Whose house? Our house! Whose vagina? Not yours, Mr. Speaker.

Apparently, things are getting a little heated out there in Lansing. Yesterday, despite massive public opposition, the Michigan House of Representatives passed an omnibus abortion bill (which we told you about here ) that could, among other things, shut down clinics that provide safe, legal abortions and end medication abortions throughout the state. Decorum was shattered. Gavels were struck. But not because lawmakers passed an extreme and dangerous law; a law that so clearly threatens the health and lives of all Michigan women. No, because Rep. Lisa Brown – that saucy minx – talked about her hoo-hah. Testifying against the bill, she told the Speaker "I’m flattered you’re all so interested in my vagina, but no means no."  Today, she and Rep. Barb Byrum (who reportedly shouted the word “vasectomy” out of turn) have been banned from speaking on the floor of the House.

Uh guys, I think you missed the point. Did you think no one would notice when you passed this bill? Did you see what happened in Virginia this year? Allow me to remind you: The Governor of Virginia and the state legislature pushed through an extremely controversial mandatory ultrasound law (and if you think even saying the word “vagina” in the state legislature is bad, you should see the props they pulled out for this one). The people of Virginia did not want their government to do this. The people of Virginia are now pissed off. According to a poll released this spring, voter approval for the Governor and Legislature has plummeted to new lows among both men and women and across party lines. In fact, according to the poll, this is the first time the Virginia Legislature has ever received a “negative grade” from Virginia voters. The poll also revealed that 72 percent of Virginians do not want the government using its resources to interfere with a woman’s personal and private decisions about abortion. I wonder what will happen in Virginia this November.

It’s not too late in Michigan, though. You can ensure this bill never becomes law.  You can get back to the work you were actually elected to do.  I bet no one will talk about vaginas if you do.

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Jill S Butler

She is quoted elsewhere as saying "interested in my vagina" rather than what's quoted here. Anyone know which is correct?

Lyric Crossborn

Meanwhile, while you're distracted with your pet issues like abortion and gay marriage--regardless of which side of the debate you're on--your government is raping and pillaging the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Don't miss the whole pie while focused on these individual pieces!iC%it


I am passionate about protecting a woman's right to choose but seriously, can one ask that the author of this article for one of the most important civil rights groups in the country, use GROWN UP language?
"The people of Virginia did not want their government to do this. The people of Virginia are now pissed off."

Really, they're pissed off? Come on.


Dear Author,

As one of the members of the ACLU that believes in the cause to protect women and their right to choose, can we please write in more grown-up language?

"The people of Virginia did not want their government to do this. The people of Virginia are now pissed off."

Really they're pissed off? Thanks for that 14 year old assessment.


'angered beyond measure' just doesn't carry the emotional weight that 'pissed off' does. There's nothing particularly immature about the use of said language. It's just a modern day colloquialism.

I don't know from which social circle you two people (assuming you're not just the same person adding in two comments on the same subject) hail from but within mine 'pissed off' doesn't even begin to approach perceived vulgarity.

John Smith

Lyric, you wouldn't consider abortion a "pet issue" if your daughter got pregnant while in high school, particularly if it were a result of rape.

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