Which State Will Ban Abortion First?

Isn't it outrageous that we even have to ask that question?

In Arkansas this week, the State Senate passed a bill that would ban almost all abortions. Within a month, women in Arkansas could be prevented from receiving abortion care, no matter what their circumstances.

In North Dakota, the legislature is poised to vote on set of bills that aim to ban abortion, close down women's health centers, and could prevent couples from using in-vitro fertilization to build their family. The Senate is expected to vote on those bills next week.

In Mississippi and Alabama and several other states, legislators are playing at the same game – introducing legislation that takes away a woman’s ability to have all options open to her.

These bills are shocking at any time, but especially now when lawmakers have heard men and women across the nation say we don’t want politicians interfering in personal private decisions. From the voting booth to the capitol steps, the message from the last year was clear: hands off women’s health care. But now -- less than a month into state legislative sessions, and about a week after the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, politicians are working overtime to block a woman’s access to abortion care.

We can't let them get away with it. Share this blog. Email your friends. Call or email your state legislators and let them know – enough is enough.

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The inconsistencies in your version of "freedom" are so confusing, it seems that one would need to have multiple personalities to operate from discussion to discussion. E.g. How is it that you can have a category called "War on women" knowing that many of the babies aborted are female and would - left alone - be women someday. Or, a trending topic on this site called: "Targeted Killings." How much more targeted can you be than abortion? This is an honest question: Do you consider these inconsistent? Or how do you explain this to someone trying to understand your position? thanks, j




I agree 100%. It is outrageous that we would be asking this question. Especially since science has proven to us over and over again that a human life is formed at conception and yet we, already in 2013, have killed over 100,000 human beings. Just imagine the history that has been changed. I mean - even many atheists are pro-life these days so it proves the point further that it is outrageous that we are still asking the question of whether or not it should be legal to kill another defenseless and guiltless human being just because they are in an area where we cannot hear them scream. Outrageous indeed!


Thank you, God!!!


i do not understand how a human rights org. can be for abortion ! if you do not know babys are human too. if you let them live i they grow up to be children then they grow up to be adults it is amazing . how can you be for killing babys and call your self a human rights org. i hope and pray that it become ilegal in all of the usa. the next time you see a baby ask them if you can hold it look in to its eyes and remember the millions you help kill.


Families are not "built" and human beings are not bred. Every human person deserves to be conceived through the efficacious love of a mother and father in an act of love that reflects the reality of the Blessed Trinity and Christ and his Church. I pray that someday the builders of this website and the author if this article will find the peace and love that only God can provide.


Abortion is a sterile word for murder.Mostly infant girls.


7. If its an infant you can't abort it since it would already have been born. way to use your logic cap.

6 and 4 Were not a theocracy no matter how much you wish it.

1 3 and 5 fertilized eggs regularly do not survive to become an embryo, and then you have miscarriages. Humans abort less than nature. There are plenty of logical and philosophical arguments for why abortion should be allowed, but I'm not going to put them because I doubt you'll ever see this and probably wouldn't be able to understand them, otherwise you would already be aware of them.


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