Join Us in D.C. to Protect Abortion Coverage in Health Care Reform

On November 17, I asked if you were angry about the Stupak amendment to the House health care reform bill. Well it's clear that you are. So far, over 27,000 of you have signed our petition to President Obama and congressional leadership urging them to stand up for reproductive health care and ensure that the anti-choice Stupak amendment is not included in any final health care reform bill.

Well, now there's more that you can do. On Wednesday, December 2, reproductive rights advocates from across the country will come together in Washington, D.C., for a Capitol Hill Lobby Day. Make your voice heard in opposition to health care reform that limits access to abortion. Come join us!

We will kick off the day at 9 a.m. in the Dirksen Senate Office Auditorium (Dirksen G50). Throughout the day, you'll hear from members of Congress, receive lobby training, and meet other activists who want to protect a woman's ability to make private health care decisions without government interference. This is your opportunity to meet with your members of Congress to tell them that health care reform should improve women's lives, not interfere in their ability to get the health care they need.

Sign-up to attend the December 2 Lobby Day. We'll send you more specific information about the day as it is released.

If you live in D.C., and you can't make it to the Hill for the full day, join us for a noontime rally during your lunch break.

We hope to see you in D.C. in a week! And, in the meantime, please be sure to send a letter to your Senator, because good health insurance means comprehensive health insurance.

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I'll be glad when all you left-wing, liberal, Amrican-hating baby murderers are burning in hell. Thank God he created a hell for liberal scum.


it is sad that people believe it is ok to kill a baby by having an abortion, very sad


It is important that we understand abortion is not a health issue. Abortion are hard on the women having them and deadly to the baby inside the mother. There is no need to cover such an act in health care as it doesn't have any health benefits. And to find another mean to cope with an unwanted pregnancy so that the end will be closure with which everyone can live.


It is important to understand that the so called pro life movement is dominated
by fudementalist fanatics who are little better than the Taliban.


I choose Life over Death. I also feel very sorry for those who do not understand that position. I also do not understand why they feel it would be better if I never existed. My mother choose life many years ago and my wife, my children and my grand children believe it was a vey good and inspired decision. It was not one baby that would have been killed it would have been death for 15 productive and very loveable human beings... including me.


Okay, firstly, abortion in government run health care is not an issue of's a question of whether it should be included with a public option. The answer to that question is no, nothing of the sort should be provided by a public option. Everyone has a right to health, but your right to health does not extend in to my wallet. Also, regarding abortion, I will concede that a fetus has a right to life, but once again, the fetus' right to life does not extend to the body of the mother. It doesn't matter for what reason she wants an abortion, the fact remains that it doesn't have a right to her body. Either way, none of this is a question of whether the government should be involved, as both are an over-extension of a few's rights at the expense of some rights of the rest of us. The ACLU does some good work and it's a shame to see them poison their wells with the whole mess of government health care.


Why do people arguing for the "well-being" of others spew so much hate on comment boards?

That is a question for both sides.


If the ACLU is supposed to protect our constitutional rights, then why are they supporting government taking my tax money and using it to pay for someone to murder their baby, which I believe is wrong? Why are they not protecting the rights of those whose belief system includes the belief that murder is wrong? How can they expect me to pay for ending the life of a child?


I have a question for any and all supporters of the pro-choice movement; if you were told by a close friend that aborted fetus was the most delicious delicacy in the entire world, would you consider eating it? Hopefully you, like me, would be revolted by such an idea, presumably because you recognize that, in a certain sense, that fetus is in some way human, and that consuming it would constitute cannibalism. Therefore, is it not reasonable that it is wrong to kill that fetus, as you have recognized its humanity, despite its appearance as less than a complete human being?

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