Protecting Protest at Occupy Wall Street

As the Occupy Wall Street movement gains steam, the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) is standing beside the demonstrators and defending their right to speak their minds.

Teams of NYCLU staff and volunteers regularly visit the movement's headquarters at Zuccotti Park to distribute our Know Your Rights information and engage the demonstrators' on their experiences with the NYPD. The park's makeshift library is well-stocked with our Demonstrating in New York City and What to Do if You're Stopped by the Police guides. We're engaging the protestors on Facebook and Twitter as well.

And, our royal blue-clad legal observers are on hand monitoring police activity and recording any instances of police misconduct.

If you or somebody you know has been the victim of police misconduct associated with the protests, if you've seen the police engaging in intimidating behavior or using video cameras in a way that chills the right to protest, or if you've seen the police doing something right, please tell us about it. Send an email to and tell your story. We're collecting your videos and photos, too.

The NYCLU is here to ensure that the NYPD respect and strengthen the protest rights of all New Yorkers.

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You need to be filing suit over what happened in Boston asap.

Bob Sagot

This is an outrage


You guys are dumb asses. Wake the hell up.

Lance T. Walker

Love to see articles like this. The irony is, the OWS protestors are fighting for the rights and jobs of policemen, too.

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