North Carolina's Badge of Dishonor

Yesterday, Governor Pat McCrory broke his word and ignored his constituents when he signed the #motorcyclevagina bill, which includes sweeping anti-abortion provisions that could force clinics across the state to close.

McCrory's signing follows one in Texas, where earlier this month Governor Rick Perry passed a similar bill that could force dozens of clinics to close across the state. (This is the bill that Wendy Davis filibustered for an impressive nearly-12 hours in her awesome pink sneakers, and that thousands of Texans showed up to protest).

And earlier this year, legislators in Arkansas, North Dakota, Kansas, Wisconsin, Alabama, and even more states passed bills that put legislators in doctors' offices. As we've said before, being part of this list is not a badge of honor. Legislators across the country are interfering with these deeply private decisions.

North Carolina's newest restriction on abortion access turns back the clock on women's health care. It may be 2013, but instead of expanding access to health care, enabling doctors to take better care of their patients, and allowing women to make their own decisions, this new law aims to prevent our medical professionals from providing the care we need, when we need it. Medical experts, include the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, oppose this kind of blatant interference with personal private health care decisions and strongly oppose the bill.

Politicians must think we are stupid by trying to push these bills out while claiming, at the same time, they support women's health. But we won't be fooled. Unfortunately this trend will continue if we do not take action. Let's keep the drumbeat going, let's #StandWithWomen, and let's show these politicians that we mean business.

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This article says nothing about what the bill does or says. It would be nice to see how it is tied to motorcyles or vaginas. As written it sounds like a politician talking.


Ditto. Please explain the bill's nickname for us dolts outside the loop.


triple ditto


Come on people! Let's not get lazy. If you want people to help explain. What does motorcycles or vaginas have to do with this bill?


Listen to the people the comments are simply asking that you explain a little more in depth as to how, or what exactly the symbilism is implied. Basically If you want real change the above are a few good examples of people willing to support an issue they are only asking that it be explained to them.

Gone are the days where people will just jump on the bandwagon and blindly support issues. PLEASE LISTEN TO WHAT THE PEOPLE ARE ASKING.

If you do that I bet you would see great change. Hardworking people everyday feel helpless and do not know what to believe anymore because the "spin doctors" have confused so many.


Motorcycles and Vaginas.....HUH! No wonder so much crap gets passed into laws we know nothing about. SIT AND SPIN so we either are so confused or just don't care for lack of explainations!


Holy sweet cream on an ice cream sam'ich!!! What in the sam hell does motorcycles and vaginas have to do with this story?


What are politicians saying here?

...That bikers are PUSSIES?
...That motorcycles have vaginas (maybe around the seat area)?
...Women bikers?
...A NEW device released by manufacturers, which gives 'erotic pleasures' to long distance riders?

This is why I left this stupid ass State!


What does the name even mean?


I agree with the first comment. Also, I too would like to know what the heck motorcycles AND? OR? vaginas have to do with this bill. If it symbolism or an attempt at humor or irony, it's lost on me. An explanation would be welcome.


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