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For our regular ACLU Blog readers, you'll notice a new site at the same old address. Today we launched the ACLU Blog of Rights. It's a fresh take on civil liberties news and action. And to kick off the launch of our new blog, we've assembled a team of guest bloggers to join us in a symposium on torture.

Today saw the release of the much-anticipated Department Of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General’s report revealing that officials at the highest level of government — including the White House — received reports on the abuse of prisoners in U.S. military custody overseas as early as 2002. This, in addition to the recently released DOJ memos authorizing abusive interrogation techniques and the admission by President Bush that he knew top officials were discussing and authorizing the use of torture by the CIA, make this week’s symposium on Torture and America especially timely.

Today, the Torture and America Symposium features:

And don't miss ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero's welcome message to our new and returning readers.

Tomorrow, look for contributions to our Torture and American Symposium from Christy Hardin Smith of Firedoglake, Nicole Belle of Crooks & Liars, Digby of Hullabaloo, author Paul Verhaeghen, and ACLU Senior Legislative Counsel Chris Anders.

And fret not: it's not just all-torture, all the time. The ACLU Blog of Rights will serve as an online home for the discussion of all crucial civil liberties issues, including privacy, freedom of speech and religion, capital punishment, reproductive freedom, racial justice, voter rights, and the rights of immigrants, women, and prisoners. We'll be writing about news, current legislation, and the ACLU's litigation and efforts to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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Looks like this site is going to be a minimum daily requirement for me.



good, maybe this will be site for organizing those ready for revolution and for targets and for the signal
12 million Mexicans with guns gotta love it
as with the read 'Term Limits'
best to kill all traitors


"Blog of Rights" caught my attention, but then . . . I saw that your bloggers are from Salon and Daily Kos. I like those sites because they match up with my dearest biases, but I would rather not have them speak for ACLU. There is a combativeness in those blogs that doesn't match my loyalty to ACLU as an organization that studies the issues in light of the Bill of Rights and puts forth its defenses in a clearly reasoned way. Blogs always seem to deteriorate from well-reasoned discourse to less-reasoned, self-serving criticism to arm-waving diatribe. The Bill of Rights doesn't do that. --M. Wilson, Montana


I'm curious as to what the ACLU thinks
of all of the fat hysteria going on
in this country.

-P. Davenport, Michigan


I'm glad you finally have a more "bloggy" blog at the ACLU. A few suggestions: Most importantly, ACLU blog authors need to start engaging other legal bloggers, rather than just linking to news items and material. Also, commenters need the ability to link. Finally, add trackbacks.

We of the ACLU need to engage the blog world directly, and linking to other blogs (especially ones that oppose the ACLU) and having a robust comments section is how you do that.


Also, stop moderating comments. Set commenting rules and enforce them, ban IPs if necessary, but no prior restraint.


Can't wait to see what the ACLU has to say about 2nd Amendment rights. Oh darn, I guess that one didn't make the cut.

Glad to know they whole-heartedly support the rights of terrorists in Guantanamo Bay as a way to make the Bush administration look bad though. Maybe the so-called "human rights" advocates should focus more on important issues like the barbaric massacre of Zimbabwean immigrants in South Africa or Burma's reluctance to provide aid to its suffering people. Instead this blog highlights the ridiculous U.N. probe into the American election!

I have long suspected that the ACLU has been a shameless partisan organization that cares more about denigrating American conservatives than actual human rights and civil liberties. This blog certainly isn't changing my perception.

LT Nixon, Angry American


This could be the MOST educational and informitive blog on the net. Finally something to help ACLU members pass the word and help stop the goverment from violating the most important rights of americans.. THANK YOU "ACLU"
Larry York


Please, on your Blog of Rights, tell us something we don't already know! Every member of ACLU knows that our government is guilty of torture, rape and murder.

I want to read where an government official is indited, tried and either shot, hung or sent to somewhere for permanent rendition!

But please don't keep reminding me that our leaders are sadists. That I already know.

Phil Hoffman


I'm curious to see how much free speech is granted in the comment section.


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