Michigan’s War on Women Hits Dangerous New Low

It seems that Michigan politicians are hell-bent on making the cliché “when the country catches a cold, Michigan gets pneumonia” a reality.

For proof, look no further than the more than 50 pages that make up a three-bill package: HB 5711, HB 5712, HB 5713. This legislative behemoth is on a fast track in our State House of Representatives, and will make safe abortion services virtually inaccessible to Michigan women.

While recently we’ve seen Virginia require abortion providers to follow unnecessary and burdensome regulations, Oklahoma ban safe, evidence-based uses of medications to perform early, non surgical abortions, and Georgia and Arizona ban abortions during a time in pregnancy when a woman might find out something has gone seriously wrong, Michigan politicians are attempting to do all three – and more – with one vote.

This sweeping and unprecedented assault on women endangers nearly all aspects of reproductive health care by trying to shut down health centers that provide abortion services. Doctors have come out against this legislation in droves because they know that medicine, not politics, should dictate how they treat their patients.

Denying women access to basic health care is not only offensive and wrong, it is out of touch. This year, people in Michigan and all over the country, have made it clear that we don’t want politicians restricting access to woman’s health care.

But politicians in Michigan haven’t gotten the message. They seem more determined than ever to interfere with private medical decisions. Let the governor know: we cannot let these extremists succeed.

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I agree that politicians should not restrict "access to women's healthcare", but I certainly don't want politicians forcing me to accept healthcare services that I don't believe in/don't want. I believe that certain healthcare services should be paid for by those individuals that want them, and not make EVERYONE accept and pay for services (i.e. abortion, abortion-inducing drugs, etc.) that other individuals don't want or believe in.


Reasonable people might actually take you seriously, Ms Moss, if you actually summarized HOW these bills would "make safe abortion services virtually inaccessible to Michigan women." Although you did link to the bills, and people who would be affected by these bills should read them, one gets the impression that you did not actually read the bills yourself before writing this hysterical, fact-free rant that would be more at home on jezebel.com than acul.org.


Why don't you include some details about the actual CONTENT of the legislation? Jesus, the ACLU is just a mouthpiece for braindead liberals.

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