Torture and America

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our first-ever ACLU Blog of Rights symposium, and thanks to our readers for their thought-provoking comments. If you haven't had a chance to check out the symposium posts by our guest bloggers, here they are:

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Have you guys noticed there's an ??? Let's start organizing local meetups in our own states put pressure on locally elected officials. There's also (Bill of Rights Defense Committee)

To be honest I do not support everything the ACLU does. I think the ACLU could pick their fights better. Supporting MBLA was a bad move, but I am in total support against torture and the Patriot Act.

Even if I don't agree with everything, I think we should all be able to work together on what is important. Defeating torture and the Patriot Act.

I have been handing out flyers over S. 1959 Violent Radicalized Homegrown Terrorist Prevention Act. This amendment to the Patriot Act will open the door to a crack down on free speech on the Internet.

People need to know this bill is in the Senate. The mainstream media is not telling people about this.

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