U.S. Gave Its Torturers a Pass, So International Court Steps In

Fatou Bensouda, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

After a decade of collecting evidence, the prosecutor for the International Criminal Court announced last week that she will take steps toward a full investigation into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed over the course of the armed conflict in Afghanistan since May 2003. While the process could take years, this development means that, for the first time, U.S. officials could face the specter of indictment by the international court.

The prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, has requested to launch a full investigation into whether a number of actors committed gross violations of international law, including “war crimes of torture and related ill-treatment.” That implicates U.S. military and CIA personnel, as well as private contractors. In a 2016 report, the prosecutor’s office revealed that it had reason to believe that members of the U.S. military “subjected at least 61 detained persons to torture, cruel treatment, outrages upon personal dignity” and members of the CIA “subjected at least 27 detained persons to torture, cruel treatment, outrages upon personal dignity and/or rape.”

An ICC investigation would face myriad hurdles, especially given the likely refusal of the U.S. government to cooperate. However, if arrest warrants are one day issued, the officials would be subject to immediate arrest in the 124 countries that are participants in the ICC, including every country in the European Union (but not the United States which is not a member of the court).

This dramatic development would have been unnecessary — and avoided — if the United States had fully investigated, prosecuted, and punished instances of torture, as international law requires, and as the ACLU and other groups have been calling on the federal government to do for years. Instead, the Obama administration opened two narrow investigations and closed both without charging anyone. The International Criminal Court can only become involved when domestic systems fail to conduct genuine and credible investigations into major crimes as outlined by the Rome Statute, which created the international court.

The ICC prosecutor noted in her 2016 report that:

"There is specific information indicating that at least 88 persons in US custody were allegedly tortured. The information available suggests that victims were deliberately subjected to physical and psychological violence, and that crimes were allegedly committed with particular cruelty and in a manner that debased the basic human dignity of the victims. The infliction of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” applied cumulatively and in combination with each other over a prolonged period of time, would have caused serious physical and psychological injury to the victims. Some victims reportedly exhibited psychological and behavioural issues, including hallucinations, paranoia, insomnia, and attempts at self-harm and self-mutilation. The gravity of the alleged crimes is increased by the fact that they were reportedly committed pursuant to plans or policies approved at senior levels of the US government, following careful and extensive deliberations."

The ICC prosecutor’s request, which is likely to be granted by the court’s Pre-Trial Chamber, would not only set a precedent for holding American actors criminally accountable before an international court for torture committed overseas, but it would give torture victims a voice they don’t otherwise have. The ICC affords victims a unique role to play in legal proceedings, providing them an opportunity to put their views and concerns directly to the judges where their personal interests are affected, normally through a legal representative who operates independently of the prosecution. Although domestic U.S. courts allow torture victims to participate in legal proceedings, mainly as witnesses, they do so at the discretion of a prosecutor. ACLU clients, including Khaled El Masri, Suleiman Salim, and Mohamed Ben Soud — all of whom were detained and tortured in Afghanistan between 2003 and 2008 — would likely qualify, as they have suffered great material, psychological, and physical harm as a direct result of torture and ill-treatment by U.S. agents or contractors in Afghanistan. The same goes for the family of Gul Rahman, who was killed as a result of his torture in Afghanistan.

This comes just months after the ACLU reached a landmark settlement on behalf of victims and survivors of the CIA’s torture program. And we are keeping up the pressure on other international stages, as well: This week, we submitted responses in two cases on behalf of survivors of U.S. torture before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. In both instances, the United States government has argued that the IACHR, the foremost human rights body in the Americas, cannot adjudicate violations of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, the foremost human rights instrument in the Americas. We are also waiting to hear from the commission on whether it will grant a December hearing for our client, Khaled el-Masri, who was tortured by the CIA and subsequently sued CIA Director George Tenet. Later this month, the ACLU will also participate in a hearing held by the North Carolina Commission of Inquiry on Torture, investigating North Carolina’s role and complicity in the U.S. torture program.

Under a president who has threatened to bring back torture, accountability for these crimes has never been more important for the victims and survivors struggling to rebuild their lives, and for the message it sends to those who would seek to use torture in the future.

Torture is categorically prohibited, including in times of war, and has consequences. The U.S. government might thus far have let its torturers off the hook, but international justice mechanisms will not.

