More Eyes Needed on Congress as they Prepare to Vote on Worldwide War Authorization

The fact that Congress is getting ready to vote on a new worldwide war is finally receiving the attention it deserves — by the media.

The New York Times ran an editorial today that highlights the lunacy under which many members of Congress are operating as they look to authorize worldwide war. Or as the New York Times puts it, “A Conflict Without End”:

This wildly expansive authorization would, in essence, make the war on terror a permanent and limitless aspect of life on earth, along with its huge potential for abuse.

The New York Times editorial is pitch perfect as it argues that not only will this provision ramp up the American military’s role in a war on terror, but it will also allow it to wage on forever.

We are glad this stealth provision for endless worldwide war is getting some attention from the media (and maybe it will no longer be quite so stealthy) but members of Congress need to engage too and you can join us in urging them to do so.

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Word Wide Web Vs. World Wide War. GO.


(Perpetual) war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength


What is the bill number within which this authorization is provided?? I'd like to read it first, rather than just accept the ACLU's one-sided perspective.

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