Are CIA Cyber-Spooks Hacking Americans' Computers?

At Wednesday's Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, titled "Global Security Threats," Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.) hinted that CIA agents might be engaging in abusive cyber operations against Americans. And CIA Director John Brennan did little to dispel the notion.

At the hearing, Wyden asked Brennan point-blank whether CIA activities are covered by the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), which prohibits hacking people's computers. Brennan shrugged off the question, saying that he wasn't familiar enough with the law to answer. Udall followed up by demanding that Brennan assure the committee that the "CIA does not conduct domestic spying and searches in violation of Executive Order 12333," which "prohibits the CIA from engaging in domestic spying and searches of U.S. citizens within our borders." Brennan said only that "the CIA follows the letter and spirit of the law … in terms of its responsibilities to collect intelligence that will keep this country safe."

If experience has taught us anything, it's that the interesting part of all of this may lie more in the questions than in their answers. Wyden and Udall's line of questioning recalls a now-famous Senate Intelligence Committee hearing last March. In that hearing, Wyden pointedly asked Director of National Intelligence Director James Clapper whether the NSA was collecting information on millions of Americans. Clapper responded with one word: "No." We learned how untrue that was when the first Snowden document was published on June 5, exposing the NSA's call-records program, which collects the metadata of virtually every call placed by every American.

This would not be the first time that the CIA has violated Americans' rights. In the 1950s, the CIA opened hundreds of thousands of Americans' letters, and in the 60s and 70s, its covert Domestic Operations Division engaged in widespread surveillance and infiltration of domestic civil rights and anti-war groups, through Operation CHAOS, Project RESISTANCE, and Project MERRIMAC.

Right now, we don't know whether the CIA is engaging in cyber-ops against Americans. But we do now know that the NSA's spy shenanigans range from sucking up massive amounts of internet traffic through upstream and downstream collection programs, undermining online security and encryption standards, infiltrating online gaming realms, and even scooping up detailed user information sent over smartphone apps. If Senators Wyden and Udall are sounding another warning call about another government agency running afoul of the law without regard to our privacy – we should be listening.

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The cia is hacking ALOT more than computers! Our defense department is overstepping their bounds far more than people want to realize. But this country has people so scared they will give up every right they have. People need to wake up! It's time to stop all the secrecy, we elect officials to protects us not hide things from us. If its such a secret then it must be a lie! Our defense department is covering up not protecting and people are so scared they can't even decipher right from wrong. A college professor once taught that people will do anything if someone in authority tells them too and it's true. Our country of surveillance has become a country of terrorists. Surveillance in mass ascension is terrorism. Our defense department is terrorizing people and calling it surveillance. Our defense department is surveilling people in an effort to force them to "confess". The ACLU was right who's going to protect us from them?


Funds for CIA require unremitting resupply to sponsor our puppet govts. Here's one:
CFR Puppet Afghan President Karzai acknowledges CIA payments


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And now that we're clear on the issue, you can stop looking at what I'M doing.
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Mrunalini Chinn...

Which government agency has admitted that they spy on people/hack computers/surveill/conduct psychological/other experiments to harass people to bring out the evil in them for scientific study ?/steal peoples jobs to drive them pennyless so these agencies cannot be sued and people are manipulated to be part of the evil these agencies do/intentionally manipulate divorce proceedings so they can seperate & control the children to be part of what they do?/follow you throughout the globe because some loophole in a policy allows them to do so, which to start with was probably introduced and pushed by them.
All these they do, only until these agencies are caught. Just like NSA, once caught, they are 'ONLY' doing the thing that they are caught for and nothing else. These agencies are the ones that bring out the evil in people intentionally, to experiment. When people talk about freedom, they are portrayed as criminals, or else, beware these agencies are capable of manipulating your parents, steal your identity, kill you or drive you insane to kill yourself and wipe off their hands. So speak up before you get to your grave, seek freedom for yourself and the future generation. Else, you might be the last one who knew how it felt to be without the influence of these dreadful agencies.
Checkout the Wikipedia articles on what CIA/FBI or other agencies are caught doing.

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