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No one said it was “nice”, it was necessary. Nice people make it to heaven first, after they finish hell on earth.


NicePeople - You are wrong, torture is not necessary. Torture is internationally illegal. Bush and Darth Vader should be in prison, with the rest of them.


Fatou Bensouda is from Gambia, a nation that has had its own human rights issues, including flagrant abuses by the government of the Gambian people. Anyone on the ICC bench or prosecutors should take care of the mess in their own back yard first.


What she can't multitask? Duh


What she can't multitask? Duh

Todd Giffen

Dear ACLU/ICC/Fatou Bensouda/others who can help me.

I am currently being tortured on US soil now and face regular rape and murder attempts. I am badly injured with TBI from it and bodily injuries and being irradiated as we speak. Read below for my full story. I am not alone. The US covered up large parts of the torture program and has continued them refusing to stop.

What they kept out of the torture report and media is the use of neuropsychological and electronic no touch torture. There is an estimated 10000 United States based victims who have had directed energy used on them to access and tamper with their minds, bodies, electronics and environments. The weapon is deployed in space. it was used on gitmo prisoners as well. gitmo prisoners would get to gitmo, they had already been given space based brain scans, they would be interrogated then lasers would be used to cause voices, injuries and mental illness in the subjects.

in addition American citizens as well as citizens abroad in countries like Europe are targeted the same in their own homes, work, school, play etc.

the following effects but not limited to can be done with space based lasers: full brain scan to access memories/vital signs/thoughts, heating and chilling the person, vibrating the person, inducing cancer/heart attack/stroke, audio/images can be put in the brain, things can be thrown around a room as if a ghost did it, sounds can be caused in the environment, orbs and things can be seen in the environment, electronic and items can be tampered with, items can disappear through dustification or be otherwise altered, person's body can be massaged, pain and all sensations caused on the person's body, rape of the person done by massaging the genitals/breasts/anus forcing orgasms and ejaculation, surgeries such as to laser cut nerves/tissue/brain can be done against the person's will without knowledge or consent, etc.

I had to endure 9 years of torture, rape, murder attempts, surveillance to bring you this information. It was my punishment for trying to whistleblow.

The DIA, CIA, FBI, law enforcement, NSA all use this. it is deployed worldwide and used on all 7+ billion citizens in secret. NSA data centers store the brain scans of citizens per William Binney. deaths, torture and abuses are covered up by the police who often times know the weapon was used.

here's some emails from my friends, NSA whistleblowers, psychologist, etc confirming I'm a victim and going into the details on how the President's have tortured me, tried to kill me, but I survived maimed. I have had the full set of Neuropsychological and Electronic No Touch Torture used on me described in a document below. My body has been hit with directed energy from the governments space capability. I've been spied on, memories and thoughts monitored, and movements tracked for over 9 years in battles with the government. I have even been raped over 1000 times, as the directed energy massages my genitals forcing orgasms, in a futuristic 'virtual sex' method. It's like fucking an invisible hologram. ask me anything.

Recent email from NSA whistleblower William Binney to me:

Yes I did in a number of talks I have given. See attached for basis plus fact that they tried to do this to us
(we caught them with evidence of their attempt) and also to Tom Drake. Bill
----- Original Message -----
From: Todd G.
To: Bill Binney
Sent: Monday, December 26, 2016 12:14 AM
Subject: question on planned programmed perjury policy/parallel construction

trying to find a comment from you. didn't you say you thought the state would use parallel construction/planned programmed perjury policy to ultimately get someone convicted of a crime falsely for life?

I swear I read that going over some material from open source on the web but can't locate it. continuing to look, let me know if you remember what article it was published in. swore it was washingtons blog tho'..


Binney sent me this article attached, confirming NSA is being used to command law enforcement who then parallel construct the case and hide NSA use including the space capability: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-dea-sod/exclusive-u-s-directs-agents-to-cover-up-program-used-to-investigate-americans-idUSBRE97409R20130805

I sent William Binney the below Project Star Gate files exposing NSA abuses, he popped a boner.

