Since you're reading this on the ACLU blog, you're likely already aware of the growing influence of blogs, the way they can pull an otherwise overlooked story from the ether, build momentum around it, and push it into the mainstream. Blogs, and social networking sites like Facebook, Digg, Twitter and others, offer users an unprecedented opportunity to be a part of the story. As online activists, we are closer to the news and closer to the newsmakers than we have ever been before. And we've got all these resources, literally at our fingertips, for letting people know about important issues as they arise and ways they can get involved.

So do your part to turn traditional top-down newsmaking on its head! Stop by the "Web as a Grassroots Tool" booth at the ACLU Membership Conference and get caught up in the Web 2.0. We'll be demonstrating just a fraction of the countless ways you can use the Web to spread the word about important civil liberties issues. We'll also be introducing - well, not you, because you're already here! - members to the shiny new and improved ACLU Blog of Rights.

Hope to see you there!

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ethel rowland

The membership conference is exciting and informative.
For the Wall of Hope, my hope was that there is an end to the drug war.

Brother Ali

Well, I have not actually participated in any seminar for the conference. I just participated in the action center. I was overwhelmed with information. So many issues and concerns which information was provided for. Some closer to home than others. But good information regardless. My opinion: the ACLU really did an excellent job! it's like the ACLU library.

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