On Friday, Steve Bierfeldt, treasurer of Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty, and Larry Schwartztol, fearless ACLU attorney, appeared on CNN to talk about our new lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security.

We filed the lawsuit on Steve's behalf after he was detained in a small room at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and interrogated by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials for nearly half an hour for passing a metal box containing cash through a security checkpoint X-ray machine. He was carrying the cash in connection with his duties as the Director of Development for the Campaign for Liberty, a political organization that grew out of Congressman Ron Paul's presidential campaign.

We wrote about the case on Thursday. The CNN segment further underscores the TSA "mission creep" – using post-9/11 heightened security measures as an excuse to exceed their search authority – to which Steve was subjected. Watch it here:

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Vic Livingston

BULLETIN TO ACLU: TSA Is Just the TIp of the Iceberg




• Is DHS secretary and Team Obama unaware? Or is telecom malicious tampering, prior restraint and censorship an indication that authoritarian bureaucrats are using the telecommunications system as an unconstitutional "control mechanism"?

Can't seem to access, or post to, certain web sites -- especially, political sites? Or audio/video news feeds?

Are the functions of your computer "hijacked" by third-party remote computing software? Do important email messages fail to elicit a response?

Does your web browser suddenly and repeatedly crash for no apparent reason -- especially when you are visiting a site that focuses on politics or opinion?

Do you often get the "endless beach ball" -- your computer simply stalls and refuses to move -- except for that constantly whirling icon?

Are you blocked from making posts to certain web sites -- seemingly based on the content of your post? Do you receive messages like "your comment awaits moderation" ... but your comments never seem to post?

When you hit the "submit" button to send a comment, does the browser task bar start to churn, and then suddenly reads "stopped" before resuming after a noticeable pause?

Do political blog pages fail to update even if you hit the "refresh" button -- keeping you from making timely comments to new blog entries?

Do cookie "blocks" show up in your "preferences" list, even though you didn't request a block, thus preventing you from access?

Are you prevented from fully viewing public documents youy try to download
from government web sites?

When you post, do typos, spelling errors and other anomalies appear in your comments (after a time-delay in the posting process) -- even though you carefully proofread the submission?

If any combination of the above happens with disturbing regularity, you could be the unwitting victim of government "fusion centers" that apparently are using internet "filtering" and real-time remote computing surveillance to censor and maliciously interfere with the telecommunications of American citizens.

Please see this running account of an apparently "targeted" journalist and his quest to exercise his First Amendment right of free speech, and his Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures of telecommunications.


Then demand that American Civil Liberties Union renew its fight against warrantless government spying by filing a class-action suit against unconstitutional surveillance and malicious interference with personal and business telecommunications.

Recently, while reading the ACLU blog, this reporter learned of the Bush-Cheney "doctrine" of "ideological exclusion" -- apparently used to bar political "activists" from abroad from visiting the United States.

Could authoritarian bureaucrats be using this doctrine as a justification to censor political speech in this country?

If you suspect the answer is "yes," please add your account to the free speech thread cited above.


OR (if links are corrupted / disabled):



Outrageous. Nothing short of outrageous.

"Mission creep" is pervasive and needs to be rolled back in a big way. Thank God there are still people like Steve Bierfeldt who are willing to stand up to abuses of authority, which are so much worse that most people realize. I sometimes wonder if I'm really living in America.


Once again the Departement Of Fathrerland Security is using 911 as an excuse to act like big brother.


I am getting tiredof my emails being intercepted and or not geting a response or response is somewhat abnormal then what a friend would write or .they crossed a line .when will obama do something about this????


Encryption is a powerful tool and you can begin using it very easily and for free.

This link can help get you started in no time at all:

There is also plenty of good info at https://ssd.eff.org/


Sometimes I wish smart bombs could have taken out certain Mission Creeps in the last administration so their wouldn't be so much of this crap still going on. Did the Bushies put "embedded agents" in strategic settings to keep this going to undermine the present Administration until the Reps could re-capture the White House? Maybe they don't even need the White House to achieve their own Creep.


Go ACLU for auditing TSA and protecting our unalienable rights. The language of the officer was completely unprofessional and intentionally "harassing" in nature. I wish all the best for the ACLU to win big in this case. This respective officer should have had his employment terminated and any supporting officers should have been terminated as well. Disciplined is not enough.


This fight against the Almighty DHS transcends all boundaries, and people, the fight against a horrible Department and their practices is a must and have to be supported by all. Today is Stephen, tomorrow who would it be you? Me? Wake up people the DHS is not for us. Stand up and support, fight back its our right.

Mary S.

We have been instructed that it is legal to say, "I have nothing to say," and nothing beyond that. If you have identification on you, they will just take it, I guess. My own feeling about this has been that I need to practice this script. I am accustomed to assuming the best about people. However, police in my part of the country have killed numerous people of all races and ages, and I have come to see this advice as logical.


Obama has indicated that a private security force in the USA. a.k.a. "SS", secret police, and computer records of "MEDICAL INFO" DATA BASE to be used by ?, Insurance companies, gov. agency, hospitals to track your "health"... Hell!, this is just a better tool for the "for profit market insurance" too make more money off us, and keep us as "financial slaves"!. Before long the TSA will require us to show our new NHC National Health Card, before we board an airplane, or be forced to comply and submit private police interrogations.


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