Introducing the ACLU's NSA Documents Database

The public debate over our government's surveillance programs has reached remarkable heights since the first set of NSA disclosures in June 2013 based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Since then, additional disclosures by both the press and government have illuminated our government's vast and invasive surveillance apparatus. These documents stand as primary source evidence of our government's interpretation of its authority to engage in sweeping surveillance activities at home and abroad, and how it carries out that surveillance. The ACLU hopes to facilitate this debate by making these documents more easily accessible and understandable. Toward that end, today we are launching the NSA Documents Database.

This tool will be an up-to-date, complete collection of previously secret NSA documents made public since last June. The database is designed to be easily searchable – by title, category, or content – so that the public, researchers, and journalists can readily home in on the information they are looking for.

We have made all of the documents text-searchable to allow users to investigate particular key words or phrases. Alternatively, the filter function allows users to sort based on the type of surveillance involved, the specific legal authorities implicated, the purpose of the surveillance, or the source of the disclosure. For example, you can have the database return all documents that both pertain to "Section 215" and "Internal NSA/DOJ Legal Analysis." We will update the database with new documents as they become available to the public.

The fact is that most of the documents contained in this database should have never been secret in the first place. Now, with newfound access to these records, we can educate ourselves about the true nature and scope of government surveillance in its many forms. This database will serve as a critical tool with which we will hold our government accountable.

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Marne B

Thank you for putting this all in one place. This fabulously designed database will no doubt be invaluable. Well done.


I am the victim of people who used the technology of the NSA for nefarious purposes. These are people who should be upholding the law rather than using it against the public. Where do you go for help? I have tried every organization that says it stands for civil rights, and have not gotten anyone to listen to me seriously. I have even been asked if I am on medication by one gentleman. There are many people suffering because of the misuse of this program who have no where to go for help. I even tried the local ACLU and was told they did not have the resources to investigate such a case. It is all well and good to report these things, but practical help for those involved would be even better.


you idiots, now you're gonna be on their watch list. why didn't you use the TOR network and get a .onion link

Internet Archive

We offer an experimental library of TV news clips pertaining to recent revelations about the NSA and its oversight. Clips can be trimmed or extended and quoted online via sharing links, embedding or a variety of social apps.


Well at least you're not making yourselves equivalent to the guy who did the Two-Minute Hate speeches in the book 1984. I can tell you right now that's what it looks like that damn Snowden character is doing. He gets on the news yesterday and talks about "further information I have against Big Brother" just like the Goldstein character would come on the news in the book every SINGLE day and rile up the public with a two-minute hate speech against the Party with the single purpose of sowing dissent and anger all over the place.
If I didn't know better I'd say Snowden deserves time for trying to incite a crowd to violence and rebellious behavior.
There's a freakin' LIMIT to EVERYthing, bad OR good.


This is WAY too much like 'The Two-Minute Hate' that the people in the book 1984 were forced to watch on a television screen every single day.
We're not living in George Orwell's world, it was fiction for god sake, and I refuse to sell out my government in every way over SOME mistakes they made. They also did at leas one absolutely FABUlous thing, for me and my family anyway.
Beyond that, the idea that someone could think they have the right to turn a fiction into reality just freaks me out, if you want the honest truth.

Joseph D. Smith

Edward Snowden is a hero, we all know that. He shouldn't have had to expose these secrets, but rather it shouldn't have been hidden from us at all.

And to the Anonymous commenter; I believe you, and trust me, anyone would be willing to help you, but when the NSA detains you, or even when the President detains you, you have no options, because Congress gave them this power. I am sorry they are doing this to you!


Joseph D. Smith, autistic author of the book of poetry, "The Legendary Graduate".

Michael Ojaste

A suggestion before a comment: How about a Glossary of terms. PRISM, MYSTIC, TSP etc. If you read everything you grow to know most terms but a Glossary would be helpful.

To the 1984 book references and it being fiction I say "From the Earth to the Moon" of 1865 by Jules Verne. I could find many more "Fictional" writings that tell a story that at the time they where written, were seen as fantasy. 100 years or so later it was reality. Talk to me in 2049 on the 100th anniversary of George Orwell dystopian novel. Have the depictions in the book arrived yet NO, are we headed in the that direction YES.
Your ignorance is astounding to not comprehend the massive service to our Constitutional, and founding principles, Snowden has provided. I don't hate my government because of what he is saying, I love it. With that love come my civic duty to tell it when it strays from the path of liberty and freedom set out by our founders with this great experiment, the United States of America.

The Illusive Ad...

I do not know if they had to contact the NSA to frame you. Who were these people? Were you at work? They asked you about medication huh? Sounds like people from HR. The same people who violated your digital private parts are the ones you'll need to report. Call 911, hire a private investigator. I am not sure I understand what happened.


Dr. Stoner from HR reported you. You will hae to report him to himself, police, or hire a private investigator. I'm just making this up though.

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