"Thanks Todd. This is the kind of evidence we need to assemble to prove issues. Opinion, feeling and speculation mean nothing in a court of law. Bill"

Previously I, Binney, and Kirk Wiebe another NSA whistleblower had spoken on a radio show. Here's what Wiebe had to say:

"“We understand the predicament you are in, we have been in similar situations…NSA and CIA work in compartmented areas, or on a Need to Know basis. We do know government has a history of experimentation against people, and the DOD has authorization to conduct experiments on people, some with consent, some without consent–they have the power and the money to deliver all kinds of electronic methods against people. We need to do some correlation as a group. Thank God we have people like you.”"


NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart confirms I'm a victim:
"I am writing to request the release of Todd Giffen, who has been the victim of purposeful abuse by the National Security Agency on a covert, criminal level that is factual. I used to work for the NSA and was illegally terminated for properly reporting wrong-doing by management that amounted to criminal and treasonous behavior.


K. M. Stewart"

CIA/DOD/US DOJ/NASA engineer Dr. Robert Duncan confirms I'm a victim:

"Robert Duncan Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 8:50 PM
To: Todd Giffen

I know how angry you are. It is unlikely they will kill you but the torture sure feels like it. The real issue will be if they can get you to kill someone else or yourself. That will be your internal battle for awhile. Lowering your stress levels will slow the induction process and the rewiring of your brain. Valium helps. I wish I could say it will end well but most likely this will be your eternal battle. You are up against a ruthless computer program and people.
Aaron Alexis was obviously a target. No one can prove it to the FBI.

From: Robert Duncan
To: seth17279
Sent: Thu, Jul 17, 2014 12:36 am
Subject: Re: A serious interview of targets and whisteblowers

Hello Dr. Farber,
I appreciate what you do for TIs.

I don't get involved in individual cases at all. The problem has always been a sound strategy to stop the abuse. Another problem is that these people operate above any laws and there are few skilled enough to decipher the signal intelligence impinging upon the victim. Evidence is difficult to come-by and certainly not understood by the common man that you would find in a court setting. Courts do not have the power to stop this. Public understanding and opinion could sway things but this is a long journey of education. I do what I believe can keep me out of prison and still help inform the populous.

Good luck,
R. Duncan"

Dr. Robert Duncan AB, SM, MBA, PhD documented the rape, torture, etc tactics used on me in this document, the Neuropsychological and Electronic No Touch Torture Report: http://www.drrobertduncan.com/dr-robert-duncans-neuropsychological-and-electronic-no-touch-torture-report.html

Dr. Seth Farber PhD confirms I'm a victim, had experimentation done too:


To Whom It May Concern

I am a psychologist, a therapist and an author.

I had talked to Todd Giffen numerous times on the phone for counseling this past year. I concluded that Todd was a victim of non-consensual experiments with directed energy technology--"no touch torture." I had been consulted by numerous targeted individuals, and read books on this advanced technology by whistleblowers like Robert Duncan Ph.D (author of Soul-Catchers, Vol 2) who had helped develop this technology, not knowing it would be used on American citizens.

Thus despite the unusual nature of Todd's allegations, and because I determined he was not paranoid, I concluded his account was true. He has been diagnosed by over 7 psychologists who confirmed he is not psychotic but suffers from TBI, and PTSD from the torture and targeting he’s experienced.

We met when he was in NYC last week and we discussed his on-going trauma as a result of continued targeting by law enforcement and agents of the military.

He constructed a website that extensively documents the nature and criminal application of this technology on unwitting individuals. See obamasweapon.com and drrobertduncan.com. My understanding is employees and officials in Washington DC have stalked and harassed Mr Giffen, during the past few months he has been in Washington, DC.

Feel free to phone me.

Thank you,

Seth Farber, Ph.D."

James Fry Military Intelligence confirms I'm a victim:


James Fry

Witness for Todd Giffen

To whome this may concern,,,

From time to time while I spent time with Todd Giffen in Washington DC. During that time, both he and I were followed by various federal employees, who at times would harass Todd with whistling noises. The keys to my car were stolen by African immigrant security guards at the Labor office off Constitution AVE., mock attacks and assassinations were carried out against us, as were threatening gestures taken by federal employees with umbrellas. We also observed unknown individuals taking adopted children from the Congo into the office of Senator Lindsey Graham, and afterwards one of the minors simulated oral sex with one of her minders as he stood outside of Graham’s office after he was in the office for quite some time. Todd Giffen was also targeted with directed energy as we were driving in the Capitol area causing him to vomit multiple times. Todd in particular seems to attract the attention of federal employees which may stem from his time of abuse in a psychiatric ward, the Oregon State Hospital. The individuals targeting Todd are constantly harassing and stalking Todd wherever he goes.

