A Loss for Women Today in the High Court

The highest court in the country ruled today that it is acceptable for closely held corporations to use their religious beliefs to take away benefits guaranteed to their employees by law – something the Supreme Court has never before sanctioned. Everyone has the right to his or her religious beliefs, but those beliefs cannot be imposed on others.

At issue in today’s case is part of the Affordable Care Act that requires health plans to cover contraception without a co-pay. This law was designed to ensure women’s equality by eliminating the disparities in health care costs between men and women, and to ensure women have the ability to make decisions about whether and when to become parents, which in turns allow them to participate equally in society.

Women who work at Hobby Lobby and other closely held companies with religious objections to providing contraception coverage will now be denied that coverage, which will impact their reproductive health and other aspects of their lives. These women will also face dignitary harm knowing that their employers are singling out health care coverage that only women need.

Most women – including myself – will not lose their contraceptive coverage as a result of today’s decision. But today, we all lost. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The ACLU will fight to ensure that all women get the contraception coverage they need and deserve.  For starters, we call on Congress to fix today’s decision to rectify today’s injustice. We hope you will join the fight with us.

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Tell us again why it is not right for a company to support what it wants and not sell what it doesn't want to sell. How is that discrimination?


I am very disappointed in the ACLU. I was raised to believe that everyone's rights are important whether I agree with them or not and that the ACLU stood for that principle. Hobby Lobby has the right to run their business the way they want. People have the right to quit if they don't like their employer. People have the right to boycott the store. I don't believe that the government should regulate freedom to think and act as long it doesn't hurt another person or animal. I don't think that churches and non-profits should be tax exempt.

If the people of the world had felt comfortable expressing their opinions about Hitler, would we have had WWII or I for that matter or any of the thousand other holocausts that represent ideals that I don't agree with.


Where does it say in the ruling "that business owners can use personal religious objections to take away a woman's right to contraceptive insurance coverage guaranteed to her by law.

I thought that the ACLU would defend the religious convictions of someone being forced to go against their beliefs. Absolutely zero women are affected by this ruling. No woman is stopped from having a free choice to contraceptives. The women of Hobby Lobby will have coverage under the AHCA. The people who's religious civil liberties are what needs to be defended. No one should be forced to "pay their part" for anyone to abort a child if they are religiously and morally against it. Abortion is not a "contraceptive." Contraceptive is to prevent a pregnancy. Abortion is to END a pregnancy.

The only "Civil Liberties" that were affected are on the side you said LOST. I think it's a shame that the ACLU is NOT defending anyone's civil liberties here. Shame.


How is a woman's right to birth control being taken away in this case?

Untrue and misleading.

As a person who believes in the ACLU. I see this position as harmful to the ACLU's credibility. Shame.

Inam and Christ...

We are deeply disappointed with the Court decision. It opens a Pandora's Box. It will lead to discrimination, LGBT, persecution of minorities as some of the major religion believes their Holy Book is literally true.
What can we do to correct two things:
1. Common law take precedence of religious "law".
2. Businesses and Corporations are not people.



Awesome! Finally, some common sense. Don't force people (or businesses) to do what they don't want to do, and let the people decide if they want to work or shop there. It is called capitalism, and this country was founded on it. If the ACLU only took a look at how twisted they are from the very foundations this nation was based upon, they would shut down immediately. If I truly have freedom of religion (not freedom from religion, as is commonly misused), then I can worship how I choose, without forcing it upon others. Hobby Lobby isn't forcing anything upon their employees by refusing to pay for contraceptives, but exercising the right to not be forced by government to support something they don't believe in. For the women and men involved in this, they can be abstinent (although I know that is difficult), and if they choose not to, then they still have that freedom, although they will not be able to infringe on the beliefs of others to take care of it for them, because it is their choice to have sex. Government does need to protect freedom of religion, but that doesn't mean at the expense of Christianity (which seems to be the most persecuted of the religions) or anyone else's beliefs. Simple fact, people's ideas are going to differ, and a happy medium needs to be met. The ACLU is strictly anti-Christianity, which goes against the very core beliefs they claim to support…the civil LIBERTIES of Americans…the right to do the things the Constitution allows them to do, including the freedom to worship as they please. As it is now, the ACLU is doing the work of Satan, as it continuously fights anyone who attempts to utilize those liberties. May God bless all of you, and help you to understand the error of your ways.


