comes under suspicion. In this era of citizen informants (Do an internet search for Amerisnitch.) anyone could spread slander to these citizen groups who then would feel entitled to gang up on the individual. Two or more enemies could then corroborate the lies. The targeted victim is then thrust into situation after situation where they have to defend themselves, thus creating more and more enemies. In my case some of the anonymous bloggers claimed to know me therefore confirming the smear.

The most serious issue to me is that a seemingly liberal community like Seattle would organize around this type of fascist behavior. Consider a quote by William S. Burrows, “A Police State needs no Police.”


Let's hope that the courts force the release of these documents - the truth needs to be exposed. At the same time, while "illegal interrogation methods" should be revealed, so should other presumably illegal operations conducted by the CIA (and/or other agencies) on American soil. The lives of many law-abiding Americans depend on it.

There are extra-judicial operations going on all across America, but the crimes committed by those involved are nearly impossible to believe and, so, they proceed unchecked. Homes are being entered surreptitiously and property is stolen and/or vandalized.

These surveillance/criminal operations defy credulity, but they are, indeed, taking place. Americans deserve to have these horrific crimes investigated and exposed.


Let's hope that the courts force the release of these documents - the truth needs to be exposed. At the same time, while "illegal interrogation methods" should be revealed, so should other presumably illegal operations being conducted on American soil. The lives of many law-abiding Americans depend on it.

There are extra-judicial operations going on all across America, but the crimes committed by those involved are nearly impossible to believe and, so, they continue unchecked. Homes are being entered surreptitiously and property is stolen and/or vandalized.

If I didn't have firsthand knowledge of these surveillance/criminal operations, I probably wouldn't be a believer either. Americans deserve to have these horrific crimes investigated and exposed.

anonymous writer

I've submitted 2 comments (essentially the same) and neither one has posted. (I received the standard "awaiting moderation" - or something like that).

I modified the 1st comment, submitted yesterday, so that it was more benign, if you will. I'm not sure how long it takes for you to review the comments or exactly what the moderators will and won't post. Hopefully, my comment (at least the second one) will be accepted.

(I omitted the specific names of government agencies in the second comment.)

anonymous commenter

Mr. Livingston's lengthy comment obscures the truth -- it's there, but it's cloaked by extraneous language and speculation.

He mentions D.E.W.s (directed-energy weapons), but without proof, one just sounds wacky. These type of speculative claims keep readers from getting to the facts - facts that are cloaked within what seems like "a bit of a rant", for lack of a better expression.

vic Livingston

TO: #6 anonymous commenter

Have you read the article and related links?

The purpose of the post above is to get on-minded readers to consider a substantial body of evidence.

But you seem to already have made up your mind -- and that's why you're here.

Or so it seems.

Hawaiian style

A good question. Why doesn't the White House Press Corp ask about transparency of government vs. the CIA? Why do these so called reporters not ask about domestic spying? Why don't they ask about prosecutions of torturers after the President said if someone breaks the law we will prosecute. No man is above the law.

If the "free press" does not do its job. No matter how hard everyone else tries it will be VERY difficult to preserve this Democracy.


I have been told that I was "wired" while being sedated at the hospital. I can feel the device in my left ear. I was told by one doctor that they could not remove it because the individual responsible had to be protected. I have been told that there is a gag order attached which does not allow for its removal or full disclosure. I have experience severe pain and infection in this ear for several years. While seeking medical treatment, another doctor told me to refrain from seeking further treatment or I would make things worse. While one doctor told me that it involved connection with three nerves in my ear, another doctor did perscribe medication for nerve pain. However, he told me he could only perscribe the medication which would help with the pain and could not remove the device in my ear. One doctor did show me what it looked like with the use of medical equipment which he had in his office. It is very interesting that the medical providers who I visit are always expecting me when I arrive and tell me information about my personal life which they should not be aware of. Its interesting that the proof of this still exists in my body and for whatever reason nobody will pursue it or remove it. I have had requests for help denied while the person fought back tears.

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