America is Not Yet a Post-Racial Society

(Originally posted on The Hill's Congress Blog.)

The election of President Barack Obama is heralded by many as a triumphant leap into a new post-racial America, in which the scars of centuries-old racial wounds have healed and equal opportunity flourishes. But the truth is, we still have a long way to go.

It’s 2009 and race still matters. Race affects the type of education you receive, the type of neighborhood in which you live, the likelihood that you or someone you know will be incarcerated, and even the extent to which your community is being affected by the current economic crisis.

As ACLU Senior Staff Attorney Reginald Shuford notes in his law review article, “Why Affirmative Action Remains Essential in the Age of Obama” (PDF), black men without criminal records are no more likely than white men with criminal records to get a job. Another study illustrates that job applicants with “black-sounding” names are less likely to get a favorable response to their resumes than those with “white-sounding” names.

Some people, however, would like us to believe that racial discrimination no longer exists. California millionaire Ward Connerly and his crony Timothy Asher have been on the forefront of trying to ban equal opportunity across the country. In 2008, Connerly targeted Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma for anti-affirmative action ballot initiatives, losing everywhere but Nebraska. Having a reputation for using fraudulent tactics, the dynamically deceptive duo is at it again in Missouri. After previously failing twice in the state, Asher last month began a third drive to qualify an anti-affirmative action initiative for the ballot, prompting the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program to file a lawsuit challenging its legitimacy.

Contrary to what these anti-equal opportunity proponents purport, affirmative action programs do not give a “free pass” to unqualified candidates and they do not amount to “reverse” discrimination against white people. Equal opportunity programs give employers and universities a right to take candidates’ backgrounds into consideration. These programs recognize and strive to correct the barriers that continue to block the paths of many Americans, including women, Native Americans, Arab Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and African Americans. Equal opportunity programs aim to provide equal access to the American dream, which is something that all Americans should champion, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

We can cling to the hope that one day equal opportunity programs will not be necessary, but we must admit, that day is not today.

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"Equal opportunity programs give employers and universities a right to take candidates’ backgrounds into consideration." This is very true. However your next sentence leaves out a segment of the population the Caucasian race. Now I know there needs to be change. There are a lot of poor and underprivileged Caucasian's out there. They seem to be left out in the cold altogether. This is my opinion.

I would appreciate whoever left that message on the LGBT Filtering Victory and used my name that they try using their user name in the future.

Liberal Hater

Pure sh*t. Well I don't know, maybe race does matter to liberal democrats and black racist. We all know, well those of us with a brain, that most blacks are racist. They are bitter, angry human beings and blame all their problems on "whitey". Of course left-wing loons like to try and say that white people are racist. Their idiots of course.

Blacks are lazy and that is why they live in the projects and deal drugs and rob stores and carjack people and rape and kill people just like down in Knoxville, Tn. Don't believe it check out the murder trial going on in Knoxville right now.

&0% of black babies born out of wedlock, half the prison population is black males even though they make up only 13% percent of the population.

I could go on and on about the "cancer" black people are to society but they are not worth my time.

Thank me very much!


