Anti-Choice Lawmakers Want To Party Rock Like It's 2011

It's a new year, and by now you've probably made your resolutions to be a new you. We wish the same were true for some anti-choice members of Congress. They've decided they rather enjoyed living in the past, particularly 2011, also known as the year of the war on women, and have resolved to again pass the misleadingly titled No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 7). This is definitely one bill that should be forgot and never brought to mind again.

Yesterday, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice held a hearing on the bill, where anti-choice lawmakers demonstrated a total disregard for women and their ability to make personal medical decisions.

In an effort to impose one narrow ideology on every woman's life, these lawmakers hope to rewrite long-standing tax laws to penalize a single, legal medical procedure: abortion. The bill denies tax credits to small businesses and middle-class families if their health plans include abortion coverage, and imposes a tax increase on women who need abortion care.

In addition to trying to excise abortion coverage from the private insurance market, H.R. 7 would make permanent the unjust abortion bans that prevent millions of women — such as those enrolled in Medicaid, federal employees, and residents of the District of Columbia — from having health insurance coverage that includes abortion care. In other words, H.R. 7 denies women comprehensive health insurance that covers their needs.

H.R. 7 represents a radical government intrusion into the incredibly private and personal decisions a woman may face.

I would prefer to forget 2011— after all it's the year in which we were "lucky" to have been gifted with Party Rock Anthem. When it comes to H.R. 7, I wish these lawmakers would too.

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Vicki B.

Well, I don't EVER

Vicki B.

Well, I don't EVER want to forget 2011, b/c that's the year they found that old Osama bin Laden and stopped him from torturing the minds of relatives who lost people on September 11.
All that crap he was sending out was true, and he did it every week the whole time he lived.
I know b/c I'm one of the families, even though I'm an EX-wife. But we had a daughter and she was affected terribly by what happened (still is, actually, just hides it better - and she was more distressed that Osama bin Laden kept contacting us through his stupid communications that the ninny media couldn't stop themselves from translating for us.

May 2, 2011 was probably the best day of my life; it was certainly the most mentally freeing day. Knowing we would never get another communication from him made me happy.


Abortion is the murder of unborn children and is wrong. I would not be alive to read this article, nor would you, had our mothers elected to have our lifeless infant bodies crushed to death and sucked out by vacuum like machinery. Nothing any one can say can justify that. It is murder, it is sin, and God the Father and Jesus Christ our savior will not justify murderers of his beloved children.


"...a tax increase on women that need abortion care.". Sorry NO women needs abortion care! They might need birth control, their tubes tide or a lesson on self worth and not opening their legs to any man that wants them for the moment but they don't need abortion care!


Abortion might be murder, but anti-CHOICE has nothing to do with abortion.
I don't know why everyone thinks CHOICE means that the person will always decide to get an abortion. 'Choice' to me means you'll choose yes or no, not always yes and not always no.
I disagree with abortion for myself, and I don't want to pay for someone to get an abortion for a silly reason. Like they found out they're having a girl and they wanted a son first (and that's happened whether all the liberals want to believe it or not; I know someone whose husband tried to force her to get an abortion after they discovered they were having a girl first). But I don't see what the hell having free will to make your own f'ing choices has to do with abortion.
Contrary to popular opinion, giving people a choice to do something DOESN'T mean they're ALWAYS going to choose to have an abortion.
And I'm really sick of people thinking they can make a choice for another adult person. If they don't like it, don't do it themselves; then stfu and go the hell away.
I'm tired of listening to people say "pro-choice" = abortion.

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