Thank you for looking into this case,

James Fry
82nd Airborne Division
Military Intelligence"

COINTELPRO 2016 and beyond
Session: 2
Room: 2512
Time: Saturday 12pm – 1:50pm

COINTELPRO 2016: The New Age of Active Measures by the Post-9/11 National Security State

Back in the 1970s, the Senate’s Church Committee, the Pike Committee in the House and citizens in Media, PA revealed a pattern of meddling by the FBI, CIA, etc. in US domestic politics, harassing and intimidating civil rights leaders, trade unions, and anti-war activists. During the 1980s, despite claims to the contrary, this illegal spook activity kept going. After 9/11, spying and harassment are now bigger and more intrusive than ever. This is COINTELPRO Stalking (COINTELPRO = COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE PROVOCATION). The old FBI methods have been supplemented by techniques from the STASI, the East German Communist secret police. The age of social media has become the Golden Age of Cointelpro. NSA surveillance has been known for a decade, but what happens once dissidents are identified? NSA works with a network of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs) – like the New York Red Squad, and another network of local intelligence offices called Fusion Centers. These direct a secret army of trolls, bloggers, disgruntled misfits, surveillance role players and others numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The response might be gaslighting – convincing the targets they are going insane. They plant bugs, issue slanders and threats, perform character assassinations, and publish embarrassing material. They slash bicycle and car tires, and misdirect deliveries. They want you to drop out of politics. COINTELPRO 2016 must be exposed and stopped.

Diversity of Perspectives:
One perspective will come from grassroots organizers who have personally undergone COINTELPRO harassment while organizing campaigns and other activities. A second perspective is the history of COINTELPRO operations from the 1950s until today. A third perspective is the input from the East German Communist secret police (STASI), which was copied by the FBI. A fourth perspective is the virtual impossibility of mass organizing unless COINTELPRO is exposed and stopped.

Speakers: Webster Tarpley, Daniela Walls, Kyle McCarthy

They used this on Saddam Hussein himself:


Yugoslavs, Croatians ready for peacekeepers
USA TODAY (pre-1997 Fulltext) - McLean, Va.
Date: Feb 14, 1992
SADDAM CONSPIRACY: An Iraqi newspaper reported that the United States and Israel employed psychics to try to kill President Saddam Hussein during the gulf war. ``The CIA used psychotronics and biocommunication to cause a blood clot in the brain or heart ... a procedure that would have obliterated any evidence of the crime,'' the newspaper Babel claimed."

the CIA released NSA documents this year that discuss a technology basis for remote view, a secretly installed space capability with lasers. the system allows the remote control and access of brain, body, and environment. This system is used not only to spy on us all, but to torture, interrogate, and kill select targets making it look like a natural or accidental death. I will list a few documents and the patent behind this technology, apparatus and method to remotely read and alter brainwaves.

