Third Strike Against Hartmann

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how a Guantánamo military commissions judge found that Brigadier General Thomas Hartmann, the Legal Advisor to the Convening Authority in the Department of Defense Office of Military Commissions (say that title five times fast!), had exerted unlawful influence over the prosecution in the case against prisoner Mohammed Jawad. Earlier, Hartmann had been barred from all aspects of the Salim Hamdan trial, for the same reason.

Well, it's happened again. For the third time, in the case of Canadian national Omar Khadr, a military commissions judge has found reason to question Hartmann’s influence. The International Herald-Tribune writes:

The judge, Army Col. Patrick J. Parrish, said Air Force Brig Gen. Thomas Hartmann has "created the appearance that he will be unable to remain neutral and impartial" in Omar Khadr's post-trial process because of his "extremely active approach" as legal adviser.

Some details behind Hartmann's "extremely active approach" can be found in a story Ross Tuttle wrote for The Nation in July, discussing the Jawad case:

According to a document filed in court by [detainee Mohammed] Jawad's attorney on July 15, Brig. General Thomas Hartmann, the highest-ranking officer and top lawyer overseeing Guantánamo's military tribunals, has misled the court, the press and the American public, and should be disqualified from the process. Major David Frakt, Jawad's defense counsel, brings to light new evidence that Hartmann has been deeply involved in prosecutorial matters--a role that contradicts his mandate to provide impartial legal advice to the office of the Convening Authority which runs the Commissions--raising serious doubts about the ability of the Commissions to administer justice. (emphasis ours)

This is in addition to Hartmann’s pressure on government attorneys to prosecute the "sexy" cases in the run-up to the November election.

How many more times does this have to happen for everyone to acknowledge that these commissions are deeply flawed and rigged from the start?

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Re: post, above: Here is a general link to my web pages, re: domestic terrorism:






This is Vic Livingston, columnist at and a former business journalist for the NY Daily News, Phila. Bulletin, St. Petersburg Times, among other credits.

I just saw the above post from "" and was taken aback. So I went to the web site cited above and found rantings and ravings by SOMEONE ELSE who uses the internet name "scrivener." It is not I.

If the posts above are from the FBI, and I have no reason to believe they are not, perhaps that helps explain why I am the victim of constant physical harassment, "gang stalking," assault with radition-emitting directed energy weapons and a vicious smear campaign that has sidelined by mainstream media career for nearly the past five years.

I find it hard to believe that ANYONE in the FBI would be so inept and unprofessional as to make accusations against an individual without first checking to make sure that person is indeed the one believed to harbor a subversive ideology.

ACLU, I have been pleading with you for help. This blog item probably will be read by me and me alone, but I am posting today to memorialize what is a huge miscarriage of justice.

Could the FBI be this inept? I prefer to think not. But I need assistance in clearing my good name. I have been slandered, defamed, physically and psychologically harassed and yes TORTURED. ACLU, please help me. I can't get through because my email is being intercepted, and when I tried to visit your Worth Street offices twice within the past couple of years, I was turned away at the door by men in suits with interesting lapel pins.

Please help me. My email address is

Now I know I shouldn't have used the name "scrivener," which, of course, means "writer," but who would believe that because some nut job uses the same "handle," I would have my life ruined?

I will try to reach Ms. Ito again tomorrow. It will be just the latest attempt in two years of trying. Please help me, ACLU. I don't know where else to turn.

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