Habeas Sightings: Las Vegas, NV

Late last night, or really early this morning, we received the following text message from Cooper in Las Vegas, Nevada:

So, dudes - Ben n I were cruising the strip L8 last nite when we saw this weird brite green dude hanging out near fountain @ the Bellagio. Could it B ur man Habeas? We raced aftr him, but he was 2 stealth for us. We’ll get him tho, we need him. Txt U l8r. Peace.

Have you seen Habeas? Send your sightings to aclu@aclu.org.

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A. Gibbs

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I only started doing research on my own due to harassment received when attempting to join Catholic parishes. I have read so-called conspiracy websites but have done most of my research reading books by well-known authors. This statement is leading to one conclusion: I'm going to lose my battle for freedom, habeas corpus is a thing of the past, the Constitution is going to be whittled away to nothing, individual rights in this country will be a thing of the past by 2012, and, if you are not a member of the right wing mob in this country, your freedom will be a thing of the past. Look who is running the country! It is not George Bush or Congress. This country is now being run by the right wing lodge with Dick Cheney as its enforcer. I remember Randy Jackson from American Idol making a comment on the air something like aren't they scared. At the time I didn't realize what he meant. Now I realize that not only myself but the whole country should be scared. Truly, the real people running the show in our country have not even been elected to office. Americans need to research for themselves things like BNL-Iraqgate Scandal, relationships the leaders of our country have with people like Gelli and Balestrieri(who now is a US citizen and is a director of the NY Rotary Club), and research who these people are and what they represent. People who have or will have important positions in this country- be it in politics, the church, the media, sports, the military, etc..-will all have to have some kind of relationship with this mob organization. This country is in trouble and so is the rest of the world until some honest leaders step up and fight for truth and justice.

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