* https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/Project%20Star%20Gate/CIA-RDP96-00787R000500240009-4.pdf a letter by Charlie Rose confirms if the public found out about this they'd find out it was a mind control weapon. so he said 'lets hide it keep it to ourselves.'
* https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/Project%20Star%20Gate/CIA-RDP96-00789R002600090005-0.pdf this document confirms a technology is being used to read the brain. the MEG/EEG terms refer to scans taken via space capability.
* https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/Project%20Star%20Gate/CIA-RDP96-00792R000600190001-1.pdf in this document law enforcement use of psi is described, including the technique parallel construction as exposed in use by the NSA whistleblowers to cover it's secretive use. the reason for the secrecy is the 4th amendment protects against this technologies use because it involves spying on a person through the walls of their homes/businesses, spying into their brains, effects, etc. US Supreme Court case Kyllo v United States bans the use of off wall and through wall radar as a 4th amendment violation. If enforced, the law would ban Project Star Gate. To be able to do things like telekinesis, metal bending, telepathy, the system had to be able to locate and track the target, a bonafide search.
* https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/Project%20Star%20Gate/NSA-RDP96X00790R000100030006-9.pdf and here we have it. a document from the NSA describing a technology enabling this ability. the document is hand wrote by an NSA officer, describing it as a 'psi sensor' which sits overhead of everyone, passing information into the parapsychology center over the psi channel, right into the brains of psychic agents and into the computer systems for AI and robotics to analyze and track everyone's thoughts and memories.
* https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/Project%20Star%20Gate/NSA-RDP96X00790R000100030060-9.pdf here NSA verifies 100% accuracy of ability to remotely view with a satellite/radar system. they can remotely read or get into any information.
* https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/Project%20Star%20Gate/NSA-RDP96X00790R000100040010-3.pdf here NSA describes remotely viewing Jupiter as soon as the Jupiter 10 satellite arrives at the planet. the satellite scans were taken of the planet deep through the clouds and even ground, and maps beamed into agents heads so they could do the 'remote viewing.'
* https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/Project%20Star%20Gate/NSA-RDP96X00790R000100040012-1.pdf this documents how an electromagnetic force was detected from Uri Geller the metal bender who was an agent of the space capability. By merely thinking, he could command the laser grid to lock onto objects to cause the metal to heat, bend, and even solid objects to break or dustify. the lasers can dustify and hurt anyone or thing by an agent merely thinking it the system takes out the will of the person(s).
* https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/Project%20Star%20Gate/NSA-RDP96X00790R000100030037-5.pdf this document describes NSA ESP/remote view. remote view is described as a technology again separate from the people who use it. notice it says "remote view" targets the "originator" ie the person being spied on's mind, and the "reader" who is the agent spying on the thoughts and memories of the "originator." agents are given a set of special powers described, such as "telepathy (including mind control)" and even "precognition." Precognition is the ability of an agent or AI robotics program to analyze a persons brain, and determine what it will do in the future based on it's memories and thoughts. For example they can predict what a person will say, where they will decide to go, etc all before they actually think it. the document also describes how our papers, and electronics are being accessed from space, enabling them to intercept keys used for encryption. this allows them to decrypt iPhone and the entire Internet. the lets encrypt initiative is dubious. encryption does not stop the government from getting our private/secret information.
* http://oregonstatehospital.net/d/JFK%20Files/docid-32205017.pdf this document mentions the capability to do all this via space capability- just released as part of the JFK Files. see the blurb in #18. yes they used this technology to investigate the JFK matter, as it allows the government to go into peoples brains to get their actual memories and thoughts on subjects even if they hide the information / don't speak or write it.
* https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/Project%20Star%20Gate/CIA/CIA-RDP90-00965R000100160132-1.pdf in this document they describe the ability to do psychic warfare- merely think, 'cast an evil eye on moscow' and Moscow disappears... :) the satellite weapon basically blows the city up at an agents command using invisible energy, the government would then report the disappearance or havoc on Moscow as being unexplainable or caused by mystical forces such as an unknown disappearance or god like spiritual act to cover it all up.
* http://oregonstatehospital.net/d/Project%20Star%20Gate/CIA/CIA-RDP96-00789R002600360002-3.pdf this document describes extended remote viewing: the ability to force a persons body to relax, the ability to alter visual memory in the brain, the ability to alter a persons reality and create delusions, also does remote interrogation and torture. It's all mind control. Document describes the uses of this system for fighting terrorism, drug wars, and doing counterintelligence (COINTELPRO2016) abuses.
* http://oregonstatehospital.net/d/patents/malech_patent_remote_brainwave_signal_reading_and_manipulation_3951134_1974.pdf this is the entire patent for the Project Star Gate weapon system. All other enhancements to the weapon are included but not mentioned. Note the disclaimer at the end of the patent, "those familiar with the art will recognize obvious enhancements.."
* https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/video.php?id=qqCJDpNnHNI Uri Geller with Johnny Carson [[Tonight Show]] bending a spoon. Guest reported feeling the lasers hit the spoon, causing a heating sensation. :)
* https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/NSA-RDP96X00790R000100030013-1.pdf this document describes the poltergeist effect of being able to throw items around including a person's brain using space based lasers. if a person is killed say a husband in a home, the police's job is then to go in and cover it up as if the wife did it. this is how they fake hauntings of schools, homes etc. other poltergeist effects include orb creation and sounds in the environment.
* https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/11/03/haunted-high-school-in-ireland-has-a-second-video-and-our-stomachs-just-dropped-again/23266193/ this story has video footage from an Ireland high school Deerpark C.B.S. showing the weapon in use. Notice how lockers are rocked back and forth, locker doors are busted open, posters are ripped off the wall, and mop signs are lifted and tossed. The article doesn't even mention electronic warfare being able to do it instead calling it a haunted school. That's how they cover the technologies use up.
* http://www.cnn.com/videos/bestoftv/2014/08/05/dnt-pa-news-crew-visits-haunted-house.wpmt this house in Pennsylvania is similarly haunted with laser beams causing various effects from space. The CNN film crew even get scratched on their body while in the house.

