Counting Down to the End of the Administration of Torture

In this month's issue of the New York Review of Books, Georgetown law professor David Cole references Administration of Torture, the book by ACLU attorneys Amrit Singh and Jameel Jaffer. The book shows, through documents released under the ACLU's Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the connection between the highest levels of the Bush administration and the torture of prisoners that took place in Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, and other U.S.-run overseas detention facilities.

Cole writes:

Must we then settle for the judgment of history that Ashcroft worried about? In some sense, that judgment has already begun to take shape, thanks to the efforts of Sands, Ratner, enterprising journalists like Mark Danner and Jane Mayer, and especially the ACLU, which forced the disclosure of over 100,000 documents on the interrogation policy by filing a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act. Administration of Torture, a guide to those documents with excerpts from the most interesting, will prove an immensely useful resource for future historians.

In its final, waning days, the Bush administration continues to assert that torture works, despite much evidence to the contrary. We're asking the incoming Obama administration to put a stop to this shameful practice and to restore America's moral standing in the world.

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Vic Livingston


Please read this account, written by a well-known mainstream journalist who has been a victim of this inhumane abuse of power for five years:


• Extrajudicial targeting/punishment violates the U.S. constitution, and has enabled crimes against humanity. Government intelligence, security, law enforcement and revenue officials are said to be complicit.


Former business reporter, Fox TV Phila., NY Daily News, Phila. Bulletin, St. Petersburg Times

The reality of domestic torture delivered by ideologically-driven, cold-hearted agents of government and their vigilante citizen operatives is finally gaining public exposure by way of first-hand accounts -- including that of this correspondent, a mainstream journalist who who has been "community stalked" and tortured by means of silent, potentially deadly radiation weaponry for nearly five years.

In a matter of weeks, this correspondent believes, operatives who have been involved in the purposeful "dosing" of American citizens with various forms of pulsed radiation emitted from so-called "directed energy weapons" and devices will begin to come forward, confirming reports of what's been euphemistically labeled as "electronic harassment" by victims of so-called "community stalking" or "gang stalking."

The "gang stalking" moniker trivializes what is an extensive, multi-level government campaign of extrajudicial targeting and punishment that victims say extends into Canada, the United Kingdom and other industrialized nations.

The "targets" are not limited to "terrorists" or drug traffickers. They include individuals who have been labeled by persons in positions of authority as "dissidents," "radicals," "whistle-blowers" or undesirables, perhaps due to their lifestyles, their ethnic heritage, or their religious or political beliefs. Many find themselves slandered and unjustly accused of wrongdoing. Typically, they are not charged with any violation of the law -- yet they are condemned nonetheless to a lifetime sentence of being "community stalked" by citizen vigilantes, over-reaching uniformed officers, or undercover agents.

Some victims who are charged with crimes typically maintain that they were framed -- set up with fabricated or planted "evidence" or entrapped. Journalists are among targeted classes; but many don't realize they are subject to pervasive surveillance, physical harassment and career sabotage until they are already ruined, professionally and personally.

These targeted persons -- and their families -- are subject to relentless harassment, including surreptitious entry into their homes and vandalism of their property, with surveillance data about their whereabouts and personal daily routines funneled to "community stalkers" who are recruited under the cover of government-funded community policing, town watch, and business-related anti-terrorism programs, even fire and rescue squads. The operations of these civilian vigilantes are supervised by agents of government, ranging from local police personnel to federal intelligence and security agents under whose direction these programs have been institutionalized.

Under the guise of performing "surveillance," the "targets" are subject to electromagnetic radiation of various forms -- ranging from microwave energy, sound waves, even X-rays and gamma rays. The government publicly claims that these "directed energy weapons," or "D.E.W.", are still in the experimental stage, or that working equipment is large and bulky, such as the Army's recent demonstration of a microwave weapon tagged with an innocuous-sounding sobriquet, the "Active Denial System." The government describes these radiation weapons as "non-lethal" -- when in fact, depending on the dosage of radiated energy delivered, they can stun, maim, burn, cause strokes or aneurysms, induce illness such as cancer, or kill.

These D.E.W. have are being widely deployed, as noted in an article in the April 2008 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. The article discusses the potential adverse health effects of D.E.W. fire. The article also states that law enforcement personnel themselves may fall victim to these adverse effects, should criminals or terrorists obtain D.E.W.

