Tiny Torture Tape Update

As part of our Torture FOIA case, we were supposed to have received a few weeks ago a list of documents pertaining to the 92 interrogation tapes destroyed by the CIA. Not surprisingly, we didn’t receive anything from the government. We did, however, receive an order from the Court concerning the documents, which the government turned over for the Court’s review only.

In the order, the judge states that he reviewed “representative documents and information produced by the CIA relating to the destroyed videotapes” and orders the government to create a work plan for production of the material, beginning with an index of the documents withheld and an explanation for withholding, by April 9, 2009.

Stay tuned.

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Thanks for the update - the CIA holds its secrets close.

Perhaps I'm naive, but I have to ask: When did our government cease to be "of the people, by the people and for the people?" Perhaps it never really was.

My rather ordinary, peaceful and quiet life has been turned upside down over the course of the past few years. I'm a white, divorced, professional female. I can't leave my house without being followed. My house has been entered surreptitiously. Personal items (some valuable) have been stolen. Filing cabinets have been rifled and documents taken. My car and other personal possessions have been vandalized. A threatening note (without any fingerprints) was received. The police aren't interested. Rather, they spent valuable time investigating me, even though I'm a hard-working, law-abiding American.

I went to a well-respected psychiatrist, even though I knew very clearly what was/is going on. He said. said, "No paranoia, no delusions. I believe that someone is psychologically terrorizing you." He was right. Still, the police aren't interested. It's an outrage, but it continues. And I live in fear.

I never imagined that this would (or could) happen in these United States. Life goes on for others but, mine, for all intents and purposes, is over until this stops. If it ever does. If the police can't help, who can? And if this could happen to me, who's next?

I have to ask what kind of people would do this to another human being. What kind of country would permit one group of citizens to be victimized by another in this manner? I keep hoping that perhaps something will be leaked - that someone will have a "crisis of conscience."

I'm not suggesting CIA involvement - I don't know who is behind it, but I'd like to thank the ACLU for helping to expose past and current abuses by some of our excessively secretive, governmental entities. If groups like the ACLU keep pushing back, perhaps there's still hope...


How does the ACLU get it's funding? I know there are monthly donations, but this can't cover all of their expenses.Just curious.

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