How Can North Dakota Pols Ban Abortion? Let Me Count the Ways.

Update: The North Dakota legislature passed a bill today that bans most abortions in the state. Should this bill be signed into law by the governor, North Dakota will become the first state in the nation to ban most abortions.

Some politicians in North Dakota are so intent on taking away a woman’s ability to make personal, private decisions they are pushing a package of bills that, together, would ban abortion, prevent women’s health centers from providing comprehensive care, and block many people’s attempts at even starting a family.

A bill to ban abortion as early as six weeks, before a woman may even know she is pregnant is poised to pass the legislature this week. A bill that would grant legal rights to fertilized eggs, thereby banning abortion and restricting IVF, could also pass any day now. There is also a bill intended to regulate abortion clinics out of existence in North Dakota by imposing medically unjustified requirements on doctors that perform abortions.

I recognize that we don't all feel the same way about abortion, but we should be able to agree that this personal decision is best made by a woman and her family, not politicians. First, in Arkansas, now in North Dakota, politicians seem to have completely lost sight of this. It’s up to us, women and men across this country to remind them. If we don't, one thing is sure: North Dakota won't be the last.

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Zack Thompson.

The vast majority of the women who go to get abortions did make a choice, the choice to have unprotected sex. I do not disagree that women who are raped should have the option to have an abortion (although I personally am against abortion all together, rape is not a woman's choice. When you have an abortion, you are killing a child. Before anyone says anything about a fetus not being a child, I would like you to watch an abortion, to see the fetus come out of the womb. That fetus can feel and can think, and even though it may not be able to do much, did anyone ask it if it wanted to live. I am not saying that a woman should have to keep the child either, as it could just as well be put up for adoption after birth. What I am saying though is that fetus's regardless of whether you consider them a child or not, should be given a chance to survive and make something of themselves.


If men got pregnant, we would have drive-through abortion clinics.


I'm glad abortion will be band it's time someone look after the unborn babies.yes they are babies.


Why does the ACLU support abortion? Do you all not comprehend the idea of killing another human. Is the life of a child woth nothing to you at all??

As long as the ACLU supposts butchering human children as a "Right" I want nothing to do with ANYTHING you stand for!


What all of you commenters are forgetting is that access to safe and legal abortions are a right of women that is being threatened. A lot of right wing republicans seeking to ban birth control based on their own personal religious belief is simply an abomination to our constitution (separation of church and state) and an abomination to women's rights that will set us back 40 years. If abortion becomes illegal again, then where will it stop?? I support the ACLU for fighting for my rights. Agree or disagree, this is MY right, my choice, and life to protect as I see fit.


Can't the pro-lifers and anti-birth control idiots get it through their heads that the world is OVERPOPULATED?!? If they truly hate the ACLU, they should post their comments elsewhere, not directly on the ACLU's website.

Truth B. Told

Wow. It is obvious by reading these comments that everyone has very deep, personal beliefs. The choice to have an abortion is a very deep and personal decision; much like your beliefs that you hold so dear to you. To a woman who needs an abortion (no matter what her reason is), this decision should be HERS to make
Everyone has strong opinions that are based off personal beliefs, and we should all respect that. We should also respect a woman to have a choice when it comes to her deep and personal decision of whether she wants to keep or terminate a pregnancy. What becomes of her and her life is not YOUR choice to make.


I am disgusted that religion and overzealous politicians think they have any right whatsoever to decide what a woman does with her body. If a woman has a termination, especially early on in the pregnancy, why do YOU care? American's laws are going back to the religious zealots and hypocrites.I swear I feel like I'm living in the 1950's. I can guarantee you that women will be dying if abortion is banned. They will be seeking out dangerous abortions in back alleys or they will be committing suicide. Then everyone dies. Good job.

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