Military Lawyers Speak: Guantánamo Is a Disgrace

Today, in partnership with Brave New Foundation, we released a new video for our Close Gitmo campaign. This video features interviews with three military commission defense lawyers and a former military commission prosecutor talking about the military commissions system that was set up to prosecute detainees in U.S. custody. They use words like "disgrace," "sham," "kangaroo court," and "deeply unethical" to describe the system. See for yourself:

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Today, ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero is at Guantánamo to observe the pre-trial hearings of the detainees charged with crimes related to the 9/11 attacks. Today we learned the group of four detainees offered to plead guilty to the crimes.

President-elect Obama has said that he will close Guantánamo. Let's hope he puts this shameful chapter of American justice to an end on Day One.

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The very beginning of this flick is confusing, since it states that the military commissions were established in 2001 on screen, and has a voice-over about the Military Commissions Act, which was in 2006.

liberal hater

NO, the American CRIMINAL Liberties Union is a disgrace. A national disgrace for which every REAL, PATRIOTIC American should be ashamed of.

The ACLU failed to mention that the families attending these hearings at Gitmo held a press conference praising Gitmo and the military hearings and they asked that Obama keep Gitmo up and running. They even walked out of the press conference when these left-wing, American hating lawyers started criticizing Gitmo. One family stated they were angry because these lawyers had made these hearings political.
You see these families have suffered unlike the ACLU who wants to defend terrorist who want to die.

marc ashby

So would you have these people use our court systems, get off free and have them run around our neighborhoods blowing themselves up in our elementary schools? Why would you give them rights when all they want to do is kill us. These Demons hate us and every thing we represent. Remember this is the GLOBAL WAR on terror. These are the people who cheered when the planes slammed into the WTC and now you want to help them. Why

Captain America

The ACLU is a disgrace! I am ashamed to call the ACLU and it's members Americans. What about the victims of the attacks? Who's side are you people on? I pray every day that God will send everyone of you to Hell!!!

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