Al Franken Flags Torture Program Architect at NDAA Hearing

Yesterday we told you that Steven Bradbury — one of the top legal architects of the Bush administration’s torture program — would be testifying at the first Senate hearing about the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). (For more background about the hearing, read this post).

An important moment was when Sen. Al Franken took the opportunity yesterday to publicly condemn the torture program and question the credibility of Steven Bradbury's testimony. Franken said that he was disappointed to see Bradbury was called to testify because he was the author of the torture memos. The senator then listed the various torture techniques that Bradbury ok’d and concluded his public rebuke by making clear how wrong Bradbury’s role in trying to legally justify torture was and said, “if OPR [Office of Professional Responsibility] questions your [conclusions] we should as well.”

Stay tuned to hear more about NDAA developments, and check out our resources and activist toolkit to fight the NDAA’s dangerous detention provisions in your community! We’ll have more about yesterday’s hearing on the Blog of Rights soon.

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Al Franken SIGNED the NDAA.


Here's a weird thought. I get lots of these on the Monday moinrng weird-o-meter of outrage.What happens when the ownership of silver and gold falls under provisions of NDAA?What happens when even talking about gold and silver ownership gets the attention of the Big Brother data sifter? My grandfather told me of the FDR gold expropriation in 1932. It was an Executive Order. No review of Congress or the Supreme court. Just cough up your gold. Or face a fine of $10,000 and imprisonment. It took 30 years before citizens were once again permitted to do something that the US Constitution at one time demanded of us; own gold.Were you a Japanese/American Citizen living on the west coast of the US in 1942?That hard knock in the middle of the night by US Army troops, well armed, coming to your door to arrest you: Taking with you to a concentration camp little more than the clothes on your back: To a concentration camp manned with US Army troops, equipped with 50 caliber machine guns: All your possessions, land, homes, businesses sold to the lowest bidder: It took 45 years before our government, under President Reagan, apologized for this horrible injustice. Remember that? The Nesei were never fully compensated for their economic loss. But aside from the aspect of the Nesei financial losses, no apologies could ever make up for this gross, foul insult. The nation and military of Japan were at war with us. Our Japanese/American citizens were not.So when you think this can't happen to you because you don't have some racial indentification such as epicanthic folds over your eyes or a skin tone that is not on the governments latest index of acceptable color, guess againThe rule of law is broken. Constitutional freedoms are being stripmined from us on a daily basis. Our freedoms, liberties, wealth, security and virtually everything we hold as our common birth rights are flying out the window. Who is doing it? Our elected officials, politicians, unelected mandarins and czars are doing this; not under cover of night but in the full light of day, with fanfare and trumpets announcing and heralding the benefits of these new laws.We are expected to believe that Slavery is Freedom, Poverty is Wealth, War is Peace and the government is just looking out for your interests. Welcome to the BRAVE NEW WORLD"The government that is generous enough to give you everything is powerful enough to take it all away'

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