5 Things Women Should Know About the Hobby Lobby Decision

Since the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby can deny contraceptive coverage to its female employees, a lot of people have questions about what that ruling means for women. While there are still some question marks, here are five things you need to know:

  1. Most women will not lose their health insurance coverage for contraception required by the Affordable Care Act. While the Hobby Lobby decision is devastating on many levels, most women will continue to have their birth control covered in their health plans without a co-pay or deductible.
  2. The Hobby Lobby decision allows closely held corporations - as defined by state and federal law - with religious objections to providing health insurance coverage for some or all forms of birth control to refuse to do so, even though this is required under the Affordable Care Act. Approximately 60.4 million people are employed by “closely held” corporations in the United States. We have no idea how many companies will take advantage of the Hobby Lobby ruling, but we hope it will not be many.
  3. In addition to the Affordable Care Act, 28 states have laws that require contraception coverage if an employer’s health plan covers other prescription drugs. These laws, however, do not apply to all health plans (self-insured plans are excluded), and unlike the Affordable Care Act requirement, may require you to pay a co-pay or a deductible. The Hobby Lobby decision doesn’t affect these laws.
  4. We don’t yet know what impact the case will have on other areas of the law, including anti-discrimination measures and insurance coverage for other health care. What we can be sure of is that businesses may now feel emboldened to assert religious objections to other laws. The question will then be how the courts will assess these companies’ potential claims.
  5. There is something we can do. This doesn’t end with the Supreme Court. Because the Hobby Lobby decision turned on the interpretation of a federal statute, Congress can fix this decision by changing the law. We call on Congress to do so.

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Here is one thing to know. If you don't want to buy the other 18 different birth control products that Hobby Lobby would pay for the other 3 are available to you at Walgreen's with a prescription.


Well I'm one of the women who never WAS allowed contraceptive coverage and still AREN'T allowed to have it, even though I've never once taken a contraceptive to prevent a pregnancy from occurring. Not that doing so is any of their goddam fuckin' BUSINESS but never mind that.
I need it for a medical reason and STILL can't get it.
I have to bleed profusely instead, risk going into hypovolemic shock and be sick from all the bleeding - all on account of some stupid-ass MALE type thinks he can tell anybody what to do.
He's not even in control of when he feels the urge to pee or take a shit. He's sure as hell not in control of another person's body.
They'll find out they're not.

Jeff T

Your right, my health care decisions should be up to me and my doctor. Please get the government out of my hair as well. Under ACA my health insurance went up by almost 50% because of government mandates that I buy stuff I don't need.

from Richard, V...

Anonymous #4: I call you out and say I bet you've never "feared" anything reasonable and responsible, much less any God that you would have us thinking you believe. I call it out as utter BS.
No God ever told you to stick your nose in the business of every person in the world, and you'll never have THIS person believing such inane nonsense.
So tell it some poor naive sap. I don't believe you're a god-fearing person.


...and all these women who kowtow to a man's every wish can shut up too and stop pretending that they're blaming it on women instead of men and going into their silly little tirade about "not being a victim."
You're NOT a victim. You're their prison bitch and they all sit around laughing at how stupid you are and calling you slut behind your back.
And you're also too dense to know that birth control is used for the following 1) Dysmenorrhea, 2) Menorrhagia, 3) Endometriosis.
But when they exclude it because the one OTHER reason you take birth control, then all three of those reasons are thrown out with the bath water right along with the fourth reason of stopping yourself from getting pregnant.
And if you stopped yourself from getting pregnant no abortion issue would ever come up in the first place.
I'm absolutely disgusted half to death by all the people talking no matter WHAT stupid-ass words fall out of their mouths.
And the women who do this are WAY worse than any man could ever be, because they're saying all this shit's okay with them. The men can keep doing it to us, telling us what the hell to do, and you don't give a damn that they do. Well I DO give a damn because all of you people supporting it are lying anyway. Saying birth control is the only damn thing that the birth control pill is for. You have no right talking about a subject when you don't know a damn thing about it.
I'm also sick of everyone acting like they know about health care when they're dag' on CLUELESS about every aspect of it. You people don't even know the BASICS of health care, much less the reproductive system in EITHER sex.
You probably think a person can get AIDS from a water fountain or by drinking from the same cup as the afflicted person.


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