Monitored by Christopher C. Happ 2009 The Constitution does not mention a right to privacy; The Bill of Rights does, although The Supreme Court has advanced the notion that in certain places and under certain circumstances an individual has rights to privacy but only when there is a reasonable expectation of privacy; there is no such thing any longer. Not in public or on the company website, on the highways in your car and soon ( already) in your home. IV Amendment :The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Secure: Not worried, reliable, well guarded and fortified, safe, assured. Encarta Dictionary: English ( North America) Seize: Take hold of something, exploit something immediately, affect somebody suddenly, appropriate something . Encarta Dictionary: English ( North America) There is no privacy, it is already lost, possibly forever, unless we finally stand up and decry it. There has never been a new technology that has not been abused for nefarious purpose. Photography, sound recordings, video cameras, phones and now computers. The papers mentioned in the IV Amendment are cast aside now; at one time paper documents were the only way to record information, personal journals, letters, artwork and later video and audio tape, now digital media. Can you imagine someone just walking into your house and going through your personal items? With the internet everything is available to almost anyone with the technology to get it, hackers, the government, the police. Would the IV Amendment not include digital information? It appears not. This information gathering has gone too far and we act like a herd of sheep. Some would espouse that we need these controls, for the betterment of our lives and our safety. Others will point to conspiracy theories; usually labeled as paranoid. Whichever side of the argument you take- it is being done every day, 24/7/365 .. Do you trust the use of your information? Why not make all homes and offices of Plexiglas? What's the difference? There is none. Every abuse of new technology is promoted as being for your own safety and quality of life. Information gathering is now global. Think of all of the ways you are tracked. Progressive insurance company will give you a discount for allowing them to install a box on your car that monitors your driving habits. ( I think of the Jingle for Geico, “Somebody's watching you”.) This is touted for your own good that of others and improving your life by reducing cost. Most, if not all new vehicles have black boxes - Event Data Recorders, that digitally store your speed, airbag deployment, angle of the steering wheel and the application of the brakes. How far is too far? When phones and telegraph were invented, it was not long before both could be tapped. Cell phone communications can be monitored by anyone with a few dollars worth of equipment. There is no more Science fiction it is all Science fact. Think of all of the ways you are tracked. The most heinous is the use of your Social Security number. There it is again, security. The use of this number as a personal identifier, forged the way for the misuse of information that has occurred. The number was for one use; an account number to track your benefit. A benefit crafted by the assertion that money taken from you now can provide security to you at a later date. Because you cannot be trusted to care for yourself. The information gathering promoted to protect, does exactly the opposite; there are more fraudulent schemes now than ever before in history. Credit information is stolen regularly and used for elicit purposes. The very people collecting the information cannot protect it but it is supposed to protect you. Why does a passport need a biometric chip? To track your whereabouts, not for the security it touts, just look to 9/11 and our porous borders to the North and South, to see the fallacy of that. There are speed and red-light cameras, yet children are still killed in the crosswalk, drivers still speed, drunks still careen into families, drugs are still transported- all just revenue generators and control mechanisms. No one can save you from the dangers of existence but the ill-intentioned, the power hungry and the thief will try to convince you that they can. It's for your safety, your own good, your health, your bank account. All gathering of revenue through taxation is a control measure. Due to property taxes, you never truly own your land or home. Miss a payment and it becomes the government’s, either State or Federal. You register your gun, your ca;, we need to know who you are and where you are at all times. Grocery store cards offer discounts and are used for targeted advertising. All of that information is stored somewhere and neither you nor I know where or how it is used. Anyone accessing it can track everything you've purchased, harmless you say? With the debate over healthcare, your purchase of butter and steaks could be tracked and then taxed, or used to deny treatment. Again for your own good and that of society. We use debit cards and credit cards; the information pinpoints your whereabouts to the millisecond and exact geographical coordinates. Many use direct deposit, where your money is automatically deposited for you. The only problem is, it's not money, its credits, units if you will. This was promoted for ease and your protection, carrying cash can be dangerous, again— your safety in mind. Of course getting your money from a machine, in view of all, is likely more dangerous than cashing a check inside a bank. But there are cameras for your safety; they can photograph you and your assailant- you lying in a pool of blood with the attackers DNA all over you- buy you're still dead. I am certain that paper money will soon disappear, likely in my lifetime. It will be promoted as another Green initiative, saving countless trees, cotton fields and protecting us from hazardous chemicals in the ink; it will reduce the government’s costs. On the contrary, it will just increase the control over you and your affairs. We are being slowly made comfortable— incrementally, by our leaders like a cat who stalks his prey a step at a time, hidden in the grasses. Every thing you buy from food, fuel, how much electricity you use and where you go is an open book to anyone who can access it, and there are many. There is a plastic strip in your money with the denomination printed on it and then sandwiched between the layers. It is only plastic and not a tracking device, for now. Control the money and you control the population. It astounds me that credit cards and credit bureaus must send you a privacy statement, even though there is no privacy! It explains how your information will be used and by whom. These institutions can't protect your information and are the only source and the only reason for fraudulent use of it. Credit information or better just information gathering services tell us that this invasion of privacy will assure that lenders make solid loans, that employers hire quality employees, through, credit checks, background checks, drug tests and even personality tests but the recent spate of bad mortgage loans and undocumented employees, some criminal, and worse those same able to access your information for nearly every transaction. Drug-free workplaces that hire momentarily drug-free employees, still occurs. This collection and the justifications for it are simply lies. Think of it, to know everything about your neighbor could give you the upper-hand in times of strife. The information could be used to embarrass, extort and ultimately control. There are RFID chips, (Radio Frequency Identification Chips.) They can help a merchant track inventory and control theft. This technology is used on electric meters in some locales to read meters from a van with equipment that can read the information from the alley in your home. This keeps down your cost and is more efficient; again for your safety and quality of life. Isn't that amazing? They are now taking about smart thermostats that not only monitor but control your use of energy, this for the good of the planet, and you buy that explanation? I cannot fathom what sane person would make use of On Star. We hear the commercials, “Mr. Jones, I see your airbag has deployed, do you need help?" The tracked driver responds in a feeble voice, " Yes, please.” wimpering like a mindless sot. Then there is woman with a child who is lost. How is this promoted? For your protection and safety. Whenever someone or some organization begins to offer you security, safety and a better way of life, run, or at least stand up. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, "Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” Sadly we have neither. Another example, possibly the least offensive is Google mail for, I did not realize until recently that whatever you type in the subject line or body of an email, instantly produces a series of ads related to the information you entered, on the sidebar. . If a woman tells a friend about a new negligee', or if a man talks about his AR-15, ads for lingerie and guns appear. This is referred to as targeted advertising and you are the target. It annoys me that a computer can instantly decipher what I write. Hard drives can never be completed erased even after formatting. High level software can recreate every bit. Add to this, that all the information is sent to and stored by many servers, actually who knows how many, where or why? To be truly free is to be free to fail, to lose. We all die of something and no one can protect us from death or calamity. The planet that is billions of years old is immune to man's feather light attacks. To have handed over my safety, security and that of my family to another is the greatest insult, the most shameful act, in my opinion. Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his essay Compensation ( 1841), says, "He may soon come to see that he had better broken his bones than to have ridden in his neighbor's coach, and that 'The highest price he can pay for a thing is to ask for it.' " Without government control, now called by the euphemism reform;, the good -hearted doctor will still treat those unable to pay, while the wicked Charlatans of the profession will still milk the system. The charities, will set up orphanages, homeless shelters, hospice and medical care but by those who choose to give freely, offered from a good-heart not those bound into servitude by tyranny. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men...There is no worse heresy than that, the office sanctifies the holder of it." Lord Acton I

