"We Will Close Guantánamo"

November 16 is the Obama administration's self-imposed deadline to decide whether it will prosecute any of the detainees currently being held at Guantánamo in federal court.

According to news reports, there are still 215 detainees being held at Guantánamo.

The president should take an important step toward restoring due process and American values by moving detainees’ cases out of the unconstitutional military commissions and into our federal court system.  It’s long past due for our time-tested judicial system — one that has handled 119 international terrorism cases since 9/11 — to deliver true justice that, in the words of Attorney General Eric Holder, is "consistent with the rule of law."

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Should Obama restore the rule of law?Yes but I doubt it.1

Guantanamo and ...

Paen - yes, the U.S. should restore the Rule of Law, not only on its Detention and Interrogation Policy but also on its Surveillance Policy. Join the discussion group on Facebook, "Watching FBI Surveillance."


The Rule of Law. Its a shame that the slogan is used so often, and its abuses have become so prevalent that it is nearly meaningless.

Why do the Executive and the Legislative branches of our government think they have the power to simply pass laws or issue directives that violate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

By what tangled legal reasoning does the Executive think it does not have to follow these legal foundations of our "Democracy"?

You tell me.


And folks, we have stalking groups operating in our communities, but good people can't believe it, because it's inconsistent with anything that most believe is possible in the U.S. It will come out, I trust. The question i is how and when.

Thanks for the Facebook tip.


Correction to #4: How and when will the truth come to light?

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