God's Gospel Lizards: Creationist Group to Educate Kansas Public School Students on the "Truth About Dinosaurs"

Students at Hugoton High School in Hugoton, Kansas, are set to finally learn the “truth about dinosaurs” next week—at least the truth as the Creation Truth Foundation sees it. The religious organization, which advocates for “a return to all of [the] realities of Biblical Creation,” is scheduled to conduct several mandatory school-day assemblies about dinosaurs for all students and teachers on Tuesday. The ACLU of Kansas & Western Missouri and the ACLU Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief learned about the planned assembly yesterday afternoon and sent a letter today demanding that the public school district cancel the event.

The “truths” about dinosaurs that the Foundation claims to reveal include, among others:

  • “Most scientists claim that the T. Rex lived over 65 million years ago. However, there is evidence that there were Tyrannosaurs living fewer than 100,000 years ago.”
  • “God made dinosaurs, or land dwelling reptiles on day six. These are just lizards. I call them God’s Gospel Lizards.”
  • “God created these creatures along with other land dwelling creatures on day six and they lived with men.”
  • “It is possible that a few of these creatures [dinosaurs] could [still] exist.”
  • “Dinosaurs aren’t mysterious, strange creatures. They are creatures that God created to help Adam and Eve and they did until Adam sinned.”

In short, the “truths” exposed by the Creation Truth Foundation are based on nothing more than personal religious beliefs and pseudo-science, rejected by the scientific community. And the Foundation promulgates these beliefs in service of its crusade against the scientific theory of evolution, which it dubs “the greatest deception of all time.” According to the Foundation, “Darwinian evolutionism has overthrown, in the name of science, the dominance of the Bible (creation in particular) as the foundation of America’s world view” and “America’s only hope . . . [is] for the Bible believing public of our land to awaken to the reality of a true Biblical faith.”

While the Creation Truth Foundation and its employees are entitled to hold those religious views, the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment prohibits public school officials from giving creationist groups a stage to promote such beliefs to students. That is an indisputable, constitutional truth. School officials would be wise to heed it.

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The assemblies the week of April 22nd will feature a presenter from the Foundation for the Advancement of Childhood Education (FACE). http://itsforkids.org/educate.htm The title of the program is Dinosaurs, Those Terrible Lizards. The content of these school assemblies will be public school appropriate. None of the assemblies are mandatory. Please double check your information!

Michael McComack

As a student of Hugoton High School. I was shocked to find out that this was going to happen in my school. Thankfully, because of the people at ACLU it might be avoided.


The presenter is from the Foundation for the Advancement of childhood education. The assemblies are not mandatory and they will be public school appropriate. Please double check your facts!

a c

although i believe in the separation of church and state i also believe that probably any theory about life should be given a day in class, otherwise evoulution becomes a religion itself that cant be challenged scientifically because challengers would be accused of having a religious agenda and thence censored, so freedom of speech is muzzled and then evolution theory would become a state religion not to be challenged. so i think some more thought needs to be given to the legal challenges of creationist theories in classroom. is the aclu playing the inquisition and all heresies against evolution being quashed? thread carefully to preserve civil liberties and not be acting against them.


I often disagree with yhe ACLU but must say this stiry is crazy! Thank you for standing up to religious extremists and good luck. We can not let ignorance win.


The mandatory assemblies are perfect for Sunday School, seminary and any private gathering. Thank you, ACLU, for bringing this to light.


The school, I am sure, also teaches the history of racism in our country, but that does not mean they endorse it. Just because they allow a side to be heard does not mean they agree with it. Why not let the intelligent children of Kansas hear both sides and decide which one makes more sense to them?

Steve from Hugo...

It amazing how the truth can be so distorted by your organization. What you have printed is not the truth and certainly what is going to happen next week. Its no wonder your organization is considered such a dubious organization. How sad.

Mike Haubrich



Let us, as a nation, be tolerant of all faiths and all beliefs, except those who use biblical scripture as reference!


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