The reason blood is pouring out of me at an ungodly and unholy rate right NOW has directly to do with the fact that my insurance company refuses to pay for birth control.
They still refused to pay for it, which is why I have to bleed like this for a whole 6 more days, possibly go into shock or become anemic, spend 6 times MORE for all the lab tests he's ordering up because all the stupid fuckin'-ass MEN at the insurance company and in so-called positions of "law" are TOO GD STUPID to know that birth control pills are the only thing that stops what's happening to me and a medical doctor with more than 25 years of experience TOLD them so. But THEY decided that THEY'RE not going to beLIEVE it so I have to let blood literally pour out of me at such an alarming rate that I've used 6 pads in 12 hours to manage it.
At this rate, I WILL become anemic and WILL go into shock and they WILL end up spending over $2000 for the emergency treatment of a condition that would have costed less than $1000. Even being bad with math I can figure out that means you're spending 2X more than you have to while you're telling big giant lies about it being "a matter of money."
It's NEVER. EVER. been about SAVING MONEY.
So stop all your goddam lying about it while never minding the fact that you pay $4000 a year to give the stupid-ass KOCH bastards tax exempts. As if they're EVER going to care about the STUPID-asses who are doing THAT.
The people doing this can mind their own business or fling themselves off the Grand Canyon. You don't GET any other choice with me. I'll never ever speak to any of them again and I'll block every last one of them who even TRIES to get all hating-ass with me.


How is women's own sexual health fall under employers responsibility? It's the employers responsibility to provide a safe work environment, but out of work, one's personal health fall into one's own hands.


Halls of Justice painted green, money talking
Power wolves beset your door, hear them stalking
soon you'll please their appetite they devour
hammer of justice crushes you, overpower
The ultimate in vanity
exploiting their supremacy
I can't believe the things you say
I can't believe, I can't believe the price you pay
Nothing can save you
Justice is lost, just is raped, justice is gone
Pulling your strings, justice is done.
Seeking no truth, winning is all
find it so grim, so true, so real.

Apathy their stepping stone, so unfeeling
Hidden deep, animosity, so deceiving...

Lady Justice has been raped, truth's assassin...

Well, now I understand WHY they think words by bands like Metallica are so "disturbing" and even about THAT they lied like rugs. Placing the blame on the band and calling them "anti-social."
So I guess you're anti-social when you tell it like they don't want it heard.

from Richard, V...

Anonymous #5: Get a clue mister. Men go out and buy condoms, then have consequence-free sex all the time. They also get viagra prescriptions, and have consequence-free sex with it while someone else pays for the privilege they get to avoid impregnating a woman. So you're saying everyone should feel the need to pay for your consequence-free sex but by god no woman on the planet better EVer express similar expectations?
You better never meet my daughter, mister, because I'll become your worst nightmare. I'll be that for any man who thinks he's going to take that attitude with her.
That's no empty promise and any man who thinks he's going to do that to her just better never run across her.

I'm fully disgusted to find out that people calling themselves "men" are acting this way, but I'll tell you right now you're no real man.
Real men give a damn how their partners feel and don't just do what's right in front of their faces, or respond to what's standing at attention in their nether regions while quickly blowing off any gentlemanly behavior toward the woman after they satisfy their animal lust.
Dogs and barnyard animals act that way. What's the difference between an animal and you in said situation?

You treat a woman with respect when you have no other information about her. Otherwise, you take yourself out of the human race by reacting as if you're a pile of amoebas who respond to a poke and then go dormant again.


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