Habeas Sightings: Savannah, GA

This sighting made its way across our desk from the heart of the South, a handwritten letter, postmarked Savannah, Georgia.

I was strolling across Lafayette Square, like I do every night. The sun was setting, the streets were quiet and the Spanish moss that decorates Savannah was glowing just a little bit where the late-day light hit it. I was admiring this green glow when I saw a couple ride by on a horse-drawn carriage ride.The couple seemed happy – and there’s wasn’t too much funny business going on, if you take my meaning. But I couldn’t help notice something strange moving around under the plaid blanket on the carriage’s back seat. A face peeked out, all green-like, and for a moment I swear I thought it was just a trick of the light.But then bless me if little old Habeas Corpus didn’t pop right out from that blanket and put out his hand to say how-do to that couple. They didn’t seem too put out. And Habeas, he shook their hands, all gentlemanly, and said “You seem like a lovely couple and this is a lovely city.” Then he just turned and said “And now, I must be going,” and he hopped out of that carriage and trotted off into the dusky shadows of the square.I think he gave me a little nod just before he disappeared, but maybe I made that part up. You know the whole thing might have just been some of that magic voodoo we’re know for down here.But I think it was Habeas, I surely do. On my way back home through the square, I might have seen him, or someone about his size, walking out toward Bonaventure Cemetery. It’s peaceful enough there, for someone on the run. And there are some folks buried there who he may remember from back when Georgia and the other States first started up the U.S. of A.I hope our Low Country keeps you safe, Habeas, until you finally get back to us.-- Rufus Raybeault, Savannah, Ga.

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A. Gibbs

I read the ACLU's article found under freedom of religion and beliefs (which I am living testimony that this will be abolished in the upcoming years in this country)-anyway,the article I am speaking about is entitled "ACLU Challenges Bible Classes in Texas Public Schools". I totally agree with Dr.T.Jeremy Gunn who states that "Parents, not public schools should teach religious beliefs to children," and he also says,"Governments and public schools have no business deciding which religious beliefs are true and then using public schools to proselytize children." The public school system along with our government has no right to sanction a certain set of religious beliefs as well as a particular version of those beliefs to be taught to our young. This should be decided by the parents of each individual child. Every religious denomination has their own set of beliefs and may or may not use the Bible as the foundation for their beliefs, let alone use the particular version of the Bible that the school district named in the article is using to teach the curriculum. If our government is going to get that involved in promoting a particular religion in this country, what would prevent them from eventually sanctioning an "official government religion" for the US with penalties for those who choose to practice a different faith? This is what has happened in China. They have The Patriotic Official Church with its Patriotic Association overseeing, regulating,and approving or denying all goings-on in this government sanctioned church. Those who have a different belief system than the one approved by the official church are usually persecuted or imprisoned. What really is disturbing to me in the article is how secretive the creators of the course, namely the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, have been when people have tried to get information about the course. Dr. Gunn writes that when he attempted to find the author of the course, there was no author listed and he was not allowed to order a copy of the textbook online. Why would these people feel the need to be secretive about a curriculum they are teaching already in our public school system? If they truly felt it wouldn't upset people, they would not feel the need to be secretive. Also, just the fact that it is being used in our PUBLIC schools means that information about it should be accessible to all Americans supporting the public schools with their tax money.

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