Trump Begins His Unconstitutional Program of Anti-Muslim Discrimination

German ocean liner the MS St. Louis.

This piece was originally published by The Guardian

In 1939, the German ocean liner St. Louis and its 937 passengers, almost all Jewish refugees, were turned away from the port of Miami and sent back to Europe. Of those passengers, 254 were murdered in the Holocaust. The U.S. government turned away those refugees, so heartbreakingly close to safety—and also restricted Jewish immigration and instituted new vetting procedures—because of rampant overblown fears that the Nazis might smuggle spies and saboteurs in among the Jewish refugees.

Yesterday, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, The White House put out a statement that failed to mention the 6 million Jews who were exterminated by the Nazis. Hours later, President Trump signed an executive order suspending all refugee resettlement for 120 days and indefinitely suspending the resettlement of refugees from Syria. In addition to banning Syrian refugees, the president ordered a ban all entries of the nationals of seven majority-Muslim countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen, for 90 days, and provided that the ban might be extended and that additional countries might be added to that list.

Trump’s executive order is a major step toward carrying out his campaign threat to ban the admission of Muslims into the United States. Tellingly, today’s order authorizes the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security to admit refugees on a “case-by-case” basis, notwithstanding the 120-day suspension, for people of a minority religion in their home countries.  Trump announced during his press conference that his order will help Christians to enter the United States.

In effect, Trump has barred Muslims from entering the United States, while favoring the entry of Christians.

One of the tenets upon which our country was founded is that religion is our own business and not the government’s. We have freedom of belief. We do not have religious litmus tests for participation in society. Trump’s order is anathema to those founding principles.  It violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, which prohibits the government from preferring or disfavoring any religion. Trump’s anti-Muslim policy also violates the Equal Protection Clause, the part of the Fourteenth Amendment that guarantees that everyone is entitled to equal protection under the law.     

Trump’s orders are immoral as well as unconstitutional. He is barring the entry of modern-day counterparts of the passengers of the St. Louis — children injured in Syria’s terrible and brutal civil war, who are at imminent risk of being killed. And Trump’s order is a slap in the face to the millions of Americans who uphold our best traditions of welcoming the stranger seeking refuge.

Trump’s policy is also foolish. Former senior U.S. military commanders, diplomats, and homeland security officials, both Democrats and Republicans, have publicly stated that a block on refugees from Syria and other Muslim countries is contrary to U.S. security interests because it feeds the ISIS narrative that there is a war between Islam and the West and that Muslims are not welcome in the United States.

 Moreover, as demonstrated in ACLU litigation last year, only the most vulnerable Syrian refugees are resettled in the United States and that only occurs after vigorous security screening by the National Counterterrorism Center, the FBI, the Defense Department, the State Department, and US Customs and Border Protection.

Among those who may barred from entering the United States is Hameed Khalid Darweesh, an Iraqi man who worked as an interpreter for the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division. According to Brandon Friedman, a former Obama administration official who commanded a platoon during the invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi “spent years keeping U.S. soldiers alive in combat in Iraq.” He arrived at New York’s JFK airport on Friday evening and was detained.

The ACLU along with the International Refugee Assistance Project, the National Immigration Law center and Yale Law School’s Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization, as well as the firm Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, filed suit early this morning. We are a diverse society, built largely on the sweat and ingenuity of immigrants and refugees. 

American Muslims, immigrants and U.S.-born alike, are part of the fabric of this nation and part of what makes America great.  As U.S. businesses, investors, and universities have pointed out, American Muslims are our neighbors, friends, and colleagues. They are us. Trump’s ban separates American families and deprives our country of the contributions that these newcomers, and their children and grandchildren, will make as Americans.

Nearly 80 years ago, U.S. government officials, backed by the deliberately stoked fears of refugees, turned refugees away at our shores and sent men, women, and children back to their deaths. Today, Americans look back in shame at that moral, political, and legal failure—even as our president repeats the mistakes of the past. We are better than today’s executive order, and we must rise up and insist that America live up to our best ideals and not our worst fears.

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Last time I looked at a map Muslim was not a country, but rather a religion.



"One important law in that regard is the prohibition on politically partisan activity. Given our nonprofit status, we may not endorse or oppose candidates for elective office. That means we cannot host comments on our site that show a preference for one candidate or party. " -- Really? So it's safe to say that all of this anti-trump propaganda found on your website is not in violation of your own TOS?


It is not alt-facts. Facts.


The ban isn't unconstitutional since it only applies to 7 countries on a terror list. The vast majority of muslims and muslim countries are NOT banned. Very difficult to make a legal challenge on that angle.

Courts would defer to president and congress when ot comes to immigration. Obama and previous presidents have issued similar bans and orders on migration.

Infredibly misleading to make the 'unconstitutional' argument here.


