Last week, during its markup of the National Defense Authorization (NDAA) bill, the Senate Armed Services Committee voted to include a much-needed and overdue amendment to help servicewomen when they need it most. The amendment, offered by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), would reverse the current ban on abortion coverage for servicewomen who are the victims of rape or incest.

When the news broke a group of senior military officers, retired medical personnel and veterans called Stand With Servicewomen, immediately registered their support releasing video featuring several retired military leaders.

RH Reality Check quotes a spokeswoman for Stand With Servicewomen that sums it up nicely:

“Servicewomen promise to support and defend the Constitution and our country,” said Cindy McNally, Chief Master Sergeant, US Air Force (Ret.). “It's unconscionable to turn our backs on them in their time of need. We owe it to them -- and to ourselves -- to get this one right.”

The NDAA, including the Shaheen amendment, will be voted on later this year. Once the two chambers pass their versions of the NDAA, the bill will go to conference where we’ll be fighting to ensure the Shaheen amendment remains in the final bill.

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