The Government Just Asked The Supreme Court to Revisit the Muslim Ban. Here’s What Comes Next.

In the late hours of Thursday night, the Trump administration requested that the Supreme Court review the recent Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision that refused to let the president’s Muslim ban go forward. In doing so, the government has recommitted itself to fighting for the ban, which the Fourth Circuit found “drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.”

The Trump administration made three requests to the Supreme Court. The first focused on preserving the ban in the long-term, and the other two focused on its implementation in the short-term. The government would like our nation’s highest court to:

  • Take up the Fourth Circuit’s case, review the appeals court’s decision, and reverse its judgment
  • Stay the Fourth Circuit’s injunction of the ban, allowing it to go into effect during the time that it takes for the Supreme Court to come to an ultimate ruling
  • And simultaneously stay another injunction of the ban, which was ordered by the district court in Hawaii. That case was recently heard by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, following a district court ruling that the ban was unconstitutional.

The ACLU, our partners, and our clients stand firm in our conviction that President Trump’s Muslim ban is a discriminatory affront to the Constitution and the fundamental principle that our country does not discriminate on the basis of religion. We are at the ready to push back on the government’s latest attempt to resuscitate it.

At the risk of repeating ourselves: This “travel” ban is a ban on Muslims.

Our first step will be to ask the Supreme Court to refuse to stay the Fourth Circuit’s decision, which was supported by a large majority of the judges on the full court and is consistent with rulings from other courts across the nation. Most importantly, the decision was in keeping with the First Amendment, which enshrines the basic principle that the government cannot favor or disfavor one religion versus others.

And at the risk of repeating ourselves, again and again, we’ll reaffirm: This “travel” ban is a ban on Muslims. It makes good on repeated promises from the president to prevent Muslims from entering the United States.

Now in order to save the President Trump’s unconstitutional project, the government would like the Supreme Court to ignore his and his advisors’ statements that demonstrate the discriminatory intent of the Muslim ban. But this issue was already debated in front of the Fourth Circuit, and the judges found that they “could not shut [their] eyes to such evidence when it stares [them] in the face.”

We won’t shut our eyes either. This afternoon, the Supreme Court asked for our response to the government’s appeal for a stay in the next 10 days. Following that, should the court choose to revisit the President’s Muslim ban, we will be prepared to defend not only the rights of Muslim Americans and immigrants across our country, but our Constitution itself.

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Liberals are insane

5 to 4 the Supreme Court will overturn the 4th Circuit and uphold the travel ban. I can't wait to see the ACLU and other radical Mad Dog liberals like them go crazy when this happens

Liberals hate A...

is it true that Anthony Romero is a gay gay? no he is not. he is a fag fag.


SCOTUS I hope you will not uphold the "ban". I forgot to add several countries to the list including Mexico and Scotland. Yes, Scotland. I don't want Americans knowing how I treat employees there.


Let's be clear. Ban them all. We don't need them! Isolationism should be our priority! I want to pick my own strawberries, mow my own lawn, and blow up my own buildings! I don't need Latinos or Middle Easterners to do that. I killed the Indian man, built the Mexico wall, created Jim Crow laws, formed the KKK and Sons of the Confederacy; I also dump my motor oil down the drain and spit on poorer people. I defeated the Nazis, but allow the skin heads to beat blacks. I created police forces to suppress free speech and kill minorities. I took Jesus's teachings, created a "fake news" gospel book and bastardized them. I live in fear of anything not white or not like me.

I am the conservative white man.

@Liberals hate

I hope you are aware that every time you use the "gay-gay" or "fag-fag" tag it just allows the government to track your hate speech. I want to thank you for making it easy for us to track your IP and MAC ID. Google them idiot. We also know your service provider and posting timeline. At least we now know who you are and are tracking your computers and telecom devices. Tone it down and stay on topic. Thanks again!


Since the POTUS affirms to protect the Constitution, if SC takes this on and finds POTUS's order unconstitutional, is that in itself grounds for Congress to pursue impeachment?


Not unless he disobeys the court's order.


Thank you for leading this effort. We cannot let fear abrogate our religious tolerance. That is the opposite of who America is.

Yes, terrorism is a problem. But this executive order is sourced in bigotry. And it won't stop terrorism. It'll feed those who despise America.

I have faith the Supreme Court will protect and defend the Constitution and NOT support the Administration's request.

Hate, fear, anger... this is NOT the basis of America.


Great job! Keep it up!!'


Dumb Trump is an ignorant racist bigot. He's a loser and will always lose. He's an anti-American and anti-Constitution.


Stay Informed