A Dark Day for Texas Women. A Dark Day for Justice.

Last night the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision refusing to block a Texas law that has forced more than one third of the women's health centers to stop providing abortion. The Court reached its decision despite the fact that the law is having devastating effects on women in the three weeks that it's been in place. Women have been turned away from clinics. They are frustrated, angry, and in tears. In large parts of the state, including the Rio Grande Valley, there is no abortion provider. One woman whose appointment at a Harlingen health center was cancelled said that she did not have the money to travel north, and she would likely be forced to carry to term.

The law at issue requires doctors to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. At first glance, that sounds reasonable. But this requirement is simply a backdoor attempt to shut providers down. As the District Court found after a trial, admitting privileges will place a substantial obstacle in the path of women seeking abortion, and will do nothing to ensure patient safety. This is why the American Congress of Obstetrician and Gynecologists Texas Medical Association, and the Texas Hospital Association opposed the law.

So where to do we go from here? We keep fighting. As disappointed as we are, we will do everything we can to protect Texas women. We know the public is behind us too. In a poll, 80 percent of Texans opposed this law. As we saw in New Mexico last night, when asked directly, voters routinely reject laws that attempt to take away personal and private decisions from women and their families.

Our case continues on the merits, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments in January. We hope we will find justice at some point in the court process.

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If a woman cannot afford to "travel north" how is she suppose to find the funds to raise a child for 18+ years? This will only create a black market demand for illegal "backyard" abortions. I hope you are successful in changing the ruling, this is a massive step backwards for women's rights.


As much as I appreciate the ACLU in some things, you guys really need to learn the truth about abortion. Lying to women about the physical and emotional risks regarding abortion and opposing laws to protect them should complications arise does not protect their rights at all. Pro-choice abortion education really needs to include the truth about how many women feel forced to abort babies they'd rather keep, the marketing techniques surrounding abortion that are designed to convince them that they don't have a choice to carry to term or deceive them regarding that choice, making "pro-choice" a misnomer in a lot of cases. Pro-choice education should include true statistics regarding complications, including infection, infertility, and death. I actually can't find such statistics, only anecdotes that indicate they are not the zeros pro-abortionists would have you believe. If abortion isn't so bad, sharing the real truth couldn't hurt, could it? Please, the good people of ACLU, don't be deceived and really look into that truth for yourselves.


Anonymous #2:

When your argument rests literally on anecdotes, and not actual data or statistics, it's disingenuous beyond reason to call it "truth". It's also worth noting that many of those "anecdotes" have come from anti-choice groups who are willing to lie to push their agenda.

Vicki B.

Yeah, and I happen to know that they're NOT going to "carry it to term," b/c the more control you try to force onto a person the less control you have of that person.
If you're too stupid to figure out what they used to use coat hangers and broomsticks for (when they didn't want a baby and some idiot said they "have to") then I really think you DON'T have a right to spout an opinion that's full of BS.

I worked on the ambulance for years. My "truth" comes from the reality of the streets. The song was right when it said 'The system we learn says we're equal under law, but the streets are reality, the weak and poor will fall...'

I've seen them use hangers, broomsticks and more unconventional methods when performing their own abortions, which is the reason we were called in the first place, and most go into septic shock and then die from the shock created when performing their own abortions.
One girl was 15 and got pregnant, and forced through religious pressure by her church to keep the baby - and THEN called a slut and whore behind her back in such a clumsy way that she found out what they thought, and she made an attempt on her life by cutting her throat on both sides. At which time we were called to transport her to ER.
She was handed over to life flight and pronounced dead on admission to the Emergency Department. She had cut all 4 major vessels in her neck supplying both the upper and lower body on the right and left side of the body. She only would have needed to cut one of those vessels to be in serious trouble and she cut into all four of them. There was less than a 2% chance that she'd live through it.
Later, it was discovered that someone in her family is the one who impregnated her, and that that was why she didn't want to carry it to term.
And no congratulations to all the judgmental FOOLS who acted the way they did and to this day are probably STILL too stupid to feel even a TWINGE of a thought that just MAYbe they didn't know EVERY-freakin'- thing ABOUT the case and should have sealed their mouths like the crypts in Egypt. If people like that never talked again, I think it would be too soon for them to speak.

I'm tired of know-nothing but think they know-it-all judgmental gd burrosphincters. You don't have even HALF the information to make ANY judgments and anyway He DID say "Judge not lest ye be judged yeself."
Why do you always conveniently forGET all the Bible verses where He's giving YOU advice and only remember the ones where you get to feel like your some right hand of God on earth?


Texas women got the bill passed. We worked hard and steadily to protect women and children

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