President Obama Orders 120-Day Stay of All Gitmo Proceedings

At approximately 9 p.m. last night, John Adams attorneys received word that President Obama had ordered military prosecutors to file a motion seeking a 120-day stay of all military commission proceedings at Guantánamo. Two ACLU attorneys, Jamil Dakwar and Denny LeBoeuf, are in Guantánamo now and will have more details soon. Read the prosecution’s briefs requesting the stay here and here.

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I cheered this morning when I heard the news on the way to work. Then I looked down and noticed I was 15 miles over the speed limit, so I constrained my exuberance.

Brett Bellmore

Thus *extending* their stay without trial, in case you didn't notice.


If I were on trial at Guantanamo or about to go to trial, I would want the stay to find out how Obama's going to proceed. Cases may be dismissed for lack of evidence, etc. and/or referred to civilian courts where the accused have more rights and the government's burden of proof is higher.

jackie critser

It's a start in the right direction.

Dane Smith

Why is the aclu interested in the non American people at gitmo?

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