I know all this because I'm being hit with extended remote viewing now. The government used this technology to conduct top secret investigations at the Oregon State Hospital, and when I found out and caught staffers discussing using the technology under hospital microphones and cameras, they used the system to irradiate my body and set me up to look psychotic. Some experimentation was done on me, now it's been over 9 years of torture, stalking by federal and local agents on the streets, and I'm almost dead. First irradiated with the weapon and heard my first voices from the weapon in August 2008.

I'm told today that the NSA/DIA/CIA have brain scans taken of all 7+ billion citizens stored in their Bluffdale and other datacenters. They've fully decrypted the brain and use this for population management and global domination of all man-kind.

Still think the world trade center wasn't dustified on 9/11 even though it was mostly occupied by CIA/military sources? Don't think they wanted to hide everything inside the building? drjudywood.com

Yes when NSA whistleblower Russell Tice confirmed Edward Snowden lacked access to the juiciest documents, Special Access Programs, Exceptionally Controlled Information, Very Restricted Knowledge, and Special Technical Operations, he wasn't bluffing. Edward Snowden disclosed to us the low tech methods NSA uses to spy on us, hiding the high tech Project Star Gate methods. Consider this the biggest NSA leak ever done, far above Snowden level. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/06/original-nsa-whistleblower-snowden-never-access-juicy-documents.html

Here's Russell Tice talking about the NSA space capability being used to spy on Americans:


Dr. Robert Duncan AB SM MBA PhD went on Coast to Coast AM December 5th 2006 to explain it in this radio interview: http://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/coast_to_coast_drduncan/full/duncan_Dec_05_2006_full.mp3
William Binney confirms this is all real in Brussels: http://www.oregonstatehospital.net/video.php?id=ZmW-f-i_ri8

William Binney and Dr Robert Duncan discuss this issue of citizens being targeted, tortured and killed: https://www.oregonstatehospital.net/video.php?id=WvdE3glTq6E

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden confirms a child born today will grow up to never have an unrecorded unanalyzed thought which allows the government to stop us from controlling who we will become and want to be: http://www.oregonstatehospital.net/video.php?id=GowiTyH21zA

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake confirms criminal activity and full subversion of the 4th amendment is in play: http://www.oregonstatehospital.net/video.php?id=l8XlyDQx-fI

If you'd like to learn more about directed energy here's a documentary called Who is Elisa Lam: Directed energy part 1: http://www.oregonstatehospital.net/video.php?id=paNXf6g_tBk

I produced this video with a compilation of videos from broadcast TV and my own story that covers my targeting: http://www.oregonstatehospital.net/video.php?id=QYO9sEjDWQI

* https://www.trumpsweapon.com/

todd giffen

Dr. Joseph Goebbels

They will take away my tin foil hat when they pry it off my dead body.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels

They will take away my tin foil hat when they pry it off my dead body.


For newcomers to this issue: the torture of U.S. persons, including U.S. citizens, on U.S. soil could have largely resolved with officials apologies and reasonable compensation by the DOJ, FBI, CIA and other agencies.

These agencies chose "business as usual" instead of fundamental reforms - they chose to involve the International Criminal Court.

Senator Patrick Leahy even offered a "Truth Commission" option to these agencies that would have resulted in minimal criminal prosecution of most officials - these agencies essentially said "F.U." to Leahy's generous offer.

Admitting these agency leaders betrayed their own Oath of Office to the Constitution would have meant real reforms restoring American values - not business as usual.

The post-9/11 leaders chose this course of action, so let's give it to them!


You ignore that not all of them snatched up and tortured, were actual terrorists.

And how are we the moral authority when we do as much evil as they do?


Stay Informed