A Slick Trick on the NDAA and Indefinite Detention; Don't Be Fooled!

It looks like there is slick little trick brewing in Congress. Supporters of locking people up without charge or trial are getting ready to play yet another trick on the American people.

Late yesterday, Congressman Scott Rigell and 26 other members of Congress introduced a bill, H.R. 4388, which he is trying to sell to the American people as a "fix" for the National Defense Authorization Act. But in fact, it is a useless bill that might actually end up causing harm.

That's right. The plan in the House of Representatives seems to be to try to fool Americans into thinking that they are fixing the indefinite detention problems with the NDAA and the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, when in fact, they are doing nothing good.

Don't be fooled!

Here's how they hope their trick will work. H.R. 4388, which was sneakily mistitled as the "Right to Habeas Corpus Act," states that no one in the United States will lose their habeas rights under the NDAA. That might sound like something good, but it's meaningless.

The question with the NDAA was never whether habeas rights are lost. Instead, the question is whether and when any president can order the military to imprison a person without charge or trial. The NDAA did not take away habeas rights from anyone, but it did codify a dangerous indefinite detention without charge or trial scheme. And nothing in the proposed bill by Rigell would change it. The Rigell bill won't stop any president from ordering the military lockup of civilians without charge or trial.

And there's more. Not only is it a useless bill, but it could end up causing harm too. It doesn't accurately and fully list who is entitled to habeas (for example, it doesn't even mention American citizens traveling outside the country), which could end up causing confusion.

They are hoping you will fall for their trick and waste all your time and energy on something meaningless — and not fight for legislation that actually protects people from indefinite detention without charge or trial.

They are hoping you will ignore the bills that actually are first steps towards fixing the NDAA. Congressman Adam Smith and Sen. Mark Udall introduced H.R. 4192/S. 2175, which codifies a ban on the military imprisoning civilians without charge or trial or trying persons before military commissions within the United States, as well as repeals section 1022 of last year's NDAA. Also, Congressman Ron Paul has sponsored H.R. 3785, which repeals section 1021 of the NDAA. Both are meaningful first steps towards fixing a problem.

Supporters of last year's NDAA indefinite detention provisions hope you will fall for their trick. They want you to spend your time pushing for the Rigell bill, instead of working on something meaningful. For more information about our opposition to the bill, you can read the letter that we sent to congressional offices earlier this week. Retweet our tweet to Rigell to tell him to stop playing games with indefinite detention without charge or trial.

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UPDATE: This blog post was edited to include a link to the letter we sent to congressional offices to express our opposition to the bill.

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Do not let this rest. The indefinite detention of American citizens is never acceptable, especially in the hands of a government that would pass such legislation in the first place. I believe in the Constitution above all else.


The NDAA is another step for the Builderburgs and their puppets toward acheiving A NEW WORLD ORDER! They are showing WE THE PEOPLE that they have the power to control us and lead us like sheep to the slaughter. They have to be STOPPED at all cost. We will not remain the land of the free and the home of the brave unless we become very brave very fast.


AMEN. The constitution above all else Wake up poeple!!

Control the Mind

You have a government ?

Sounds more like you have prison wardens.

but...ok. what ever you say.


It is atrocious that so many people are being used as pawns to instigate this endless war on terror. If those who support the NDAA or any other violation of the Constitution then they are the ones who are in contempt of the law as it is written. Just ask an indigenous person how they feel about hostile takeovers. It is obvious that there is a driving force behind all the negative in our world. As for revealing them to be seen is another story. Our Mother Earth will exact her revenge on these puny little ingrates and have them all begging her to let them live. PAY ATTENTION WHEN I SAY THIS! YOU DO NOT OWN ME AND THAT IS THAT!!! If you think that you are going to make me a casualty in your death games, think again. Imagine Americus being led to the death scaffold. His Refusal to admit any wrong doing was his final blow to the oligarchs who thought they were in control of everything. Same as those in control today. He died in control of himself while everyone else was in awe. Just like Mahatma Gandhi telling the Royal British Magistrate that no bail will be imposed on him. STOP ASKING AND START TELLING THOSE WHO YOU ELECT WHAT TO DO! IT IS YOUR RIGHT! SO BIG GOVERNMENT DO YOUR G.D.M.F. JOB AND GET OFF MY BACK YOU C.S. BASTARDS!!!



Stay Informed