Packing for Vacation? Remember the Sunscreen, Camera, and the ACLU Know-Your-Rights Card

Summer vacations to the Grand Canyon will require a little extra preparation this year. Along with your camera and hot-weather gear, make sure to pack a copy of the ACLU's new know-your-rights card (PDF), advising you of your rights if stopped by law enforcement or immigration authorities. The recent passage of Arizona's racial profiling law, S.B. 1070, has created an environment of extreme uncertainty where police encounters and civil rights are concerned.

That's why the ACLU affiliates around the country are issuing a public "travel alert" today, advising people how to respond to traffic stops and avoid unfortunate encounters with Arizona law enforcement. Even though the law won't go into effect until the end of July, Arizona's history of racial profiling and the wild-frontier antics of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arapaio give reason to believe that at least some state or local police officers will feel emboldened to act on the law before its time. The ACLU wants you to be prepared for such circumstances — especially this weekend, as the summer travel season hits its stride.

The residents of our state, New Mexico, have especially good cause to heed the travel alert's advice. Not only do we share a border with Arizona, but our population is as diverse as any state in the country. New Mexicans are as likely as anyone to be stopped in some officer's errant attempt to check immigration status.

What's more, the New Mexico driver's license doesn't qualify as adequate proof of legal residence under the Arizona law. If the law goes into effect, unless you have a passport or some other government-issued ID aside from a New Mexico driver's license, there's a good chance that unwarranted stops of New Mexicans can evolve into unwarranted arrests.

In their zeal to purge immigrant families from their state, Arizona lawmakers have forfeited liberties that are the hallmark of freedom in the rest of America. Travel to Arizona could now become like a trip to a foreign country, and the state's official motto may one day change from "God enriches" to "Show me your papers."

For those reasons, it's critical that what happens in Arizona stops in Arizona.

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Mike B

Will the ACLU be also issuing a public travel alert for California due to California Penal Code section 834b?


Nice to see that you are creating fear when there is none necessary. Get off you knees and obey the law.


ACLU issues travel warnings to Arizona.

How stupid!!


I hate Arizona

Alan Errickson

From a citizen of Arizona, go to hell.


Where are my rights as a citizen of the USA to be protected from those whom are not here legaly?

Perhaps it is time to defund the ACLS!


Your corrupt organization needs to pack up and move to Mexico. Try violating their immigration laws and see how far you get.

Jack Howard

Without a doubt the mos demogogic and ignorant piece I've seen in a long tome. Shame on you.


Boy lets hope they do some profiling- the Hispanics are about to run the Blacks and other minorities out of the state!


Don't believe this drivel, read the bill.


Stay Informed