Good News for Gay Christians

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There's an online group of 13,000 gays who profess their belief in Christ. The Gay Christian Network is a bit of a miracle, given how hostile some religions are to gays.

While fundamental ministers decry the "homosexual agenda" and gay activists deplore "ex-gay treatment," the members of GCN must live the tug-of-war over their sexual identity and faith. That's why gay Christians will benefit from a recent report by the American Psychological Association that says efforts to change someone's sexual orientation don't work.

This isn't news to the many GCN members who are survivors of the programs that failed to turn them straight. But it might be comforting to a number of teens in the online network who fear being sent to a "reparative therapy" camp by their parents. A new generation of gay Christians could be spared pointless misery now that the word's largest association of psychologists has definitively declared ex-gay therapy is quackery.

With that cleared up, why then are there 13,000 gays at GCN - some traumatized by the ex-gay movement and others afraid of being subjected to it - who still want to be gay Christians? Because they believe God has room for gays who want to worship him. The conversations at GCN, online and at in-person conventions, don't ignore the scriptures that admonish same-sex attractions. Leviticus and Corinthians are discussed and debated. Weight is given to the fact Jesus himself never spoke directly about gays. The dogma matters to them because these gays care what the Bible says. They just want to be able to practice their faith without denying who they are.

How gay Christians navigate this divide varies. Many at GCN embrace healthy, loving and monogamous same-sex relationships as the ideal. Others wonder whether celibacy is the best course for a gay Christian. And a few wish they weren't gay. That's where the American Psychological Association's report is especially helpful. Beyond demonstrating how reparative therapy is ineffective, counter-productive and harmful, the APA offers some added solace for the person of deep faith wrestling with their sexual identity. The APA makes it clear that an ethical therapist should inform gay clients that being gay is not a mental illness, gay relationships can be fulfilling and there is no treatment that will make a gay person straight.

For those who want to stay in a religion that doesn't allow sexually active gays, the APA instructs therapists to "explore possible life paths that address the reality of their sexual orientation, reduce the stigma associated with homosexuality, respect the client's religious beliefs, and consider possibilities for a religiously and spiritually meaningful and rewarding life." In other words, rather than an all-or-nothing approach, therapists can work with clients to live within the rules of their faith through celibacy, find new interpretations of their existing faith or explore other faiths that accept gays more fully.

The APA's focus on the ethical treatment of gays with strong faith is noteworthy because it provides options for Christians struggling with their sexuality. It tells them they are not sick or broken and that they do not have to abandon God because they are gay. Perhaps most important, the APA guidelines make it harder for the deeply religious parents of gay kids to find a licensed therapist willing to provide harmful reparative therapy.

For the Gay Christian Network, that's 13,000 answered prayers.

To read more about the report and to download a copy, click here. For more about the Gay Christian Network, check them out online:

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Liberal Hater

Jesus, please forgive these idiots and save our nation. Jesus is the only one who can save these perverted sodomites from eternal damnation in hell. God help us all. The ACLU hates Jesus and America and wants to see is destroyed.

Peace Symbol

ok here i go, is everyone sitting down ? some will want to stand after im finished, first good christian and homosexual is viewed by the christian right as a oxymoron, i dont agree entirely but im not far from this belief, secondly if you look at a dictionary lets say back to the middle seventies "gay" is a happy person, i enjoy calling myself gay but the connotation that i sleep with other men is disconcerting to me ( my preference )there seems to be an opinion that we are born homosexual, ( bisexual naturally ) i cant qualify that but its an assumption i am uneasy with, ( i dont know how else to put it we are sexual by nature but its procreation that i prefer to place it ) i do have friends that are homosexual ( as long as they dont become agressive sexually towards me we get along quite well, time for brass tacks i suppose, to be concise i wouldnt want my children to be inundated with homosexual materials as they are going thru their formative yrs, i honestly wish there was a way to interpret who can ? who will ? an who wont decide this lifestyle is appropriate for themselves, i have a request i am hoping out of respect it may be considered is their a name for the lifestyle that doesnt use the connotation of a happy person ? "gay" that the community could look at, p.s. my hometown has had its "gay" parade every yr on fathers day for quite some time, recently ( last yr ) it was on a different day i thank you for this consideration


I went to the American Psychological Association web sight and read there report on changing gays to "normal". I could not find the word "quackery" anywhere. Could you be gay?

Jerry Schwarz

I'm not Christian (I'm an atheist) or gay, but I know there are Christian churches that embrace gay members, so the presumption in this item that there is inevitably a conflict between Christianity and gay orientation is stereotyping of the worst sort.

I normally wouldn't bother commenting on such stereotyping, but it seems egregious on an ACLU blog.


I don't go by what the A.P.A says, but what the Holy Bible says. I know...I know, the Old Testament also forbids eating shellfish, pork and other things I do on a regular basis, and I will explain that on a later post. Until then, Heaven and Earth will pass away, but the Word of God will not pass away, and Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


The ACLU wishes to make the rules we live by and yet uses every legal or otherwise means to stop the use of true Christianity for the same purpose. Freedom of speech only for opponents of Christian or conservative thought.
The ACLU has become a disgrace.

jon laker

if you are gay you going to hell

D. Hayes

Gay Christian that is the best oxymoron this world holds. On a civil liberties level I can respect their human equal rights. But even they know that when Christ judges them they won't be allowed into the gates of Heaven. The ACLU will be busy trying to defend their own sins before they can make a case against God for Gay Rights in Heaven. Good luck arguing against our Creator.


I wonder how much the homophobes would like it if they were shipped off to camps for reeducation?


you no what i think of the aclu????? Id like to gut'em like i do the animals I hunt and slaughter.....HEHEHEHE


Stay Informed