Jimmy Carter on Accountability for Torture

Former President Jimmy Carter recently stated that he respects but disagrees with President Obama's decision to block the release of photographs that depict U.S. use of torture and other harsh interrogation methods under the Bush administration. The ACLU is with President Carter when he talks about the hope to be "much more open about the revelations of what we've done in the past." And when it comes to who knew about and authorized torture policies like waterboarding, Carter calls for a "complete examination" of what happened along with "the identification of any perpetrators of crimes against our own laws."

We couldn't agree more.

Watch President Carter's remarks here, followed by a reaction from Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU.

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Support the ACLU’s call for accountability today: Sign a petition to Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate torture.

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Hawaiian style

Hooray for President Carter

Thank you Sir for speaking out.

Unless we investigate and prosecute those that enabled, ordered and tortured we will someday do it again.

Fear creates inventive reasoning.


Jimmy Carter tortured more Americans with 18% mortgage rates, gasoline shortages, Panama Canal giveaway and with his total mismanagement of the Iran Hostage situation than any administration in history.


Maybe we should just let all the prisoners go away and then broadcast on national TV all the pictures we can find about the so called torture of them. However, be sure that all the pictures and movies of those who killed and maimed our people are shown at the same time. Or maybe you would like to hide those.



So you want to hide evidence of the crimes our govt committed? And you want those crimes to continue. And I am sure you supported those crimes at the time. And you dont believe that those in foreign countries, occupied and invaded by US, have any rights to defend themselves, their land, homes and families? You are the perfect neo-con!

Stay Informed