Soothed into Submission at the Airport

Today's IndyStar features a story called "Airport's calming features should make for serene security checks," and describes the Indianapolis International Airport's efforts to smooth the way through security checkpoints for harried travelers. They include "mural of flowers, blue-lit panels and ambient music." Similar efforts are underway at the Baltimore-Washington airport. Ahh… Nothing like some ambient music to forget that you're about to confront…the naked machine.

The naked machine is a full-body, virtual strip-search that shows TSA officials what can only be described as too much information. The Indianapolis airport has the millimeter-wave machine that reveals images like these. (I was disconcerted to see that the Delta terminal at JFK has the backscatter machines on my way to Netroots.) Must security really entail TSA officials seeing your colostomy bag, evidence of a mastectomy, or the size of your breasts or genitals?

"They create a very graphic picture of the naked body," said Barry Steinhardt, director of the ACLU's technology and liberty project. "I don't believe Americans should be subjected to a virtual strip-search for the privilege to board a plane."

Now, to be fair, you don't have to subject yourself to these super-invasive machines. You can opt for a grope, pat-down instead.

At least in Indianapolis and Baltimore, Enya will play in the background to soothe your frazzled, exposed nerves.

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Phil M

Do we have any indication of whether these TSA strip search machines show operators only still images or full-motion video? Typically, even very low-resolution images can convey a great amount of detail when animated.


I agree with what you have to say!!!! As a taxpaying American I think its unconsionable that we are allowing our freedoms to be stripped from us under the guise of protection. When does the American Population decide to stand up and say "Wait a minute...Does this make logistical sense to me?" What gives the TSA the right to see me (or anyone else) naked? These machines are incredibly detailed!! Where in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights does it state that I must disrobe before someone I've never even met just to get on a plane who's nickel and dimeing me for everything!!?!!! I understand the need to secure our citizens but when is enough enough?

Welcome to Perv...

This is the evil tool, made by pervert for pervert users. It shows very well your body, and yes the line of your sex will be clear, like your niples and so on. Poeple who made it and who want to use it are totaly mad, we all have to claim that we dont want this hightech sex toy !!


People expose more of themselves at the beach. I'm not fussed about this, as long as I don't have to look at the pictures. Whoever thinks people are getting jollies out of this is out of their minds...these are *not* flattering views.


If I expose myself at the beach, its my choice. I have been to nude beaches in Europe and have been quite comfortable. But the security dodes at the aorport checking out my package? I don't think so!

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