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The Washington Post's Al Kamen is skeptical, to say the least, of the CIA's reasoning behind withholding the transcripts of the former secret CIA prisoners' Combatant Status Review Tribunals (CSRT) at Guantánamo. In March, we filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit asking a federal court to force the CIA to release the unredacted transcripts of the 14 prisoners who claim they were tortured and abused while in CIA custody.

Kamen writes:

The agency's associate information review officer, Wendy M. Hilton, wrote that she wanted "to acknowledge that certain allegations made by the [high-value detainees (HVD)]. . . in this case may be false or exaggerated. Notwithstanding this, the HVDs are in a position to provide accurate and detailed information about the CIA's detention program. . . . [T]he disclosure of such details reasonably could be expected to result in exceptionally grave damage to national security."

Sounds about right. If they blabbed about what happened, you might want to cut it, especially if they were telling the truth.

Is your head spinning too? Translation: we have to redact everything that could be true or false. Because the American public can't know the truth about how we're treating detainees. Perhaps our government thinks we can't handle the truth.

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Vic Livingston/...

Ms. Ito:

It is not just abuse and torture abroad. It's happening here at home. I am a victim of what is called "organized community or gang stalking" and more. I am a major market journalist who is being denied due process by an organized network of government supported programs being used to deny Americans due process. I need your help. I came to your worth street offices twice over the past couple of years and was denied access to your floor by security guards. I filed for help online and never got a reply.

Please read my stories below, which are posted on nowpublic.com/scrivener. If you have trouble with the links, go to the site and under "members" look up "scrivener". You will see stories on "gang stalking", "the constitution discarded," and "directed energy weapons. I believe my phone calls are being intercepted and I am getting few emails. I will make an attempt to contact your office on Thursday. Thank you.

Victor Livingston



Naomi Harris

Mr. Livingston, I commend you on your brave and valiant efforts to bring these urgent issues to the masses. I am also a TI (Targeted Individual), and a member of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (freedomfchs.com). Your articles are excellent and are like a breath of fresh air to me. I have been waiting a long time to see someone with media credentials like yours come forward to expose this web of covert crimes. I personally can confirm that all you claim is true! I have become an activist myself after having been a target for the past 10 years, in 2 different cities. WE NEED TO BE HEARD! WE NEED TO BE VINDICATED! PLEASE KEEP ON TRYING!


Hire crews of people to follow the person wherever he or she goes. Make meaningless behaviors or gestures each time you see the targeted victim. Always view the targeted person as inferior, fool, idiot, mentally ill and a child as you do this. Follow him and look at him/her as you do this, and wait for a reaction. Use different people from your crews. It may take one incident or years to get a reaction, depending how long you can afford the crew. Once the victim reacts, you are successful. The best reaction is usually anger, annoyance or avoidance. Some victims may physical attack you, leading to assault charge. Once the victim reacts to that meaningless gesture, it now means something to him/her, and you are now in control. Laughing means, the victim likes it, and to do it more. They don’t believe it’s a crime or terror. No one would believe the victim, complaining or silly gesture, everywhere they travel. Complaining or talking about different people making silly gestures everywhere one goes, makes the victim looks insane. By now, the victim should be seen as insane.

Once the victim is seen as insane, you can now follow him everywhere, telling others, peers, friends, neighbors, coworkers, churches (Tucker, Bethany, 2nd Olivet), stores, employment that this person is crazy, you know him/her, and every silly thing bothers him/her. Give them an example of the specific gesture and see for yourself. Most normal sane people, or professional or average individual can’t resist doing these gestures. Everyone feels good about themselves, knowing that, others are crazy and most of all, they can be driven insane, with a simple gestures and words.

Seana Sperling

Community-Based Harassment aka Gangstalking is a real threat to our Democracy. Throughout History this kind of mob behavior has surfaced just when Totalitarian regimes were seeking control. Unfortunately our Intelligence networks such as the NSA and CIA are not only sanctioning this behavior, but funding it through programs like FEMA--under the Freedom Corps. Google -- Amerisnitch -- for more details.
Seana Sperling
Seattle, WA


There is a Horror and Terrorism taking place in the US,CN,EU,& AU., based on links from secret “Civil Vigilante” group connections through local police, state police (fusion centers), FBI, ect..