Bill Davis


I am a white male and am a victim of Affirmative action policy. I enlisted in the military, served honorable, and tried to use the skill set, taught to me by the military, to obtain a civil position. The position was Firefighter. I had training, certificates, experience, etc. I was told by no less than 9 agencies that even though I scored in the 99th percentile for employment I could not be hired. When pressed for a reason why I was told I was white. Confused I asked the local congressman why this was happening. He told me that the job(s) I had applied for had their quota of white males. Odd, if I was born any other race, or gender, I would have been hired. I know I would rather have a competent emergency reponse team than a racially diverse one. When my life is hanging in the balance I could care less what race, creed, or color is saving me as long as they are exceedingly good at their job.

The ACLU might want to fight the cause for competency... Brain Wilson, the lead singer of the Beach Boys said "Beware the lollipop of mediocrity; take one lick and you will suck forever." His words seem prophetic now.

Racist Roots of...

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We can no longer wear the name of a racist country, We have a President who debunks that theory. We, as a a country, have made a message that it is no longer about race, its about change. Well America, change is what you are getting and its not the type of Bi-Partisan change YOU were promised. Those of us who pay attention to something called the Constitution know what is being attempted here and we will not allow it. Affirmative Action is in itself racism, seeking a bias opinion on a candidate, based on their race, instead of their credentials. There should be no such thing as race or sex equality quotas, it would be offensive to me to know I benefitted from receiving a job I didn't deserve simply because I was a woman, and not my credentials for the job.

just passing through

I like the tone of the blog-calling Ward Connelly a 'millionaire', and slamming his sidekick and their so called 'fraud' tactics. As typical, you lose credibility with this type of writing.

We all know that racism occurs, and it happens not just caucasians vs. 'every other group'. Nothing new here, however, by allowing affirmative action, with quotas, all you do is increase, not decrease the tension. Bill Davis, the potential firefighter, obviously has good reason to resent being eliminated from consideration given his high score. Performance should be 'color blind'.

How would we feel if we applied affirmative action to say professional basketball? Clearly that is a sport that doesn't represent America's skin color. Should we go around and get some more white and hispanic guys who can't jump? No, instead, and rightly so, we focus on athletic performance in terms of who plays at that level.

Why are we using discrimination in the form of affirmative action to fight discrimination? What is this teaching our children? As long as such programs are there, resentment will continue vs. what could be the improvement of conditions. Instead of those who promote race consciousness (like Rev. Jackson) and seem to profit from it, lets promote that we have all been created equally, in the image of God, and are all part of a diverse America. Let's build relationships and not walls.

Yes, does our country have a history that includes the scar of racism-absolutely. However, the way to combat it should not include programs that degrade the requirements/abilities of the profession. Note, this also hurts so called beneficiaries of such programs as others wonder if that the way they got into a program or profession was due to a quota. Who would want that? Let's focus our time by improving the educational system for all, so we all have an equal opportunity.


What is being said about America's Equal Opportunity Programs as a post-racial society in terms of law ethics?

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