Don't Mess with Texas Women: Fighting Back in Court Against Harmful Abortion Restrictions

Today over a dozen health care centers filed a lawsuit challenging a new law in Texas that is designed to eliminate abortion access in the state. Texans throughout the state fought against the law's passage, and now we are fighting the law in court. The law would have a devastating effect on women in the state, and would leave large parts of the state with no abortion provider. This would mean that women who already are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table for their families would have to travel hundreds of miles to obtain abortion care. The law must be stopped.

Our lawsuit challenges two provisions. The first requires doctors who provide abortion care to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. At first glance, this might sound reasonable. But it's not. Abortion is extremely safe. And no other type of doctor is required to have admitting privileges. What the restriction really boils down to is a backdoor attempt to force providers to close their doors. The legislature knew how hard it would be for doctors who provide abortion to get admitting privileges because the Texas Hospital Association told them as much when it opposed the law. Even putting aside hostility to abortion in some communities that might influence a hospital's decision to grant privileges, hospitals often impose criteria that are impossible for doctors who dedicate their lives to providing abortions for women who need them to meet. For example, many hospitals require that a doctor admit a certain number of patients each year to the hospital. But that's the Catch-22 – abortion is so safe doctors don't admit their patients to hospitals, so they will never be able to meet a requirement that, for example, they admit 20 patients a year.

The second provision is a restriction on medication abortion, which is a safe method of early abortion. The restriction would require doctors to follow an outdated protocol for medication abortion, which is less safe than the protocol doctors now use. This is what happens when politicians try to practice medicine: they get it wrong every time. This restriction is so severe that it will cause some providers to stop offering medication abortion altogether.

If the court does not block the law from taking effect (although we hope that it will because the law is so unconstitutional) women will suffer. Particularly young women, rural women, and poor women will suffer. Abortion care will be offered only in a few major cities, but large parts of the state will have no abortion provider. Have you looked at a map lately? Texas is a big state with lots of people, and the majority of people did not want this law. We stand with them to say, "Politicians, don't mess with Texas women." We'll see you in court.

For more information on the case, check out Planned Parenthood v. Abbot.

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I hope the ACLU will one day stop discriminating against people because of their age. I hope they will one day recognize that a person in the womb has the same right to life as one who is outside it. I hope that people will stop ignoring every advancement made in science and medicine that clearly distinguish a child in the womb and separate and distinct from it's mother, down to the most basic's DNA. I hope that people who support abortion see the atrocity for what it is..killing a completely innocent human being, instead of hiding behind a facade of women's rights. A woman does not have two beating hearts, nor does she have four arms, 4 legs, 2 faces, or 2 brains. Just because a developing baby is dependent on a woman does not make it her right to kill it. Just as we are all dependent on someone or something (the earth for example), does not mean we can be disposed of. A baby has every right to be in his/her mother's womb. If it doesn't, then what right does anyone have? Anyways, hope you all have a great day enjoying the life that you posess on this side of the womb You can go ahead and respond to this with negative or hateful comments. I won't be coming back to check..


Lol, you're hilarious. So should Christians be able to deny gay people because it's part of their religion because America is a "Christian" nation? Tell me, where does it say that in the American Constitution that the U.S is a Christian nation? What type of Christianity? Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Lutheran, Evangelical Protestant? Do Christians who honor saints should be able to be called Christians?

Do you worship the Bible and not Jesus? If you do, that's a sin. If 1 of Christ's teachings is to forgive, then how come we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq? That's not forgiveness for 9/11. How come white Christians have started the most wars? If God is so forgiving, why does he create humans only to punish them?

How come Christians don't obey Christ? Why do they think killing in wars, killing criminals is ok, but killing the "unborn" is criminal? Why don't they believe to render to Ceasar's what is Ceasar's? If they're so charitable, how come Christian charities haven't solved the poverty problem? If not all Christians are like that, then how come so-called Christians such as Dewhurst arrest protesters? Christianity is fucked up.

The fetus is more like a terrorist if it is not wanted, invading the womb.


An unwanted fetus is more like a terrorist invading a womans' body if she doesn't want it there. I'm glad you won't be back.


I assume many of the people visiting this post would assume that abuse of unborn animals, such as sea turtles in eggs on a beach or the dispatching of kittens would not warrant arrest of the perpetrator. Same rules don't apply to an unborn human baby? Narcissism and immaturity. Convenience and lack of groundedness. What sane mother ever thought "I wish I would have aborted you?" about her child?


I'm sick of listening to MALE politicians and their "goals concerning" ANYTHING "related to women's health."

I don't give a rat's paTOOTIE what a MAN thinks about what I should do with my body and any man who thinks he DOES have a right to stick his nose where it doesn't belong can take a flying leap at a rolling donut for all I care.

This is where they show their hypocrisy of "not wanting government interference in the lives of people" in a MAJOR-bleepin' WAY.
You either want to butt your nose in where it doesn't belong or you don't, and going on about your "goals for women's health care" is clear proof that you don't give a TWIT about whether the government sticks its nose into everyone's business making laws that directly effect their business.
And on top of all that, it will make no difference how many laws you create forbidding it, b/c people will still do what they want to do in the end, anyway.
Read the Cider House Rules if you don't believe me.


I'd rather be narcissistic and immature than a sanctimonious twit.

As if they're NOT narcissistic to find an unborn baby's life to have more worth than one already outside the womb living and breathing on its OWN and NOT with the mother's help. But the sanctimonious jackals stop caring about "life" the minute it LEAVES the womb and are content to turn away from the things they feel and pretend that starving infants and children don't even exist.

If that wasn't made apparent by the cessation of food assistance to Women, Infants and Children after the government shut down, nothing will open you people's eyes to the truth. You'll just keep turning away from the things you feel every time you catch a glimpse of one of the starving people.

You're in love with an idea, the idea of every life having worth, but in reality you're no better at demonstrating your love for ALL life than the ones you accuse of being "narcissistic and immature."
Not if you can know damn well there are hundreds of children starving right at this instant, in America, yet turn away from the things you feel and harp on an idea that makes you look like a sanctimonious fool.

Unless you believe God stopped caring about living human children, you look like a sanctimonious fool. And if you still stand FOR the people causing this problem, you're just fooling yourself into thinking you care b/c I certainly don't believe that you care for anyone other than yourself and your ideal thoughts, which are damn near impossible to fulfill in a world that was fallen from the glory of God after the original sin was committed.

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