These liberals are all losing their minds out there, it's funny really. Their lies and distortions are epic. Saudi Arabia has agreed to Trump's safe zones for refugees and they are a longtime ally of the US. This is why they are an exception to the ban, not because Trump has "business interests" here. Lying fools! Distort the message, get all their brainless minions all riled up for protests. It's sad how uninformed and blatantly stupid most of these libs are. They believe what they're sold blindly. And the endless comparisons to Nazi Germany! Wow, they have no shame. We are seeing these freaks for what they really are, and I'm betting the voting public doesn't like it too much. Maybe we can win another 1000 seats in government for the republicans! The Democratic Party is truly becoming the freak fringe.


"Unconstitutional" just doesn't fly here. Look at the facts:

While the 14th Amendment does give rights to non-citizens those rights are based on the jurisdiction clause. That is, you have to be on US soil, under US jurisdiction for the Constitution to apply to you. The US Constitution does not extend beyond US boundaries and citizens. Visa holders and green card holders are not citizens. Even though green card holders are legal residents, once they leave the US they leave the jurisdiction of the US. When green card holders come back or when visa holders arrive for the first time (or any time), the point of entry is not under US jurisdiction. You are not under US jurisdiction until you are granted entry. Without that clear distinction we could have no DHS type screening at borders and entry points to the US.

So let's start at step one: A judge ruling that it is a religious ban. If they do that, they're invalidating several past presidential orders. FDR banned immigrants from certain countries and turned away Jewish refugees which, in hindsight, is very sad .. but it was still allowed Constitutionally. Carter banned Iranian immigrants. Iran is a Muslim theocracy. You can't get much more religious than that ... except that the ban was on a country.

So let's say a judge rules that it was religious. Whose rights were infringed on? The "rights" of non-citizens, outside of US jurisdiction. Any ruling that says Constitutional law extends beyond that has some rather big implications. What are the boundaries?

It's fine to attack this action as something undesirable. But it's wrong to say it's unconstitutional without clearly stating how that can be. It's giving a lot of people a completely inaccurate view of the scope and power of our Constitution. That should not be taken lightly. And if you don't like the Constitution, the founders gave us the means of changing it. Put the effort there instead into these claims that I can't see holding any water.

I'm not a lawyer and don't pretend to be one. So if someone can point out what I've missed Constitutionally, I'm all ears. I've asked that in several other forums and gotten no answers that are based on the actual Constitution. Just answers about how people *want* things to be.

Jay S.

I do not understand how people can't see the threat that is Islam. It is a cult and it is based on false principals. Take a look at Mormonism and you can see certain parallels between the two. To be a Mormon is to be involved in a cult. Look up the definition of cult. We have left the Mormons alone in this country because they are peaceful and do not threaten harm to their fellow Americans. With Islam, they want to convert the whole world to their sick ideology. The left is so far out in left field they are blinded by their political correctness. They hate Trump so much it is clouding any common sense they may have. WAKE UP DEMOCRATS.

Mark Germine, MD

Freedom of Speech

Donald Trump: The Possessioner
His Satanic Mission: The Extinction of the Human Species

