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ACLU by the Numbers, Part III

By Lisa Sock, ACLU at 11:25am

The ACLU online team has put together an index to show how important the ACLU has been over its 90 years of defending the Constitution — and how many challenges we still have in front of us. This is our last installment:

Year the ACLU first took on creationism in public schools: 1925

Year the ACLU last took on creationism (disguised as "intelligent design") in public schools: 2005

Number of ACLU members at close of 1925: 2,250

Number of ACLU members at close of 2009: Approximately 500,000

Percent of our 2010 budget that the ACLU stands to lose as a result of losing our largest individual donor due to financial circumstances: 25

Number of days you have left to make a year-end donation to the ACLU: 1

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