What the article does not state is that victims of "community stalking" have complained for several years that they are being tortured by painful D.E.W. radiation attacks, and that their health has been degraded by the cumulative effects of exposure to silent and potentially lethal beams of radiated energy.

These weapons share a characteristic that explains why few people outside of law enforcement are aware of their widespread deployment and usage: The radiation energy the weapons emit is silent and invisible, making possible "the perfect crime" -- the covert application of potentially lethal force.

Victims of D.E.W. attack have tried to appeal to law enforcement for justice, but to no avail. Indeed, that's part of the "M.O." -- when victims complain, they are routinely written off as delusional or mentally ill. Victims say that health care workers also cooperate in this persecution. Targeted persons may even be subject to attempts to commit them to psychiatric facilities, a means of accomplishing the underlying goal of extrajudicial targeting and punishment -- the removal of "targeted individuals" (and by extension, their families) from mainstream society.

Victims of extrajudicial targeting also charge that their family finances are sabotaged and ultimately expropriated by secret government programs ostensibly implemented to disrupt the financial dealings of terrorists and drug traffickers. In effect, they say, they are victimized by a parallel system of transaction processing sold to lawmakers as necessary components of the "war on terror" -- not as an ideologically-motivated tool of social control and political repression.

There is no rational or moral defense for this horrific domestic torture -- what could be termed a campaign of "slow genocide" -- which is happening right now in cities and towns across America. The "targets" typically pose no danger to society. They are victims of a political system that has institutionalized -- and has attempted to legalize -- extrajudicial punishment. The "war on terror" is the pretext that has been employed to effect a wholesale bypass of the judicial system, and of constitutionally protected rights.

This is the transformation of American democracy into a fascist police state -- an American Gestapo, a frontal assault on our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights and liberties.

When the pervasiveness of this officially sanctioned and funded domestic terrorism and torture is confirmed by "official sources" -- in recent times, the only sources that much of the mainstream media consider sufficiently credible -- any excuses for the excesses that heretofore have come to light will be exposed as evil sophistry.

That day is coming, and very soon. In the meantime, please read related articles at and help secure the legal assistance of the American Civil Liberties Union (www, or any other organization capable of bringing justice to the untold thousands of victims of extrajudicial targeting, punishment, and TORTURE in America 2008.



A couple months ago I would have been counting down the days. Now I'm not so sure Obama is going to do what he promised.

Marc B

it's because of idiots like you in the ACLU that this country is going to be destroyed from within. The prisoners at Gitmo are NOT US citizens. What dont you get. I cant wait until they blow up your family, and then lets see how happy you are to defend these muslims who vow to kill all who are not muslim.Now you and your messiah Barack can go and negotiate with these killers.Good luck as they cut your heads off while they tape it on video.


aclu is a joke. why don't we foster out all the detainees to all the employees at the aclu, or better yet..send them to 1600 pennsylvania ave was dc beginning january 21st let the annointed one care for them afterall they are harmless people.


Couldn't have said it better myself Mark. These liberals want safety but refuse to give anything to get it. I'm worried about america's future.

Yes its true

She is right I also have experienced these tortures since I was 19-20 and now I'm 23. Its a bioshock system. Feels like your sitting on a block of ice. The first year they blocked my intestines with implanted something then they hire contractor to come in and excavate the material from your ass while subjecting you to tireless amounts of pain all over your body. You can't enjoy sex thus putting you at risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Sleep deprivation too. Your sleep cycle are always out of wack. Then if you try to retaliate against them in anyway they destroy your reputation and make you look like a criminal. My prayer the day Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in would be that he would shut these programs down just as he is shutting down Guantamino Bay. So I'm leaving my name off here because I'm just trying to live and be free and not be in pain anymore. I just want to be able to get a job and not have to dread cold weather. I need that positive energy in my body. I can't take it anymore. The only time this nonsense is going to change is when they whoever they are say when. Its not right and the ACLU sucks. You commies!


You people don't fool me! You're communists and want to see the downfall of the US. We support the Constitution. Baloney. Looks like you want the poor jihadists to win? Maybe when they put us under shereal law, they will cut out you lying tounges!

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