Why Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy Are Not the Problem

In her heartfelt dissent in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, which upheld a Michigan ballot initiative forbidding schools from considering race as one factor in admitting students, Justice Sonya Sotomayor wrote "the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to speak openly and candidly on the subject of race."

Days following the momentous case, the nation was embroiled in discussions of race sparked by statements made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

Although the discussions captured the nation's attention, they were probably not what Sotomayor had in mind. These conversations are ultimately empty because they did little or nothing to illuminate the problems of discrimination today.

Both men made statements that confirmed William Faulkner's observation that "the past isn't dead...[i]t isn't even past." Resurrecting offensive stereotypes, Sterling was quoted as warning his multi-racial girlfriend against being seen publicly with black people, while Bundy waxed nostalgically about all the benefits supposedly enjoyed by black people under slavery.

Both men seem like caricatures of the historical racist.

Few things are more deeply rooted in American history than a person espousing virulent racism in spite of the fact that he is financially dependent on the labor of blacks and is intimately involved with a person of color. Bundy's depiction of slavery, owing more to "Birth of a Nation" than "12 Years a Slave," rehashes the offensive depictions of the antebellum South used to justify discrimination beginning soon after the Civil War.

Both men earned the condemnation that was heaped upon them. But we are mistaken if we pat ourselves on the back for taking the two men to task. In truth, the discussions were more of a sideshow that failed to address the real problems of modern racial inequality. We still have not taken the necessary steps to have the discussion which Justice Sotomayor urged upon us.

That discussion would have been better served by considering a study which received far less attention.

In the study, "Written in Black & White," law firm partners were asked to evaluate on a five-point scale a single memo into which errors were deliberately inserted. Half of the partners were told that the author of the memo was African-American, while the other half were told that the author was white. The partners reviewing the memo that they thought was written by a white person rated it at 4.1 while scoring the exact same memo 3.2 when they believed it was written by a black person.

Most striking was the extent to which the partners were swayed by the believed race of the author. They only found an average of 2.9 errors for the believed white author as opposed to 5.8 for the believed black author, even though the mistakes inserted into the writing sample were totally objective errors, like misspelled words and errors of grammar.

Far from being color blind, these partners were quite literally blinded by color. Their expectations, whether conscious or unconscious, were so strong that they actually failed to see mistakes by people whom they thought to be white.

The partners in the study were probably nothing like Sterling or Bundy. They undoubtedly pride themselves on their fairness and impartiality. But the study demonstrates the powerful effect that prejudice, even when it is unconscious, can have – an effect only magnified by the power wielded by the partners.

Not only do they make decisions regarding their law firms, but they are emblematic of the people who make life-changing decisions, such as who is admitted to a school, who is hired, or who receives a mortgage and on what terms. These people are gatekeepers to opportunity, and the effect that race continues to exert is the real problem we all face.

We need to condemn those who make outrageous statements but, more importantly, we need to look deep within ourselves to find the deeper roots of inequality.

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No, Cliven Bundy is just a disease for which there's no cure.


Watch the entire statement by Cliven Bundy and you will see he is not racist. He may harbor some old ideas, but not racist.


"the past isn't dead...[i]t isn't even past." Unusual use of brackets, especially since what Faulkner actually wrote was "The past is never dead. It's not even past." You realize quotes can be easily verified on the Internet, right? (As Wikipedia observes, this line is often paraphrased, as it was by then Senator Barack Obama in his speech "A More Perfect Union.")

from Richard, V...

One of the best friends I ever had happened to be African-American, but it was called Black or Negro when I knew him (in 1970 and 71.) I can honestly say I'd rather have seen him live than ever to have heard anything come out of Cliven Bundy's mouth at ANY time in the time continuum.
The man in question, my friend that is, was killed in a napalm attack in Vietnam when he was in his 20's. I only knew him for a year but he was still one of the best friends I ever had. I can see nothing fair in the fact that he was taken in his 20s while Cliven Bundy has lived well into his golden years but has nothing to give to the world except a spectacular capacity for hatred. And people with that capacity come a dime a dozen. Besides that, and frankly speaking, I'm positively sick and tired of them.
The hatred has to stop, and there's no better time like the present to end it.


We do NOT all do that. I was a newsletter editor for 10 years. You can't make a clerical error disappear just because the person who wrote it was white. It's either there or it ISN'T there and whether it exists has nothing to do with what color the damn author who wrote it was.
That's how it is for ME anyway, but the founder of the Center for which I worked would have let a person go if they'd done that, probably even if they'd done it "unconsciously."
But I'm the kind of person who sees errors no matter what. There's simply no way I can "unsee" an error just because the author is white.

Kyle Joseph Calkins

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And why is no one outraged over the violation of privacy, and perhaps free speech? The ACLU is surely on its way .... yes. http://dandygoat.com/drunk-and-crazed-aclu-vows-to-defend-donald-sterling


In Bundy's case, being branded a racist has proven to be much more effective to his detriment than being declared a domestic terrorist.

As for Sterling, in this climate, even what is supposed to be a private conversation can be used to utterly destroy the reputation and livelihood of a private citizen.

Aren't we all glad the media is working so hard to root out these evil racists? I'm sure that now this kind of speech is absolute political and financial suicide the problem of racism will just go away.


I don't understand how Sterling can be sued for a comment made in a private phone call to his girlfriend. Can anyone now be sued or jailed or sued for what we say to a private person in a private conversation? Why isn't the ACLU on this. It was obvious he was racist when he had to pay a couple of milling dollars for driving persons of color out of his apartments. So this is not about the sudden realization of his racism. Actually I don't think it is illegal to be racist, or sexist or any other ist's, obnoxious , yes but illegal , no.


And why is no one outraged over the violation of privacy, and perhaps free speech? The ACLU is surely on its way .... yes. http://dandygoat.com/drunk-and-crazed-aclu-vows-to-defend-donald-sterling


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