These connections and activities completely destroy a person’s life, family, career, MIND, and faith in civil liberty rights.

Call it any of the following: gangstalking, gaslighting, group mobbing, “citizen watch”, “vigilante group”, MKUltra, “community crime prevention program”, blacklisting, “revenge by the corporate”, KKK, neo-Nazi, stasi, ect..

Just imagine the effect (terrorism) of a group of anonymous people loosely connected from Civil Vigilantes & Government employees conspiring to destroy people with opposing views, morals, or politics.

All Internet traffic is analyzed ( one method is claimed to be for caching , but it’s really spying. Example: download tcpview (shows a netstat –an continually): and see the many times ip-nnn-nnn-nnn-nnn-akamaitechnology.com appears ).

Even though our news, media, politicians, and police cover it up, George Orwell’s 1984 is here!


Since 2001, under the Patriot Act, I have been micky-finned twice at least, had my service dog almost poisoned twice, and stolen once. We've both had chips implanted in our anatomy(ears).
I've had my wheelchair broken(I've been accused of not being disabled), my evidence has been stolen, I've had my medical records tampered with, I've suffered an erroneous eviction for rent I paid and proved(then the paperwork was stolen. And, there's much, much more.
When will this stop. I'm an American citizen without rights, and in fear for my life in AMERICA


Indeed, this IS occuring in present day America. And it has been occurring for some time. I first experienced gangstalking in college. That was nearly 25 years ago. Back then I called it the redneck, goon, slander patrol or the stagger stalkers. It's classic Stasi stuff: street theatre, gaslighting, breaking and entering and abuse specific to the victim. If one travels, the natives will be there to greet you.

America can be rather slow at times. However, I believe their naivety has worn thin with the Bush administration. Eventually, the horrible reality that a Nazi network is denying Americans their constitutional rights will come to light. Amen, let the enlightenment begin.


I am a disabled woman who has been a target of police sanctioned and
condoned gang stalking that has followed me across country and back.
I do have, is a photographic memory a high level of
intelligence, and an excellent first person accounting
of these events But I need some help, just to live through

The people doing this are keeping it
"civil", so that I can't possibly fight them financially. It's a
multistalker situation. It's based on entrapment, and what went wrong
wouldn't have if I hadn't been set up for things that weren't going
on;and all based on the lies of s "professional" drug addict who I
called the police on.
So, basically the police are at the bottom of it. I've had paperwork
and evidence stolen(right from the courthouse after the head of
detectives told me he was disappointed in me because his name was on
it. But, obviously it was there if he knew his name was on it.), but I
still have some of both.
I need to fight it on the basis of personal injury (and believe me
there is some, for what's been done to me. I'll give you one example:
On March 27, 2008 I got a coffee from Dunkin' Donuts (where the animal
control officer frequents in the afternoon) on Washington St. in
Salem Ma.. a few sips, and they found me a few blocks down the street
passed out in my wheel chair (from what I believe to have been
Ketimine, an animal tranquilizer. The firemen walked my chair home
after the ambulance took me. When I got home the next day, the
wheelchair had two cracks in it, the drive wheel was broken, there
were two mismatched front wheels (I have pictures). My wheelchair
repair paperwork, two pairs of eyeglasses (one were prescription), my
service dog's tag, my post box key, were all missing and the police
won't give me an accurate report. I have proof that my unit is being
entered (pictures) while I'm not there, and again, the police won't
give me an accurate report.
This is just a little bit of the story.
I also have a two year old eviction from a building that I've been
trying to move out of since the first year I was there.
, and there's a lot more to


want to read a partial accounting of the things that I've had to endure, read the Thread VIGILANTEISM on the salem web.cm's message board under Salem discussions. Ignore the come backs, and just read the meat of it. But, I've already seen that the posts have been tampered with, so good luck. What we need to do is band together; people in the same areas that are going through these assaults.


Well, the VIGILANTEISM thread on salemweb.com messageboard under Salem discussions has been altered to make me sound like an idiot. But keep fighting people, the good fight.


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