We are non-violent. We have known for quite a while that Trump was evil, and wrote of it in our Book of Eli (2011). The subject was his television show, “The Apprentice,” revealing his style of business, which he presumably has carried forward. The Book reads (207): “[Their] deceiving glory is paraded before us by the likes of Donald Trump, and we watch him in glee as he fires people who do not make money for him. This is sickening, it is perverse, and it is one of the ways usury breeds apathy and widens the gulf between the people of this organism we call humankind.” The turnover in his staff involves “firing” his criminal friends as well those who do not fully support his disastrous policies. Our 2011 portrayal was written long before his bid for election, and the villainous nature of Trump in his television series was not, to our knowledge, ever brought out by the media during his bid for President. Why was it that we singled out Trump, in this way, who was, after all, just one of thousands of business people operating at that time? With no government experience, how could such a man be elected President of the United States? He is incompetent, and his policies only support the day-to-day support of the markets that comprise corporate America. Trump is thus leaving the public to bear the debt of doing so, in order that the large corporations will preside over the collapse of the economy. The ransacking corporations are now preparing for their collapse of the economy, which will collapse the dollar, such that the markets will be gutted on their say-so and Trump’s approval. They will then have the wealth and power to create a new economy, based not on markets, but on a government ruled by corporative power. Who is it that can plan and help execute such a fascist revolution? The answer lies within: He is the Possessioner, Donald Trump. His Satanic mission is the extinction of the human species.
According to his profile on the Hare Psychopathy scale, Donald Trump cares only about himself, he is a pathological liar, he has no conscience, but he has a superficial charm, and is very cunning, which we can readily discern, but which fools many people. All this and more are features of the psychopath. Criminality is a feature commonly seen. It manifests in Trump’s immorality and in his “villainous nature,” described above. Such traits, proven over a lifetime, were somehow ignored by the media. He has taken much control away from the media, as well as officials in government. He and his EPA advisor both say that carbon dioxide does not cause climate change, but we know that his presidency will be disastrous in terms or irreversible climate change. Trump does not believe in science; he makes up his own science, and is supported in doing by those who have money interests in fossil fuels. He is not very smart, a weakness, and he compensates well by use of staff to help implement his agendas. He is building up our arsenal of nuclear weapons, and making many smaller nuclear weapons, “dirty bombs” kill whole groups of people without damaging property, so that he and his corporative cronies may dominate the world. He is also spending huge sums of money of the military and military-industrial complex. When we say “he,” it is because he is doing all these things, and more, on his own behalf, not on ours.
Donald Trump has said he will “ruin” protesters, those who oppose him. Trump has also said he will put such protestors, and, by extension, all those who oppose them, in jail or prison, so they may never get a job again. He has taken over the judiciary, such that the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and decisions of the courts can be safely violated. His actions rise to the level of impeachment, as well as the illegitimacy of his election, during which he created a false image through outright lies. He is known to be unstable, which seems to give him an excuse for “changing his mind.” He still refuses to allow his taxes to be made public, making it clear that doing so it will endanger his Presidency. In order that he be elected, the FBI ordered an audit of Hillary Clinton’s emails two days before the election, and she attributes Trumps victory to this action and to the Russian intrusion over our electoral process. Trumps upset victory was a product of his power as possessioner, as he courted his electoral base by focusing on the right-wing Evangelical Christians, a large voter base, which put him over the top. During his campaign, Trump did not oppose the Russian intrusion, but gloated about the Russians liking him. This is now forgotten.
The media have created a short-tern memory populace, ruled by their corporative sponsors, such that the public at-large quickly forgets what they are told from day to day, amidst an ever-changing landscape of sensationalism. Executive Orders given by Donald Trump have become his strongest weapon. Such orders are supposed to be used in emergency situations, not as a tool to take away the power of the legislature. Using such orders, Trump is taking away the power of the legislature. He is repealing environmental protection laws as well as creating a social system that takes from the poor and gives to the rich. He is taking away entitlements, and withdrawing money that was hard-earned by those employed, such as Social Security. He is slashing funds for public schools and other education. He is also targeting the elderly, since they are not working and giving money to his real constituency, the very rich, the upper 0.2% of our population. He is especially giving money to the corporations, and enriching the wealth of the 30 people who now seem to control our nation, and especially the 12 people, the most powerful people in the world.
Trump’s economic and other policies will soon cause the dollar to collapse, and the banks are now on the verge of collapse. The banks don’t have our money, and when they crash, as they will soon do, they will not be able to give you the money that you thought they were holding on to for you. They are not. They have only a small fraction, just enough to maintain transactions as they now stand. The dollar will become worth practically nothing, and plans are now reportedly in the works to convert all money to the “Fedcoin.” The Federal Reserve (Fed) will administer the business of devaluing the dollar into extinction, as Trump has already started doing. All savings in the bank as well as the current equity in money of all kinds will be lost along with this extinction of the dollar. Trump is encouraging employers to hire people part-time so they cannot get any insurance coverage of pensions, while taking away other benefits. He is and will continue to gut Medicare, Medicaid, and all kinds of social programs, especially those for the poor, the needy, and the elderly. While his policies will increase the debt that people owe, there is mention of criminalization of debt, especially for the elderly, even though the Federal Government is operating at tremendous debt, which is increasing.
All this is on his agenda. We are also engaging in wars that the populace has no knowledge of, as, for example, our war in Somalia, in Africa next to Kenya, which became known after the death of a soldier in that war. In October 2016, during the Obama Administration, the New York Times called it the “shadow war,” referring to its secrecy.
