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Do They Think We're Stupid?

Do They Think We're Stupid?

By Louise Melling, Director, Center of Liberty; Deputy Legal Director, ACLU at 10:41am
Do they think we're stupid?
Maryland Stands Up for Pregnant Workers

Maryland Stands Up for Pregnant Workers

By Allie Bohm, Advocacy & Policy Strategist, ACLU at 5:22pm

Yesterday, Maryland's governor signed into law legislation protecting pregnant women from workplace discrimination. This should be a no-brainer.

Picture this: you have a good job, you have medical benefits, you're financially stable, and you…

Moving the Ball Forward on Comprehensive Sex Education

Moving the Ball Forward on Comprehensive Sex Education

By Steven Waddy, Legislative Assistant, ACLU at 4:56pm

As unbelievable as it sounds, some parts of our country are still teaching abstinence-only sex education in 2013. That’s why Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., and Rep. Barbara Lee, D-C.A., recently reintroduced the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act…

Rhode Island Stands Up For Pregnant Women in Prison: Says No to Shackling

By Amy Fettig, ACLU National Prison Project & Becca Cadoff, Reproductive Freedom Project & Steven Brown, ACLU of Rhode Island at 12:18pm

Following the lead of a dozen other states, Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee has signed into law a bill that sharply restricts the harmful practice of shackling pregnant prisoners. As we have learned from the stories of women across the country,…

One of These People

The Hobby Lobby Stages of Grief: Stage 2, Anger

By Elayne Weiss, Washington Legislative Office at 5:00pm

Have you recovered from last week’s brutal Hobby Lobby opinion yet? I haven’t. According to the Kübler-Ross model of grief, I am still only at stage 2: anger.

And you know what? I’m not okay with reaching acceptance.


Supreme Court Rules Companies Can Use Religion to Discriminate

A Loss for Women Today in the High Court

By Brigitte Amiri, ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project at 11:16am

The highest court in the country ruled today that it is acceptable for closely held corporations to use their religious beliefs to take away benefits guaranteed to their employees by law – something the Supreme Court has never before sanctioned.…

"My body is not public property."

6 Things We Got Done On Reproductive Rights This Month

By Hayley Smith, Advocacy and Policy Associate, ACLU at 12:05pm

Politicians are comparing women's health to cars, attempting to criminalize pregnancy, and singling out abortion providers for surprise, medically unnecessary inspections. But over the past month, reproductive rights supporters also found a few reasons…

Protect Access to Birth Control

Wait, Did An Oklahoma Hospital Try to Ban Birth Control Prescriptions For An Entire Town?

By Kelsey Townsend, Reproductive Freedom Project, ACLU at 2:06pm

Last week, women in Bartlesville, Oklahoma faced a terrifying possibility. According to a new religiously based directive from the town's main health care system, only one OB-GYN in the entire town would have been allowed to prescribe birth control.…

This Woman Was Evicted for WHAT?!

This Woman Was Evicted for WHAT?!

By Elayne Weiss, Washington Legislative Office & Michaela Wallin, Women's Rights Project, ACLU at 4:17pm

It took a while, but earlier this year, Congress reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act, which expanded important housing protections for survivors of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault. As we reported earlier, previous VAWA protections…

Reproductive Health Restrictions Hurt Asian-American Women

Reproductive Health Restrictions Hurt Asian-American Women

By Zeenat N. Hasan, Co-Founder, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), Arizona Chapter at 2:40pm

UPDATE: On March 12, 2014 we appealed the dismissal of our challenge to Arizona’s discriminatory race- and sex-based abortion ban (HB 2443).

The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Arizona filed a lawsuit today on behalf of the…