Six More Released

Six more detainees have been repatriated, bringing the total down at Gitmo to around 355 with 80 still cleared for release.Also, of the 14 "high-value" detainees transferred from CIA custody recently, all have been deemed "enemy combatants." Interestingly though, the Combatant Status Review Tribunals have not declared them "unlawful enemy combatants." That leaves it an open question whether they can be tried in front of the military commissions.Once again, here we are with legal ambiguity preventing America from achieving justice for those who were, we imagine, directly involved with 9/11. Why, one must ask, can we not transfer these men into the civilian court system? How are these individuals any different than the Blind Sheik or anyone else involved in the original World Trade Center bombing?With Congress in recess (after getting rolled on the FISA expansion vote), we won't get an answer anytime soon. Shame.

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