Trump’s religion is not about God. He belongs to the “power of positive thinking” organization, which involves the work of Norman Vincent Peale. He is a white-supremacist, as will become apparent. The African Americans of the United States will take to the streets, as his policies will dictate, and Trump is likely to treat them in a brutal fashion, as he will not tolerate dissent. The drug epidemic has been fueled by the CIA, which gets much of its assets through involvement in cocaine from Latin American and South America, and opium/heroine for Afghanistan. I recall watching on the television as the Afghan group that we support were making a huge pot of heroin from opium, some years ago, with Americans looking on. In the latter case, the “Taliban” had tried to end the production of opium/heroine prior to US occupation, and was successfully in the process of doing so. After the American Government intervened, these anti-heroin/opium policies were reversed, and exports skyrocketed, with our blessing, as it continues to this day. This is shameful, and, despite the violence of the “Taliban,” in this we are on the wrong side of the issue of continuous maximum production of Afghan heroin/opium, and this issue seems to be a factor in our occupation. In the meantime, thousands of African Americans are victimized by imprisonment after becoming addicted heroin and cocaine, as imports are suborned by the United State Government, largely by the CIA, which is run largely on the profits of the illicit drug trade. Racism is alive and well in the United States, and we don’t hear of any effort to end racism by the Trump administration.
Despite all of this, our legislature is going along with Trump’s plans, with some modification, and all voices must be silent. By Executive Order, he has become a dictator. Recently he made an order called “The Misinformation and Propaganda Act,” making his misinformation and propaganda the law of the land, silencing all dissent. Donald Trump is beyond having any personality or mental disorder. One may then say that he is frankly evil. There are many “evil” people in this world, . Fundamentally, most of these people will do almost anything to make money. “Liberty and justice for all,” has become an epitaph of former times. Much of this is related to the disparity of legal representation. Justice is supposed to be equal under the law, but it is not, and Trump has only widened the gap.
Medical care has been corporatized, such the purpose of such care is to make money for the corporations, not to help people, but to even harm them if it makes money for these medical corporations. The poor cannot afford this expensive new corporate medicine. This has been evolving now for quite some time. The “system” and the people who own and run such corporations think Trump is working in their interest, but, in the longer term, he is making matters worse. He is ruining the economy, and it is not for the benefit of large corporations, but his policies are only holding the large corporations and markets up in the short term. Businesses like MacDonald’s hire low-paying companies to do the work in their restaurants, as these companies are able to dodge the mandates of our government regarding the treatment of labor, with the actual chain making large profits by doing so.
Donald Trump is the enemy of all humankind, especially of his own nation, the United States. Trump is not just a bad President, like so many others in the past. People think we can ride out his Presidency. We will not ride out Trump’s Presidency; it will bring about the end of the United States, as well as the world, and the extinction of the human species. Trumps nationalism has captured the nation, but this is not his agenda. He is beyond being a ruthless psychopath, he is even beyond those in his class, throughout the history of despots and conquerors. He is even beyond the rich, the very rich, and the most powerful people on earth. These people tend to have some humanity left. Trump does not.
The ranks of Satanism are increasing rapidly, and our children are being brought up with books like Harry Potter, games like Dungeons and Dragons, as well as movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars. It is estimated that 25 million people, including many children, have now become Satanists, compared to 200, 000 five years ago, with the number of practicing Satanists increasing over a hundred times. Children are practicing the black arts such as witchcraft of Harry Potter or becoming the “dark side of the force.” This “dark side” has taken my own grandson. The “force” is itself Satanic, as it has come to replace omnipotent God. Children are most susceptible to believing that these “fantasies” are real, and come the conclusion that God has no real power over their lives. These are unlike the literature and entertainment that had formerly existed, which was, for the most part, wholesome. Parents, teachers, main stream educators, and organizations working are giving accolades the Harry Potter series, which teaches witchcraft, black magic, incantations, etc. Although all religions are separate from the state, witchcraft of Satanic nature has a privileged status as the only religion allowed in our schools, where it is actively supported as a single preferred medium for teaching children to read, in spite of its encroachment into Satanism. It is almost as if they believe that children are just little adults, and, although children are not allowed to view movies with certain themes, they are encouraged to watch these damaging films. Even the Pope dare not speak of the Satanism embodied now by the popular media and the effect it has on children.
Donald Trump is more than your run-of-the-mill Satanist. He is the one foretold in the end-times. He is Satan, incarnate. Satan, the great imposter, in the person of Donald Trump, has come for one reason. He will destroy the world and all of humanity. It is now time to recognize this, as his hateful reign disintegrates before our eyes. Looking at his smiling face on the Internet, we can feel the great power Satanic persona as possessioner, such that we dare not look at it again. His election and his dictatorial reign are products of this Satanic power to possess people. People were drawn to his superficial charm and fooled by his cunning deception. He is the possessioner, able to put on a face that is somehow appealing, but totally false. It is only in the milieu of Satanism that he has come to be the most powerful person in the world, but it is not his objective to rule the world, but to destroy it. The white, right-wing Evangelical Christians have a religion of personal salvation and power, a form of thinly guised Satanism, and so they elected him. They, and many others, are possessed by their own egos; their worship does not go deeper, to the soul, from which the ego has broken away. Their souls give them no light, and so is in darkness. This possession is common, and is the outcome of the Fall of Lucifer and the exile from the Garden, in Biblical terms. Trump is different, he has no soul. Let us return to the beginning quotation of this essay. “You’re fired,” he says, over and over in each episode of his program, being totally contemptuous, without a trace of humanity. Donald Trump is not one of the possessed, he is the possessioner.

We are the people of God, and we will not go down without a fight. You may take our lives, but you cannot have our immortal souls.

Mark Germine
The Prophet Eli


Stay Informed