A Loss for Women Today in the High Court

The highest court in the country ruled today that it is acceptable for closely held corporations to use their religious beliefs to take away benefits guaranteed to their employees by law – something the Supreme Court has never before sanctioned. Everyone has the right to his or her religious beliefs, but those beliefs cannot be imposed on others.

At issue in today’s case is part of the Affordable Care Act that requires health plans to cover contraception without a co-pay. This law was designed to ensure women’s equality by eliminating the disparities in health care costs between men and women, and to ensure women have the ability to make decisions about whether and when to become parents, which in turns allow them to participate equally in society.

Women who work at Hobby Lobby and other closely held companies with religious objections to providing contraception coverage will now be denied that coverage, which will impact their reproductive health and other aspects of their lives. These women will also face dignitary harm knowing that their employers are singling out health care coverage that only women need.

Most women – including myself – will not lose their contraceptive coverage as a result of today’s decision. But today, we all lost. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The ACLU will fight to ensure that all women get the contraception coverage they need and deserve.  For starters, we call on Congress to fix today’s decision to rectify today’s injustice. We hope you will join the fight with us.

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I am 100% behind the ACLU on this. This is intolerable in a society where church and state are supposed to be separate.


I can't wait until every last ONE of them finds out there's a HIGHER court, and they WILL find OUT.
I had a near-death experience, an out-of-body sensation that I know WASN'T "just some [damn, silly] dream," as the doctor so wants to believe. The man wants to believe this world is all there ever was, is and will be for time out of mind.

I don't think so, and they're ALL going to find out what faking religion does to you on the other side. Using religion the way Warren Jeffs did; wait until the Angel of Death comes collecting their souls.
It has no mercy. You can cry and scream, beg and plead for lenience. It doesn't care, it won't care in the least
I really wish I could witness this happen to them. I'm only human, not a saint, and I wish I could see them in their moment of abject terror.


No, a loss for men. They can no longer assume that it is a common practice that women will be protected SYSTEMATICALLY against pregnancy.


and to ensure women have the ability to make decisions about whether and when to become parents, which in turns allow them to participate equally in society.

How does not providing you with birth control interfere with your decision to become a parent? If you're really that not ready to be a parent, then you shouldn't be having sex, not whining when you can't get your mistake taken care of for free on my tax dollar.


my opinion of this doesn't come from a religious view. I feel that my tax dollars shouldn't provide someone with an excuse, an excuse to go out, have sex with single or multiple partners over and over again and not take on the responsibility that having sex comes with. When someone chooses to have sex, they're choosing the consequences of it as well, giving birth control free of charge to them (out of everyone else's pockets: i.e. higher insurance rates, taxes etc.) is the cowards way out. Not only that, it is selfish and greedy. (which in my opinion is the two reasons why this country is falling apart)


Thanks goodness the SC put a stop to this liberal onslaught of forcing us to accept their radical left wing agenda.


I'm confused because you defend the right to protect the freedom each citizen is entitled to yet you disagree with a small company's religious freedom.


Why doesn't the ACLU just come clean and tell everyone that they are organized to push their AGENDA and Civil Liberties has little to do with.
Be honest. That's okay. Just give up the Protecting Civil Liberties line that no one believes anyway!


I'm disappointed the articles on this site (and donation request email) made no passing mention of the Hobby Lobby owners' first amendment right to freedom of religion. I would have thought the ACLU, of all organizations, would recognize this is a conflict between competing rights. Well, a natural right and an entitlement created by a legal right.

Let's be fair now

So that is one point of view which quite frankly I find very discriminative if that is really the issue your trying to stress in your "article". You failed to be objective in any manner or make any reference to women who support this decision. Maybe decisions such as these will encourage more women to be sexually responsible and demonstrate some self control; something that is very much lacking in society these days! Kudos to the High Court, a win for women today!
p.s. If your concerned about your ability to attain health benefits that allow you to murder unborn children then you probably shouldn't apply for a job with such an employer anyway. Or how about, if your not ready to have babies, don't have sex, or have your partner wear a condom!


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